Watch the Ferrari Dino other Dino 246GT Tipo E at the CORNES Sakae showroom


In the Japan domesticFerrariAndMaseratiSuch as the luxury passenger car sales 'CORNES cornes Motors co., Ltd."Mr.。Now、As well as the automotive business、Electronic components、System equipment、Industrial equipment、Physical and chemical equipment、Dairy machinery、Dairy facilities、Perfume、Kitchen utensils、In addition to the sales charts and chart-related books、Non-life insurance、General insurance、Damage appraisal、Business expanded in the broad field of environment-related business, etc.。Among themAutomotive businessFor particularly long history、1964Years in Rolls-Royce and Bentley、1976In a Ferrari.、And in 1997, import dealer of Maserati'sAs、Continues to f-car market development in the Japan domestic play。And2013 yearThe、NewLamborghini dealerStarted sales and。These 5 brandsUsed car salesAlso is an effort to come。Tokyo, Osaka, NagoyaIn the showroom of the nine stores、And is managed by the service center of the six stores。This time theSakae, NagoyaOfWakamiya OdoriLocated along "CORNES Sakae showroom"To bother.


2005 yearTo be opened and、This year2015/3To10AnniversaryWelcomeCornes & EI showroomSan。In the future、To expand and improve services、Once had a showroomChikusaTo set up new showrooms、Transfer openIt is expected to be。The showroom in the current、SpectacularFerrari 7Welcome you!


Ferrari Dino other Dino 246GT Tipo E 2002, that expressions and body price negotiable

Current、At center stage in the showroom "Ferrari Dino other Dino 246GT Tipo E"Exhibits! Driving the distance is、8.310,000 km.That is the、Bright yellow color body is beautiful、Interior is shiny!DinoThe、Ferrari founderEnzo FerrariThe eldest sonAlfredo Ferrari (nicknamed:Dino)And generating ideas in bed。65Degree V type 6 cylinder DOHC engineHave a、V-12The existing models and also to distinguish、New take from a nickname for the name of the eldest son "Dino Dino"And was named。Now、Number of less rare prices soaring and、As built the mansion has become。The other day、Allowed to test in the latest model "Ferrari California T"Well it was a nice、And it is packed with cars also different!


"Gato dual email serian tart phrases with"Earl Grey"

Cornes & EI showroomMr. so、On a regular basis including weekends as part of the customer service improvement、Various measures are。This time the、Very glad that Saturday and Sunday visitors、There was a delicious suites services。Cake、Located in OSU's Street "Gateaux de la mene Souriante Gato dual email serian"Is it something。In the ornerpatissier hereKURIMOTO YoshioMr. a、Hilton Hotel、Nagoya Marriott associa hotel、Oterdomichni training、Experience michninagoya、2005Years and winner of the Coupe du Monde domestic screening、In the World Championship、As a Japan representative and what4PlaceYou have a career crowned said。Seasonal a strawberry good time "Tart phrases"The、Sweet and sour pink cream Strawberry sweetness and acidity better fit、Custard while it is mildly sweet and elegant、And offers delicious alone crispy tart base。We have spent a luxurious tea Earl Grey tea to suit!


Used car Manager:Mr. Eiichi Tsuji

Our showroom as well as husbandFrom ToyamaThe manager who has heard、Used car Manager meetingEiichi TsujiSan。From his years in the age、Talk about home、In a very frank way I long I (laughs)、While treated luxury car salesman、Occupying without enemiesSee more readily in showrooms carry foot is! 」And、She told smiley。FerrariAnd to those you are interested in、Too much without worrying about the sill height、Good car to learn、To know once you try please come!

CORNES Sakae showroom
Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City, Naka-ku Sakae 5-28 - 12 Nagoya wakamiya building
Hours of operation:Monday-Friday / 10:00-19:00、Saturday, Sunday & holidays / 10:00To 18:00
Closed on Mondays:Year round (excluding year-end and new year holidays).

Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City, Naka-ku Sakae 5-28 - 12

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