Nagoya French "Reminisense" Tin wedding ceremony with a course of recollection that a pleasant aftertaste sharpened gently resonates

It is close to "Shirakawa Park" full of greenery in Nagoya.、A 2-Michelin-starred French restaurant enshrined on the 2nd floor of the Comfort Sakae Building with "Nogami", a luxury raw bread specialty store along Shirakawa Park Higashihonmachi StreetReminiscence"In the、2022To celebrate the 10th anniversary of our marriage with the tin wedding ceremony on February 22, 2009!

* Reminisense is celebrating its 8th anniversary.、9Now that we are celebrating our anniversary、Taking on the challenge of a new stage、Relocated to the roadway、We have reopened with the aim of becoming a Grand Maison, so please see this article for the details.。

Nagoya French "Reminisense" relocation renewal aiming for grand maison - new store edition -

Here is、Chef Kishida Shuzo of Quintessence、West is under Chef Hajime Yoneda of Hajime、Chef Masaki Kuzuhara (36 years old) trained at one of Japan's leading Michelin-starred restaurants in the East and West、In the shops opened on the 30-year-old's birthday is 7/23/2015、An instant popularity、20192 Michelin stars in 2008、Even now, the 7th anniversary of this year continues to evolve、And many foodies have to groan quite French、We also recommend a good restaurant.


Live = wealthy life
And abundant life、Harmony of the warm finish and an unforgettable memory
I think that the range of。
Finish with storage。
By making meals、As well as the people's body to create food nutrition、
But the time we spent in reminiscence customers remain customers finish with storage、
Wonderful life in the form of memories remain
The richness of the food、And can enjoy the pleasure of food、Praying that life will be richer

Soft natural light、Clean interior based on white。2018Furniture manufacturer licensed and produced Scandinavian masterpiece furniture in Hida Takayama when he visited again in 2008KitaniI was wiped out the table and chair at the opportunity that I was introduced、Everything is made to order with Kitani! One year after the conception I drew in 2018、2019From October 2008、We welcome guests with a dignified appearance as much as possible as a face of reminic sense by changing the decoration。

Jakob Care's masterpiece, also known as the "FN Chair", designed for the United Nations Building in New York-03(Jacob Kjær 1948)」。It is unusual for his work mainly to be classical design、It becomes a modern design that symbolizes the times。Selected "sakura" of natural wood that becomes a pale color、Creates a soft atmosphere familiar to the hand。The square table is delicate and stylish with a round leg design.、We have devised a way to make room around the guest's feet comfortable.。

In the back seat by the window、「JK-03(FN chair) with a chair designed to add a sense of peace to "JK"-05(Jacob Kjær 1948)。Urethane foam is laminated on the back cushion.、The back and seat surface gently wrap the back and support it with an integrated structure。

A meal at Reminisense that has been a long time。"It has changed from before Oita, so please look forward to it"I received a message、I'm excited about what kind of change you can feel!

The current reminicense course is only "Omakase course (dish + dessert + drink after meals)" 20,000 yen (tax included)、2022April 1- -、"Short course" 15,000 yen (tax included) will be introduced for lunch.。This time, 9,800 yen of "Wine Pairing Half", which can be paired with 6 kinds of wine (*including Champagne), is added to each full course。

Popular boulangerie with a constant line in Hida TakayamaTRAIN BLEU (Tran Blue)By meeting Tadashi Naruse of],、If your goals and beliefs align with each other、As a partner who respects each other and can trust、The collaboration of "Reminisense × Tran Blue" is realized here!

Sommelier's Shinichiro Matsunaga selects wine pairings。First of all, from Champagne!

10th Anniversary of Marriage。There were many twists and turns.、Cheers to my husband for always giving me a nice stimulus!

