[beige beige] Born in November Scorpio B type is gathered! Surprise Birthday Party!

After participating in jazz live, I walked around the city.、The hideaway wine and dining of the continuous town "Beige(Beige)!)

In the store on this day、11A surprise birthday party born in May is held.、11I was born in May, too, and I jumped in and participated!

Motoji Yamauchi, owner-chef who is also focusing on the operation of Pass Relle, a newly opened cafe and restaurant in Sanarudai (Yamauchi Motoji)There is also a human virtue of、The shop is always bustling with nature and unique ments.、Enjoy a pleasant time surrounded by delicious wineand food!

It's full of teasing.Masami Ohara (Masami Kato)A birthday song to celebrate the birth in November in the production that wakes up a laugh of Mr.! Born in November, scorpio、All of them [B type] is just a bowl - (laughs)

Beige (Beige)
313-5 1F, Rensakumachi, Naka Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours of operation:17:00-24:00

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