"Pasler" Super-deals French lunch at a café restaurant in Sanarudai at Sarahplaza

We went to a French course lunch at "Passe Relle", a French café restaurant born in "Saera Plaza Sanarudai" along Orange Street in Sanarudai, Hamamatsu.

This restaurant, which opened on December 1, 2019, last year、The "French course" of the prefix style is offered with a sense of super-deals and 1,800 yen and is popular.

The operation of this place is、Wine bars in the city "Beige(Beige)" and "Hamamatsu Science Museum Cafe" Motoji Yamauchi (Yamauchi Motoji)It becomes a new store store of kun、Shinya Kato, a French chef who gained experience at a famous restaurant after training in Europe (Shinya Kato)The restaurant which invited the chef and opened!

"Passerelle Passrell"、It means "bridge" in French, and "people and regions through the cuisine here"、I want to make a store that can become a bridge (Passerelle) with producers! And、It becomes the name of the shop named in the hope of Chef Kato!

In the bright shop where natural light falls in the daytime、The ceiling where the gentleness of the tree increases warmth is full of a sense of openness because of its height.、It becomes a stylish space that is based on white and is inspired by Brooklyn Cafe.、Lunch and dinner、You can also enjoy using the cafes!

In the midst of a growing self-imposed mood with the new coronavirus、I heard the screams of restaurant officials in Hamamatsu City.、even in financially serious situations、On this day, it is the store where the prosperity of not being able to feel such an influence is able to be seen.

"2 plat prix fiex(de-prat tuplic fix)" 1,800 yen

Lunch is a prefix style course menu、Both appetizers and main dishes change daily.、2Choose between appetizers and fish or meat dishes to choose from、Bread、Dessert、1,800 yen with a drink and order a course of very nice pricing

I select each plate of the fish and meat dish mainly this time.、I share it with my husband!

Appetizer "Strawberry and Tomato"
Appetizers made with plenty of seasonal strawberries from Shizuoka Prefecture、The color is vivid in conjunction with the bright red tomato of the same color, too.、One dish without the doubt of the girl acceptance!
I'll have a refreshing cream cheese with flamboise vinegar and rosé pettian gas trick (rich and hidden seasoning) sauce!
On the、Iwata's "Tomioka Farm" with micro-amaranth and orange oxalis accents

Meat dish "chicken mune"
The chicken breast that was put in the fire moistly is a feeling of volume which is good enough to eat while being healthy.
What is the cream sauce of the simple potato?、With sauce flavored with paprika powder and nutmeg、It is delicious even if I put it on bread!

Today's fish dish "Sea bream and rape blossoms of Kato Farm"
Skin-to-skin crispy、The sea bream which is fragrant in a moist and splendid fire putting inside is、Sweet spring cabbage and fragrant roast of rape blossoms that bitterness makes spring feel、Along with potato chips!
The sauce is a refreshing lysus hollandaise sauce mixed with orange juice with cherry powder and celery powder.
Because it is not amusing even if it is said 1,800 yen in this dish、I'm just happy with the course content of Cospa's too good!

Dessert "Cheesecake" + 100 yen
The dessert of the course was "Gato Chocolat".、I was able to change it to "Cheesecake" for an additional fee of + 100 yen!
The gato chocolate i got last time was very rich and delicious.、I also love cheesecake.、Order this place this time!
It is served with whipped cream and lemon powder!
I flattened it in no time in a refreshing taste that does not feel the hard work while moist texture!

Drink coffee
Happily, the lunch course is this price with a set of drinks!

Enjoy colorful plates using French techniques for farm vegetables that please your body at a reasonable price、Because the space between the table seats is also relaxed、The perfect French & Cafe restaurant to spend a rich time!

Because the spring sun has become a pleasant climate、If you make the terrace seat sit ok, you might pass by (laughs)

French & Cafe Restaurant Passerelle
Address:1-11-5 Sanarudai, Naka Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture (Sanara Plaza Sanarudai)
Hours of operation:Lunch time 11:00-14:00( L.O.13:30Cafe Time 14:00-17:00、Dinner time 18:00-21:00( L.O.20:30-
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday、Year-end and new year holidays.
Parking lot:42Units、2nd parking lot 16 cars

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