3rd 51 years of wine at the wine bar "antimitet" and new members


Enter sakana-Cho Street from these city 30 meters on the left、New stone wine bar in the 2nd floor of the building "Intimite アンティミテ"Mr.。Of the ownerTian ZhonglongTaste delicious wines were selected-Kun、2Not to mention on how to settle down a bit in the second, you want to drink、2012March 5More new chefTaninoBy Kun greeted new、Meals that are offered。At the same time opening hours 18:00-the open and as soon as possible、It is recommended travelers would wine while enjoying a meal。2013/11The、On the first floor of the main building "Obanzai and IchiRyo"With daily that you you hit counter、Even the atmosphere of the restaurant is open and、Is a building crowded with antimite, together with a popular shop!


Shop counter 5 seats。1-In small groups of 3 persons、Will still enjoy conversation and Ryu-Kun at the counter leisurely moments to taste good!


2012After years of puchirinyuaru、In the atmosphere, such as giving the curtain divider is at a table in the back is。Table 4 × 3 seats 12 seats.、Because the side walls are sofa seats、Small number of adjustments is possible。However,、The number of seats is limited, so、We recommend you go from being a book advance.


On this day、Gather friends and her husband the same 51, born in the"51Annual meeting"OfPart 3Held in。51Iwata is an established member of the annual "Plain plastic industrial co., Ltd."ofPlain toshinaoKun (Photo Center) and Hamamatsu "Atsumi iron works co., Ltd."The President inAtsumi SoichiroKun (photo right)。51Annual meetingThe goals and objectives、51Year born(Before and after the time allowed:Lol) for increasing the companion。And、Liven up food and beverage outlets are working hard with the young、Even the lively city to properly go to! Have a sense of mission and、Will evolve。By the way antimite ownerDragonIs born 51-year-Kun is there 早生まれ!


Recent Brut Italy Trentino South Tyrol

Cavite CorporationThe、1950 yearThe was established in Northeast Italy's Trentino South Tyrol、Wine producers ' Cooperative Union。The slopes of the Alps, including、Rooted in the tradition of Trentino South Tyrol、4,500HotelsThe grape growers have11The wine producers ' cooperativeAnd member of the、In total the whole Trentino South Tyrol65%To hit、About5,700HAThe vineyards owned by。Straw wheat color colors shone in pale green edge。There's a durable foam、The stands bubbling、 Fresh taste extends to the mouth.、There are skeletons and the balance of flavors。Strong、Long finish、Is the balance of acidity is cozy and elegant.


Appetizer, soup to cool onionFRY onion with a sweet onion soup。


"Seeds and olives.


"Provence grown white asparagus" 1800 Yen

Here white asparagus from Provence will be with mussels with mustard sauce。Enjoy a feeling of appetite、White asparagus is sweet felt、It is delicious now.


"Dr. deidesheim vaisaburgnder grape Dayne hard 2012.

According to attract the most attention in Germany now maker、Dry white wine。The grape varieties、Our 100%。Pleasant clean scent is transparent and soft palate、Clean and white.


And the third would51Annual meetingThe new members have entered! To associate a "Ristorante IL Marcampo Ristorante Il malcampo"The owner/chefYoshida, TakahiroMr。In our last couple of favorite Ristorante、Yoshida-Kun was born in 1976, as a teaser, I hear, as soon as it is。When、Yoshida-Kun from the attached junior high school also has、And connect with friends in common with Atsumi-Kun came elementary school、Talk about excited! Further Yoshida-Kun and experiences in Tuscany is Italy's apprenticeship、Recently visited our couplesCivita di Cordova Niño ReggioThe big surge lead visited Yoshida-Kun also talk about other interesting things! From that plain and Atsumi-Kun was yet go malcampo, not being、The next4th "51Annual meeting"The malcampo's decision is.



Bruschetta (giant Pacific octopus stew、White liver mousse)、Pork Rillettes、Pâté de campagne、Duck red jellied uncured (cured ham、COPPA)、Suitable for appetizers that chef asked suit rips!


"Sauteed duck gizzard confit and potatoes" 1, 200 x 2

Potatoes, leaving Cole Coria texture tender confit gizzard and hokku give it a spicy Saute。This is the quantity of 2 servings.


See Pinotage-by-Ravenel Laroche 2013 "Stellenbosch South Africa

And sweet ripe fruit with rich met and、Vivid red。Acidity is balanced with medium-level and a good structure、Soft tannins in wine-friendly blend of medium!


"For grab egg" 1900 YenHot foie gras mixed with poached egg、Mellow and enjoying the rich 1。


"Domaine piccinini Clos l'Angely 2010" France Languedoc

The grape varieties、Schiller、Grenache·Noir and carignanveew。Concentrated aromas and mouth-filling finish colors are beautiful, thick、Balanced full-bodied wine。Without rain began violently to this night of stay、Now know enjoy lingering while dissolution and。The next51Annual meetingThe、6-19 (Thu).We expect。51Born in、If you are interested in the the purpose of this joining waiting for your company (laughs)

Intimite アンティミテ
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku sakana-Cho 312-8 new stone building 2F TEL:053-454-7081
Hours of operation 18:00-25:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

312 -8 sakana-Cho Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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