30, ringing Lake fireworks event 2019 summer Fireworks, ringing Lake Fireworks

Summer comes and the Reiwa early Fireworks、Home belowSanaruko Lake1000 fireworks in Lake strikes up "# 30Sanaruko Fireworks2019(SANARUKO Firewoks Festival 2019) "my will!

The date and time of the year、2019August 3, (Saturday) 19:30-20:30For an hour and、Every yearSanaruko Lake ParkWe washed up at near the West Coast clock tower!

This Fireworks、In the size of the launch but not as much、The biggest attraction is、You will be blessed with a nice vantage point you can watch from anywhere, played around with it!

Our House lies on the western shore, played for、2To that location in the view from the terrace、After moving、The first Fireworks、Would you like and enjoy at home!

Evening from the start knob makes the drink、Dressed in yukata、2The setting is done to the floor terrace!

And cheers at the "champagne Baron-de-Rothschild, Brut (Champagne BARONS DE Rothschild Brut).、I await and take time for the launch!

Champagne evening produces the famous Rothschild family appeared on the wine-themed popular manga "Kami no shizuku"、Grand Cru、And use the selected in the Premier Cru vineyard、Bottled after 4 years of aging through、Fresh and truffles in a delicate, floral scent!
Granular and persistent bubbles is smooth elegance.、Excellent balance also strong despite of good softness、Also enjoy lingering Cup!

"Hasegawa agricultural マッシュルーム ポットベラセット」
Just recently got、Japan Fuji know using the latest cultivation techniques become the first Netherlands mushroom farm see produce Hasegawa"assorted pot Vera sets Fuji jewelry Atelier" LA-ROUX (La Roux) "Of because it was sent from Uematsu Machiko、You want me to you immediately!

Pot Vera set、There fresh safe mushroom organic, unbleached、Brown mushroom、White mushrooms "snow white" started.、Diameter 9 cm and 7 cm in diameter and Palm-sized white species "giant" Brown seeds 'pot Vela"with four kinds of mushrooms you can enjoy!

"Hasegawa agricultural ホワイトマッシュルームのサラダ」×「器Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga) áge thin bowl Φ240"
To enjoy the white mushrooms of the Netherlands celebrates the appropriately named "snow white" whiteness is raw in salads!
Lettuce and bean sprout、Early lead in paprika、With plenty of salad including tomato on sliced white mushrooms、In a refreshing lime will lightly after salt & pepper!
The crunchy texture of distinctive mushrooms and shakshak、To enjoy the sweetness with a subtle scent, mellow taste!

"Hasegawa agricultural ポットベラの肉詰め」×「器Shimoo Design Shimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo) Uki-sama Round Plate Φ280"
Diameter is 9 cm Brown seeds 'pot Vera"is、Using its size and have fun with your stuffed!
2Hollowing the shaft of pot Vera、Along with the half-onion pieces chopped and、1 clove garlic、Salt & pepper、A little butter、Saute the time it cools。
Pork meat 100 g salt & pepper and、Egg half step、Bread crumbs、Nutmeg、Time、Add chili powder, lightly 揉mi込mi、Seed when completed、Sprinkle the flour pot Vera back, and stuffed with meat、3It wishes the kinds of cheese, stone ware roaster in 20 minutes!
Source for 1/4 onion and garlic sauteed a little shaft with pieces、Torii sauce and ketchup、A little consomme、Red wine、Soy sauce、Add the butter, and add one、Finishing up source、If 盛ri付ketara instrument is finished!

The gravy is Superfine magnesium outbid pot Vera juicy with flavor!

Cheese sorting / "instrument:Gaku Syakunaga リバーシブルシャーレ Φ250」
The purchase includes 10 species in the world of cheese cheese sorting、First of all, "assorted + dried figs", enjoy!
1.Mozzarella 2 cheddar 3 Marivaux 4 cream cheese 5 smoked

Around the area started dimming when、1 from the first sounding sound with the addon、Bloom the flower of the large flower in the night sky!

The fireworks display, ringing Lake、StarMine (fireworks barrage of fire) and a length ball and launch type of heart Fireworks、In the launch time 1 hour、While keeping the space clean up beat!

Allocation of rich color and tail pulling elegant mum of、Peony of ashio draws、Spread of double spherical core of、Heart and Butterfly、Draw various shapes, such as the Saturn "type thing.、"Blow of bees", as globetrotting bee、As the blow of willow down like a weeping willow、Finally decorate the night sky with large StarMine, celebrated its demise!

Without upperclassmen and capita Fireworks viewing in my home、A couple excellent。

7My father died on may、Quietly and watch、Smile I love my father and I recall the flower of the large flower in the night sky at night。

Husband and wife to each camera set up day、Because the summer beautiful Fireworks moment of joyfully photos、The spermatic look from my home will be filled with、I will Fireworks, ringing Lake in the summer sky as rites of summer everyone!

And jumps out from the House next year、Traveling on the East Coast (cherry blossom tunnel Street)、And over the surface of the Lake: I think when you are shooting fireworks!

30, ringing Lake fireworks event 2019 (SANARUKO Firewoks Festival 2019
Date and time:2019August 3, (Saturday) 19:30-20:30
Launch location: Near the sanaruko Lake Park West clock tower
Taking place:Possible roles home on the second floor terrace

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