"Cuvée 743 Extra Brut (CUVEE) 743 EXTRA BRUT)/
Grape varieties:Chardonnay 50%、Pinot Noir25%、Meunier25%

The maison's "Champagne Jackson" with a history of more than 1798 and more than 200 years。Focusing on the own fields of Dizzy village and Gran Cruai village where it is based、52We create the world's highest champagne from the fields of ha。Jackson's representative cuvée 700 series、A generous blend of the grapes that were once used for vintage、It is a popular series that has been enhanced to the quality comparable to The Prestige Champagne。Among them, this cuvée 743、In the first non-dosage、In the best possible in the history of the series selected as all Champagne No. 1 by the world's best sommelier、The highest non-vintage Champagne that harmonizes the volume of high-quality fruit juice with tight acid and refined minerals!

Dishes are divided into chapters 1 to 3 (afterglow, memory, relief)、It is composed of a four-part work up to the tea confectionery that becomes the last chapter (recollection)、First of all, we will start from the first dish of chapter 1 to enjoy the afterglow!

Chapter 1 - Afterglow -
"Sea Urchin"

Chef Kuzuhara says that the most comfortable ingredient is "sea urchin"。And ingredients had changed his life, and、"Sea urchin" seems to be indispensable among the ingredients that you want to express with "reminisense".、The start of the afterglow of Chapter 1 is decided as "Sea urchin"。Arita ware in Saga"Kamachi TohoThe first dish attached to the domed pure white pottery is a finger food that you get as it is by hand。Sea urchin on a tuile with the scent of the sea。Lily root oil and rock nori、Micro-amarantus。You can enjoy the aftertaste with the exquisite sweetness that overflows when you eat with a bite and the scent of the sea that falls through your nose!

"Cotto du Loire Blanc Reffre 2019
(Coteaux du Loir Blanc L’Effraie)/
Domaine Belliviere
Grape varieties:Chenin Blanc 100%

Six plots of Cotto du Loire with grapes under 50 years old。has the scent of flesh-filled yellow fruits such as apricots and yellow peaches、A transparent fruity taste that spreads smoothly in the mouth。A dry type with a faint bitterness of minerals and firm acid that tightens the milky aftertaste。While enjoying the scent of the slightly fragrant sea, match the next Shirako。

Chapter 1 - Afterglow -

Fragrantly sautéed cod whited、Rubbing the oni-down of winter melons and adding it in a flowing style、A little jam-like yuzu is a good accent。The beautiful greens around you are the oil of shiblets.。Herbs and Flower Hoshiso、Powder chili pepper、Served with nuts、A gentle dish that is easy to adapt to the body incorporating Japanese elements。

Tran Blue, "Hail"

The bread procured from "Tran Blue"、Three types are offered between course dishes、8~90% of the finished bread is baked in the oven and completed.。Here is、by combining hail made from rice with wheat bread from the same grain、Each of them claims a texture and aroma、A dish to enjoy the taste。In the crunchy texture of the most fragrant hail、In the fabric that is crispy and chewy、It goes well with soft, light and soft wheat.、While snuggling up to reminisense dishes as delicious meal bread、Appeared in perfect standing position。Be honest、Personally, butter feels unnecessary.、It is a bread with a strong umami of excellent balance!

"Burgundy Alligote 2016 Benoit Ente (Bourgogne Aligote Benoit Ente)/
Domaine Benoit Ente
Grape varieties:Arigote 100%

Arnaud Ant reigning at the top of Mursault's village as his brother、1990A phantom Burgundy produced in a very small amount from a field of only a few ha that has been released since 1998, inheriting the fields of grandparents since 1998。We want to create a more elegant and balanced wine with a strong impact、Pruning reduces yields and harvests only grapes that are mature。a blend of age planted about 70 and 20 years ago planted in Purigny Montrachet。It has a thick yet rich acidity and a crisp and firm taste、Full of minerality、You can also enjoy the soft aftertaste derived from barrels, and the arigote goes with the next oyster!

