Wine dining hideaway "La cachette ' in Yamauchi, Kiyoshi painting unveiling at level 2


Distal iron trains North to Hamamatsu City、Called "Electric Red' Of first Street station soon wine canteens 'La Cachette la cachette"Mr.。Mark's Lair wines an impressive dining room large wine barrels placed in front of the shop and a wine bottle。2012/SeptemberThe thing from the open call the word of mouth word of mouth with delicious food and wine、Popular shops。Owner sommelierMorishita KeijiCum、34Old and young, proposing delicious wine selection in tongue myself with knowledge gained while in the wine shop always more than 100、It offers dishes suitable for wine。The name "La Cachette la cachette"、In France,RetreatAndThe secret baseTreasure chestIt seems to mean。A nice restaurant to be wowed!


The restaurant is on the first floor and is on the second floor.、1On the floor counter 4 seats、Table 8 seats。Go up the spiral stairs and upstairs、16And name as table seats、Is space available in the Charter as an event venue wine seminars, etc.。Here is、Morishita and mother of two has been Palazzo、Shop filled with a sense of intimacy。2Floor seats、Originally due to floor space、The stairs still lingers、In a retreat atmosphere, such as visits to a secret room somewhere、Wonder and serenity in a space with a good。Here is、There was formerly a tailor、Antique shelves were being used at the time as passed on to me like、Has a nice kitchen cabinets, now lined with wine。2For floor seats are very popular.、And specify the seating upstairs at time of booking in advance is so good!。On this day、FriendsKazuhiko ImaiAnd I, and invited to a performance artistYamauchi, KiyoshiAlong with the unveiling of the painting from Mr.、Passing ceremony will be held, as the first exhibition in the cachette's cooperation with regard to。And voice revisitation Imai's friends、Wait for a while、Ahead will be started.


See Clément du Jura / Stéphane Tissot "France Jura

Grape varieties:Chardonnay species 55、Pinot Noir type 45%。Have been drinking much too、Never get tired of Tissot wine"This、Cuvée Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that mainly is、Speaking in terms of price、One of the world's best sparkling wine.And、Parker Jr. "、With a strong personality in the Jura region。Apple and grapefruit、Full of PEAR fruit、Foam is a very fine and rich taste.


MIX nuts




Hamana Lake Octopus and avocado salad


"Homemade bread platter"

Three native potato is baked and was dust and potato bread and Rosemary Focaccia、Appetizer Bread Italy Commere、And so on a plain baguette、Will fit the bread on top notch!


2013On October 28.In the opened across from the train station South Sara city Hamamatsu "BIO-Atsumi Epistle Hama Matsu"The President inWatarai, Kazuhito.、The essential oil AdvisorOkabe, YukaAnd I gave a presentation from Mr. Imai。That was very interested in Atsumi's BIO may previously visited、Thanks to watarai, kachi。And、And Mr. Imai Yuka's buddies are a very nice thing in、Is your very good friends from、And is immediately without having to、Was so much fun meeting!


Organic burdock for salad
With mustard sauce


Sauteed organic spinach



Watarai's shop brought organic burdock root, spinach、Here it is (laughs) and cooked in hell Buri、Please note that seems to be something on the menu。Utilizing the texture and flavor of soil organic burdock salad、Mustard's acidity was very friendly! Spinach as the peperoncino with chili and garlic, we were arranged in Western-style!


"Ribolla gialla / Dario printech "Italy Friuli Venezia Giulia

Notable naturalDario printechOfRibolla giallaThe、In autochthonous varieties of Friuli、Dario, the producers, have the most important grapes.。Compared to other breeds、And a little late harvest season (September to November)、Period of maceration times, (two weeks or more) by color is darker than other wine、Long aftertaste、Great workmanship that can withstand the long curing process。Brown and white beauty、Ripe Apple and peach、Caramel、I feel slightly oriental elements such as spice。Chill feel than the cold temperature in a suitable climate to more delicious、Is a wine full of flavor!


Guest of honorYamauchi, KiyoshiWith the advent of the swallow、Bloom flower artist and his future prospects talk。That's amid Seiji-Kun is now headed to New York in October piece writing keeps quite busy in.、We took to be his big fan of Seiji-Kun!




The images were transferred to Mr. Imai from the Kyushu Institute of technology-Kun、Future will be displayed cachette's 2 floor seats for a while because、Everyone a nice glass of wine in one hand familiar paintings、Artist born in HamamatsuYamauchi, KiyoshiPlease support it!


"Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon / Wynn's "Australia

Maximum in the coonawarra、Wine produced in the vineyards of the oldest。A masterpiece of Australia Cabernet can be said for this wine.、Got a fully integrated tannins and firm structure、Is the core you can feel the taste of the land of strong wine。According to Kiyoshi's favorite deep taste can change over time and a rich fruity taste、Experience in Australia and from Japan、Australia wine loving Seiji-Kun will present wines from Imai.


3 day red pig sauteed
Ginger Sauce


Tosa Red's Grill


Assorted cheese


"Sangiovese Inn, Prezza, Italy 2009 / La ceret "Italy Tuscany

Nature faction Winery in TuscanyLa ceretThe character of wine。In the rich and beautiful Sangiovese 100%、Limited Edition cuvee etiquette here is writing flowers painting on one bottle that will be。Owner Madam peach blossom motif writing directly to、The same etiquette is not! But there are various wine etiquette、No more feelings of production it is important what you can feel the passion!


"Blancmange roses soup.

Finish of enjoy a feast of desserts、From Imai and the ladies、Keep in mind the dish! Surrounded by an elegant rose scent、Mouth is smooth and melt, melts in your mouth texture Manger。Just、Had a promises turn out coverage by and to this day at BIO Atsumi's interesting training! Mr. Imai、Great help thank you rim! Morishita-Kun、I will come again?!

La Cachette la cachette
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 102-17 TEL:053-453-1881
Hours of operation:Fire wood,-- 18:00-23:00( L.O. 22:30) Sat before public holidays: 18:00-24:00( L.O. 23:30-
Closed on Mondays:Every Mon、3rd Sunday

102 -17 itaya-machi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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