Special lunch celebrates birthday at the castle restaurant blooming Crape Myrtle "now and forever"

Sat quietly as mokuren's Hamamatsu Kita Toda、Like feeling the profound sense of presence with plenty of castles "Café & Restaurant now and forever"To!

This is a great location for the symbol tree "Renri no Tree", which can be viewed from the farm and garden spread over about 3,000 tsubo.、Have a stately home car shine!

After training in Gifu and TajimiGrandxiv Lake' In Italian "Grandxiv Hamana Lake luccicore"The experience、Learn the basics of Italy and France cuisineOnoue, ShigeakiWelcome chefs、 2013French restaurant on Tuesday, December 3Café & Restaurant now and foreverIt is re-opened as、It is very popular as a restaurant where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the extraordinary!

This time of year, you can spend an elegant time looking at the courtyard where the flowers of Salsberg bloom.、8/14Celebrate the birthday of her husband (Wednesday) 43-year-old、Last year as well as Onoe chef Omakase and、Enjoy a special lunch course in a semi-private room!

Also、Lade planning assist Toyama writers this time-travel with the series as a、PottersWing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)"AndShimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)Mr. &Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo)Is it writer's unit "Shimoo DesignLet's collaborate with the vessel of]!

"Louis Roderell Brut Premiere (Champagne Louis Roeder"
Champagne celebrating your birthday、Brilliant pale golden sparkle、A rich aroma and flavor、Along with has a mild and delicate、Cheers at "Louis Roderere" where you can enjoy rich taste!

"Appetizer platter" × "bowl":Gaku Syakunaga áge Φ320"
Smoked Mt. Fuji salmon with walnut raisin bread
Smoked Mt. Fuji salmon grown in the rich waters of The Inokashira Spring Water and Shibakawa, which is famous for vanadium water、But without her brightly colored red, greasy taste is characterized、It is a refined and pure salmon that can be enjoyed with a rich fragrance!

♦"Ayu confit with French toast"
To the confit of the wakayu to enjoy the bitterness、Sweet sweet moist fit finish French toast、I have you serve it with pickled tomato of a refreshing acidity!

♦"Springno-cho Sturgeon with Buckwheat Noodles with Brini Caviar"
In addition to the cultivation of sturgeon, which was launched as a new industry in Haruno-cho, Tenryu-ku, Hamamatsu City、Caviar, one of the world's three most delicacies, is a luxury ingredient called "Hal Caviar" (HAL CaviarIt succeeded in branding as
Hal caviar is fresh domestic caviar.、Salt to bring out the flavor of the caviar added to the minimum necessary for、It becomes the taste that there is not another in the feature a gentle clear taste!
Enjoy with the roasting of the sturgeon and the brie of soba flour!

"Hokkaido Pure White Potage with Soy Espuma" × "Vessel":Gaku Syakunaga mars bowl Φ100"
Potage using "pure white" pure white corn from Hokkaido which sticks to natural cultivation、It is said that sweet corn is so sweet and corn that can be eaten raw.
The potage which can enjoy the aftertaste refreshingly while feeling the richness by rich sweetness、Gently soak in the stomach!

"Ginger roast of eggplant with scale of sweet sea bream" × "Vessel":Gaku Syakunaga New áge Φ300"
Crispy baked sea bream scales is our favorite!
The texture of the scales finished in paris is crispy.、The sting was fluffy's exquisite lighting!
Here you will、I'd like you to match the sauce of the bouleblanc of the iron plate which i told the recipe directly in the cooking class of chef Onoe before.
It is recommended to have you put the boule blanc sauce here on the baguette!
Under the sweet sea bream、The taste of ginger is accompanied by an appetizing eggplant and nutritious okawa turtle.

"Baguette" x "Vessel":Gaku Syakunaga Carpenter Cut Φ20"
Since April of last year, i have been stocking my favorite "baguette of a certain boulangerie".、In the hot scent and provided with the steam smells good so!
Crunch、Crisp! And it sounds、You will feel sweet!

"Okuhamanako Ryujin Pork's Toda Gyoza" × "Vessel":Gaku Syakunaga mars himawari Φ250"、"Shimoo Design Uki-sama Round Plate Φ280"
Dragon god pig which is the brand pig of Okuhamanaka、Odorless and no habit、Soft, juicy sweet fat becomes a good thing that melts at body temperature.、It is characterized by a rich taste! The fresh dragon god pig is combined with the leek and it makes it to the minceburg.、Renri is selling rave reviews as "Toda Gyoza"!? (laughs)
Red, yellow, and green colorful petit tomato confit、Curry-flavored quinoa、Sweet pepper、Sweet potato、Asparagus、Okra、The leaf of the load、With three-way native potato、Enjoy plenty of vegetables!

"Loudmont Burgundy Rouge 2016 (Lou Dumont Bourgogne Rouge) grape varieties:100% Pinot Noir
The wine made by Koji Nakada, a Japanese brewer who is familiar with the label "Heaven, Earth and People" in Burgundy, is one of my favorite wines.
2016The Burgundy Rouge of the Year、AC Burgundy in the village of Nuysaint-Georges is 58%、20% AC Burgundy in The Village of Mercure by Biodinami、2% of its own field (Burgundy Rouge V.V.)、The remaining 20% is Juvre Chambertan.、Fixan、The village of More Saint-Denis and the grapes of AC Haute Court de Nui are downgraded and blended!
You can enjoy the delicate taste that the polite handiwork of Mr. Nakada who seems to be Japanese is transmitted!

"Birthday Cake"
Now the new Patissier woman is in charge of sweets!
Serve with a moist and rich cheesecake with a petit roll cake and vanilla ice cream!
"Happy birthday!" And mr. Onoe and、The staff also celebrated!

"Banana Mousse" x "Vessel":Gaku Syakunaga New áge Φ 30.
Moist and smooth mousse is a high-quality finish that can enjoy the rich banana taste!

"Fondant o Chocolat" × "Vessel":Gaku Syakunaga áge thin bowl Φ240"
Mr. Onoe's classic baked hot and fluffy texture can enjoy a rich fondant o chocolat
I use bitter cocoa from France.、Fragrance、At the finish of the pulp、Rich will be made and in the light and Tau!

Under the spirited Chef Onoe、A birthday lunch where you can enjoy the flow of time
While I'm in Hamamatsu、The wonderful old castle restaurant "Renri" where you can taste an extraordinary atmosphere、This is our husband and wife's recommended restaurant!

Café & Restaurant now and forever
Address: Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Cho 8501-2
Hours of operation:11:00To 22:00(Last order 21:30-
* Lunch 11:00-14:00(Last order 13:30-
Closed on Mondays:Thursday
Parking lot:Aerobic

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