Chapter 1 - Afterglow -

In Toyama, yao woodworking unit writer Kazuhiko Shimoo and Saori Shimoo are working on "Shimoo DesignThe third dish on the beautiful oval plate of the "Floating Series" using the technique of floating that the beautiful wood grain of]stands out。Lightly stewed with oysters and eggplant、Wrap it in spinach.、Wrapped in part filly and baked in the oven。Underneath, a smooth cream with oysters and potatoes、Mushroom paste in front of you、Served with a sweet sauce made with Madera。Top is oysters grilled over charcoal and cream with fromage blanc、Fresh herbs with kumquat jam and kumquat chips、Oyster scallops are marinated in blue benier dough and finished with a light frit。Herbs do a good job with a dish that overflows the umami of oysters from the crispy texture!

"Domaine Zinto Humbrecht Gewürztraminer 2018
(Domaine Zind Humbrecht Gewurztraminer)」
Grape varieties:Gewürztraminaire 100%

The Humbrecht family in Geberschwihr, Alsace、1620With a venerable family that has been making wine since 2000、1959In 2005, Leonard Humbrecht joined Junuviève Tsint, the creator of The Alsace region of Vintsenheim.、Domaine Tsint Humbrecht established in Turkheim。From the commitment to the quality of the wine、Converting all of our own fields to biodinami farming methods that are more stringent than organic cultivation、In brewing, high-quality juice is squeezed by pressing grapes overnight under soft pressure、By the method of winemaking which pursues the maximum quality such as long-term fermentation in the large barrel using only native yeast、It produces a pure, condensed wine that maximizes the individuality of Alsace's supreme terroir and grape varieties。Citrus fruit、The aromas of fruits such as lychee and spices are gorgeous、It is in harmony with rich taste、Fresh finish。The ultimate Alsace Gewürztraminaire by natural biodinami farming to the next shark fin。

Chapter 1 - Afterglow -

Shark shark fin for 7 hours、Stewed in chicken soup with scallops and dried shrimp、I put together the kudzu flour and finish it in the frit shape。Braised shark fin soup with hair crab and shark fin、Served with black oil with mushrooms。It goes well with Ishikawaimo, which has a moist texture made by wearing sesame seeds on fragrant baked rice cakes.、The remaining aroma of kobe beef prosciutto with a strong umami is a good accent!

Chapter 1 - Afterglow -
"Heavenly Iwato"

On the occasion that chef Kuzuhara respected the general of a Japanese restaurant, "Kyoto is good water anyway"、Interested in spring water in the Tokai region、I checked it out.、Learn about the existence of sacred water in Ise。Obtained permission for the sacred water "Erihara's water hole (Ten no Iwato)" of the national park of Ise-Shima, which has been selected as one of the 100 famous waters selected by the Ministry of the Environment、He is going to fetch once a month.。Using that divine water、The whole soup made only with Nagoya cochin, salt and kombu is healed by the richness of the fragrance、in the throat、On the stomach、On the skin、Like the water of life that extends deeply。

"Surprise Surprise 2019 Zweigelt
/De Montille & Hokkaido
Grape varieties:Zweigelt 100%

Domaine de Montille、A 300-year-old family-run winery in Burgundy, France、Etienne de Montille, the current owner,、Quality and diversity of Japanese wines、Potential of Viticulture in Japan、I am also convinced that the climate of Hokkaido will match Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.、2016In 2005, he launched the "de Montille & Hokkaido" project as japan's first vineyard as a foreign wine producer.。2018From 2009 to 2022、Produce a small amount of wine from grapes from friendly viticulturers in the Yoichi region of Hokkaido、Brewed in partnership with Coco Farm and Bruce Gutlab (10R Winery)。2019The second vintage of the year is、Expressing the many surprises and wonders encountered during this time。This 2019 is warmer and ripe than ordinary grapes.、because it was a surprise in itself、 Because of that, it is named "Surprise Suprise"。In purple with deep ruby nuances、violet、Red Fruit、Black cherries and white pepper、Gives off the enchanting scent of nutmeg。Fine body、Amazing texture、Has volume & length、It's very balanced.。 One of the fresh and lively finishes!

