"Beige" is open for lunch. Vegan fermented Brown rice and medicine Curry for lunch!

Wining & dining hideaway relishes city streets of Hamamatsu City and one went to the West of 連尺 town "Beige(Beige).、Weekdays Monday-as a Friday lunch、Based on fermentation of organic Brown rice and medicine Curry gluten-free and vegan for healthy lunch starting 3/5/2018!

Owner-chefYamauchi based, (Yamauchi Motoji)That was only Christopher has opened 11/24/2016-Kun "Beige (Beige).、So would seek health care day by day diet review、Day as a staff member of the sales team and increase the Kumiko Suzuki-CHAN、Provides a lunch meal method incorporates itself!

Lunch menu "set plenty of organic fermented Brown rice with miso (fermented Brown rice、Organic vegetable miso soup、Today's entrée plate、Homemade organic vegetables) "850 yen and salad of yakuzen Curry and vegetables 900 yen、The lineup of "rice flour bread chumssand" soon will be!

Here to provide "organic fermented Brown rice"、Organic Brown rice and organic red bean、Use only the natural salt.、To be cooked in a pressure cooker、That are rich in dietary fiber were improved intestinal function and constipation、Also、Discharge of excess water、Something good that will improve also swelling, etc.! Less burden of gastro-intestinal digestion and absorption are good, so、Is the fermented rice is flavorful, chewy texture, also has a good、Naturally straight on the way to diet! And、The more I hear,、Very nice things!

The daily entrée plate、Was really rape, slightly bitter, feel the coming of spring、Enjoy organic vegetables to the simple "sauteed potato and onion.、"Burdock, Lotus root" crunchy texture、Miso tofu thick but not meat、Picking the color of good red radish salad、In the assortment can be satisfied without the main meat or fish、And homemade pickles, pickled vegetables of cabbage and seaweed with kumquat pickles 'carrot and daikon rice look perfect!

Healthy "Yaku Curry" does not use any flour and butter and combine a spicy、Keep based on miso and tahini、Despite Curry's gluten-free, rich and thick!

After enjoying a delicious meal happy body、Add coffee, freshly made and then roasted at 200 yen、Miho was stiff and rest time.

Exactly what your seat next to、Visit Lady with lovely Madame owner based officers instructed in splendor "fermented Brown rice.、I was taught directly what kind of "fermented brown rice" that has been used for many years! The more you know, the more interesting "fermented brown rice"! I would be happy if you could hold a "fermented brown rice class" at Beige so that you can enjoy it at home! Motoji、Look forward!

Beige (Beige)
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 連尺-Cho 313-5 gold circle 連尺 1F
Hours of operation:May-Fri lunch 11:30-15:30、Dinner 18:00-24:00(Dishes L.O. 23:30-
Closed on Mondays:Dinner only Wednesday night

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