"La vena del renno" at wedding anniversary 3rd anniversary to celebrate the à la carte dinner


1 in Nagoya、2Located in the most prestigious Italian ikeshita-Cho "Il Vecchio Moreno"Is it in training the young chef、Uchida YukiMs. independent、2009March 5The wife of confectionary、Italian open with Chie "La vena del legno la vena del renno"Mr.。Yet the 36-year-old and enjoy the culinary passion and warmth, young chef and his wife、Shop little hideaway。You want to feel the season is about how they、Most of the menu offers seasonal selection。Serving dishes playing in only a chef and his wife complete with marital discord.


"vena"Is in Italy"Pattern""legno"The"Trees""del"Is in English"of"The mean。What you mean"vena del legno"And the"Wood grain"Of that。Click on the "la" means a single head、"The number in the grain of the wood、Part one "the meanings、For customers that "just one".Can put the heart, is named。Store in Brown's poise and warmth and、Such as seating and kitchen placement、Many of the furnishings in antique、It is designed for pleasant relaxing time on your。Shop、Counter 4 seats、Table 10 seats and、Views from the kitchen of your eating pace so tables equipped with wall-side only。In the evening、5,500Yen-Omakase courseAlso includes、We also like in à la carte while、I'm looking forward to conversations with Mr. and Mrs. Uchida、SlowlyWedding anniversaryI want to enjoy!


GIROTONDO girotondo Brut

"Girotondo"And the、Italy in"Girogirotondo ~! girogirotondo ~ ♪"And with a great voice singing、Can you play with everyone holding hands, going around and around。Desire always hand in hand with my family and hope you enjoy how they so named。Grape varieties:Pinot Bianco Pinot Nero Chardonnay。Flowers of Acacia and Linden、Soft and fragrant, fragrant toasted with foam、It is fresh and dry spumante。Mr. and Mrs. UchidaToWedding anniversaryThe celebration is for cheers!


Kagoshima Prefecture from morning digging bamboo shoots and clam soft seaweed sources 2,400 Yen

We also have 1 to share two。This appetizer as well as the last、Divided into 2 dishes so easy to eat, because it offered、Half the amount is。Savory finish, texture and puritsu large clams and grilled fresh fresh bamboo shoots of morning、In this seaweed dashi soup to finish stomach gently I can't believe my dish。Bamboo shoots are the crunchy texture and aroma、Dying sea clams and seaweed in this fragrance whets the appetite.


Homemade bread, bread Focaccia with Rosemary and persimmon and blue pepper


"CLOS DU VAL Clos Saskia Val 2011 Napa Valley ' (WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER winebtikkpanie)

The other day "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"Is it in red wines purchased"CLOS DU VAL Clos Saskia Val 2011 Napa Valley"We have brought。(Equipment:1Per 3000 yen)Cabernet Sauvignon 1972And then surpass the Mouton-Rothschild and Haut-BrionNo.1To be crowned a famousClos du Val! Under WineSpectator magazine and international wine seller great attention is the critically acclaimed。Deep black-purple、Cassis and plum、Black fruits, black currant and spice with complex aromas of toast。On the palate with black fruits and dried herbs、Is a wine concentrated spice aroma in the mouth spread strong finish.


Peach Shizuoka Ishiyama farms tomato and Basil 1,800 yen

UchidaChef's favorite pasta peach。In a chewy texture、Really tasty tomato dish is from。It is simple, but delicious!


Roast Breast of duck ¥ 4,400

Roasted duck breast and burning soft、Black pepper sauce。Of meat we、That has earned a variety of meat dishes in this restaurant、Each time、How to cook and work、Variety trialUchidaHave enjoyed the meat-Kun。His food is、In any tender and flavorful、Even with heavy drinking, lack of sleep, tired body and stomach、From the delicious love!


Belta Bertha 2005


Romano Levi


Romano Levi

To always return to Hamamatsu、The food here has given up in a non-alcoholic、This time the、By Uchida and his wife's new home in your way,、Do not hesitate give them happy (laughs)The King of grappaAlso calledBertha Inc.Of2005 yearThe grappa,、The God of grappaAnd worship and、2008 yearTo the deathRomano LeviThe precious grappa 2。Impressed by the etiquette of the hand-painted, lovely。3Types of grappa with you little by little each、Evaluate the taste preferences of each。Now spending time relaxed and fun day!


Marriage anniversary, 3rd anniversary celebration plate

And end customers、And the chat fun、Wife of confectionaryChieRight from theWedding anniversary 3rd anniversaryOf as a celebration、Whats making the dessert plate! (My joy) rich chocolate Terrine on two kinds of gelato、Zuccotto。Zuccotto (ITO: zuccotto)And the、Using the semifreddo was born in Tuscany in Italy city of Florence during the Renaissance round dome-shaped cake.。Is a mysterious suites shut up ice during a sponge cake、It is very delicious!


2/22The "Cat day"ofWedding anniversaryThe named、Disney movie "The AristoCats"The characters inMarieI drew!UchidaMr、ChieChan、A nice Memorial DayRennoIs it in, have fun! Thank you! Also、In a room with dinner and thank you (lol)

La vena del legno la vena del renno
Nagoya-Shi Showa-Ku maeyama-Cho 1-57, TEL:052-761-2870
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 18:00To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday、Thursday pm

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