Chapter 2 - Memory -

The eel is grilled over charcoal with an exquisite heat that makes the skin crispy and fluffy.、Deep-fried eel liver and white fish、Miso and large leaves、Let me bear an exquisite homemade licked wax made with sesame。On top、Wasabi with Sauterne's sweet white wine and white soy sauce、Red wine sauce、Served with French blue cheese flume dame、Enjoy the change and fusion of unique flavors! Compared to previous dishes because it is the same ingredients、Even if the trouble of working does not change、While entertaining the complex taste、A sharpened dish that feels like you have obtained a technique to give a sense of unity to the whole while the corners are removed!

Tran Blue "Fried Pan"

To match the eel dish or the fish plate、a small round bread fried in olive oil。Knead the fennel into the dough、It is a light fried bread that emits a unique fragrance!

Re-mouth "Sorbet"

The sorbet of the re-mouthing enjoys the mucher citrus with a sour and refreshing sweetness with viola!

Chapter 2 - Memory -

The fish of this day is using the red mutsu of Minamichitashizaki.、Served with simply sautéed Brussels sprouts。Octopus and shrimp、Clam、Add cosiabra、With sauces that enjoy the oriental spice aroma。

"Chambord Musicy 2019 Alain Judro Noera
(Alain Hudelot Noellat Chambolle Musigny)」
Grape varieties:Pinot Noir 100%

Domaine history begins when Alain Judro, born to Chambord Musicy, married Mrs Odil in 1964。Alain Judro owns fields in Chambord Musicy and Vuejo、They set up a domaine in Vujo in 1964.。Mrs. Odil is a prestigious domaine.、Charle Noela's granddaughter.、1978inherited a quarter of the Noera family vineyards in 2008.、The domaine will be joined by the great fields of Vone Romanée.。Richbourg、Romanée Saint Vivin、Vone Romanée 1st Class Mar console、Les Sucho、Beaumont、And clos de vucio and the gem clima joined。The founder of the domaine is currently making wine.、Charles Van Canet, grandson of Alain Judro。With a soft and plump taste featuring the taste of red berries and elegant tannins、It has a smooth mouthfeel and suppleness unique to Chambord!

Chapter 2 - Memory -

Choose from beef or small pigeons for the day's meat dishes.、They both select "Kodo"。The exquisitely ignited little pigeon baked over charcoal、Brisket and chicken wings、And enjoy each lever parts、Skin goes into beautiful knife with a beautifully crisp and。Mushroom sauce、Served with blackcurrant puree。Autumn poet (asparagus green dish) and white asparagus。The black garlic and hatcho miso paste in front of you is rich.、I always enjoy the last taste change!

Tran Blue "Anzu"

The mellow aroma and sweet and sourness of fruit are thought to snuggled up to the original taste of the meat.、Apricot walnut bread baked in the shape of a small bell。By using half-life apricot instead of dry、While there is a moderate fresh feeling、You can enjoy the aroma and texture unique to half life! usually、I don't eat much bread in the course.、This time the、It is complete without leaving all three kinds of bread of Tran Blue! When you visit Hida Takayama、It will be a bakery that you want to stop by!

We have specially prepared a plate to celebrate the anniversary before the desserage! thanks!

2012registered on February 22, 2010.、This year marks the 10th anniversary and "Tin Wedding Ceremony" in 2022。Our husband and wife、almost 365 days a year 24 hours a day together、At first, I was often surprised.、Now and the style seems to have taken hold.。Close friends often say that they are alone (laughs)、Another 10 years、20I hope we can walk together with the 2000s.。

Chapter 3 - Relief -
"Blood Orange"

Last time, Hamamatsu gave birth to the one and only ripe muskmelon "Angel Sound Muskmelon"But it was、今回のデセール一皿目は南知多の爽やかなブラッドオレンジを使用。Fresh inside、Finished ice cream、It is finished as a dessert that shows a different expression even with the same blood orange as the sorbet on jelly。Because it is made to be made to enjoy the texture of the cookie and nuts in the inside、You will be made to scold from the bottom!

