Around the 'seasonal dishes Magnus' saga beef Shabu Shabu a luxury dinner party


From Hamamatsu station、FOOD Subaru, located just a few minutes walk from the Act building 2nd floor located "Seasonal cooking Ouchi"Mr. a、"Cooking fresh ingredients of the season"Is the owner of creed。The shopkeeperTetsuo OuchiAnd it is sticking Buri of inedible ornaments, authentic cuisine offered in、Summer hamo horsetail cuisine、Natural eel、Natural darkness in autumn、Winter natural fugu (Blowfish).、Expert in natural things of the season cuisine。On this day、Maserati exhibitions1Date and end of in safely、Our customers told us teaser"Event cheers for good work Kai"♪ that I was open (thanks)


In the shop、And be able to counter the shopkeeper Ouchi's knife Sabaki、Beautiful aerial work platforms、You can get a glimpse up。Ouchi's regulars who loved。Also meet familiar conversation、May also enjoy this shop!


"The Premium Malt Masters Dream"First, it is the toast with beer! I beer is the best after a day talking through the event!


"Grilled eggplant"Cut Eggplant you put fresh bonito。From this season.、Sweet and delicious when it coming?!


"Chicken eyes opticalBig eyes optical。Is the bone delicious, plump and soft.


"Shochu lock"Potatoes of sweet and rich is the delicious potato shochu ♪


Vegetable Shabu Shabu

Piccoli's hungry so had lunch while taking in the event! Maine was served "saga beef Shabu Shabu.。The pot gently to the tired body and stomach, I'm happy!


First of all, put from the shiitake mushroom、Let me 染mi渡ra to the broth from、Vegetables such as auctions will be dipped quickly.


"Shabu-shabu of Saga cow"Enjoy the rich, fleshy saga beef。


Thick, yet、Have done and finished softer, with quick heating、Grated daikon with Ponzu sauce and spicy savor the flavor of high-quality!


"Rice cake"

Yu、So said the rice cakes or Udon noodles、We are greedy、So smallish thickens out aware both orders (lol) early streets of fire mochi、Avoid mushy、If you boil it some delicious。Rice cake in the pan for a long time、Is plenty of satisfaction.


Inaniwa Udon

To finish in the saga beef and vegetable soup 染mi渡tta soup Udon noodles。Inaniwa Udon、As well as firmness of noodles、Other noodles and not rendering on transparency、Vine, and is characterized by its smooth texture.


"Miyazaki Prefecture mango"Ripe mangoes from Miyazaki Prefecture is smooth and very sweet、High-quality and rich taste.


"Zenzai azuki bean、Green tea ice cream.

Everything is homemade Ouchi says。Green tea ice cream is smooth and fine texture、Classy sweet azuki beans boiled up。A delicious adult's 1.


Plum jelly

4L sizePlumSoft boiled、Make jelly juice extracted in。Fleshy plum、And melted as sukueru with a spoon、Adults alcohol feels slightly less sweet desserts。The finish is the 1 you want you can come。You could spend a fun and extravagant dinner! Mr. Ouchi、Feast we did!

Seasonal cooking Ouchi
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 672 FOOD Subaru Bldg. 2F TEL:053-452-8600
Hours of operation:17:30To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku itaya-machi 672

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