After dinner drinks、You can choose between "Specialty Coffee" or "Japanese Tea"。

Chapter 3 - Relief -


お祝いのプレートで用意してくれた特別なデセールはホワイトチョコレートを用いた一口サイズのプティケーキ下にザクザクのクレームダマンドのタルト焼き上げたパイ生地レモンクリームとムースホワイトチョコレートとアングレーズの層と重ね合わせた層の分だけ幸せが舞い込んでくるような至福のデザート!ホワイトチョコレートとカカオバターを溶かしたものを霧吹きで吹き付け粉雪のように仕上げられていますホワイトチョコレートの濃厚さを良い塩梅のレモンの酸味で軽く仕上げその口溶けの良さはまさに雪解けのような軽い食感で、You can feel lightly happy to your heart!

"Specialty Coffee"

The coffee is、Coffee bean shop there in Nakagawa-Ku, Nagoya-Shi "JIMLAN COFFEEKenji Nishikawa、Carefully roasted beans are used.、Just like the techniques offered at Jim Run Coffee、Carefully handmade nel has been brewed。Suitable for "afterglow and memory", the concept of reminisense、Guests can enjoy tasting the beans of the coffee aromas ease and afterglow、Coffee with a taste that blends perfectly to the body。A cup of coffee、We adopted the cup and saucer of the "1616/SB "Color Porcelain" series of ceramics brand "1616/Arita Japan" born in Saga Prefecture, the production area of Arita ware。Current、It is said that they are learning how to roast and brew coffee.、You may be able to meet a new taste again!

The End Chapter - Recollection -

Tea cake is、On the theme of "remembrance"、Chef Kuzuhara has recreated sweets he used to eat when he was little、This time" Puccin Pudding"、"Mushroom Mountain"、"Yukimi Daifuku"、It is four kinds of [Gateau Chocolat]! In line with the theme of "Reminisense" to the last、I want you to experience the "recollection" of the concept、Tea Cake feel nostalgia are provided。From the outside、Candy and the image of femininity while also、Commitment to high-quality ingredients、In that simple dare without using difficult techniques、While appeals to people's memories、With just a little humor、Seems to have wished in the nostalgia you feel out there and。I recall my childhood、I imagined the appearance of the time when Chef Kuzuhara would have been cheeking this cake.、Thinking、Heartwarming "tea confections" that make you feel relieved even before eating are offered in the same quality。Actually,、As for this tea confection、It is said that all kitchen staff and hall staff can make according to Chef Kuzuhara's recipe! The stage where the sense of unity unfolded by the breath of Awa of the Reminsense team is born、It may be a technique that can be achieved by the result of such detailed work.。

I've finished seeing off other guests、A tentative chat time with chef Kuzuhara who was empty。To carry out the shape that had been envisioned for a long time、The location is scheduled to be relocated and reopened in February next year.、that it is steadily progressing.。レミニセンスがオープンされて今年7月で7年。The eighth year of the new frontier、You will see the culmination of Chef Kuzuhara aiming for higher heights!

As usual、A commemorative photo surrounded by a new staff compared to the previous shooting! I'm looking forward to seeing you again!

Address:2-15-16 Sakae Naka-ku, Nagoya-Shi, Aichi Prefecture comfort Sakae 2F
Reservation TEL:052-228-8337(Appointment only)
Contact TEL:052-228-8275
Hours of operation:Lunch 12:30~ (Limited time business)、Dinner 17:30To 18:00L.O.
Closed on Mondays:Please see the calendar of official site

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