"aru" here with unique delicate French wines unique Japan

Since 12/27/2017 opened in the city of Toyohashi, Aichi prefecture building 2nd floor、As early as distinguished oneself、To the popular restaurant East Mikawa region France restaurant will grow "Aru(Al) "to!

Place and and within walking distance 5 minutes ' walk from JR Toyohashi station、Under the soft light of olive trees and a bare light bulb hung a simple brass sign is on、This day was greeted Mimosa and Thistle!

At the end of the leisurely approach、Smoky blue color theme of this restaurant and wooden doors are gently greets!

Interior design、Toyokawa is active mainly in architects ' HAAG DESIGN + Haag Cafe The Hague design + Hague Cafe "and incorporate hand hung to the chef's commitment、Exudes a cosy soft air to flow into the simplicity of space。Kitchen suggests that the appearance of the floor are arranged on the right、With 14 seats to 18 seats seats available!



Here is、Fundamentals of cuisine Bistro in Osaka "Avolonte(& # 8217s; Avolonte) "of theYuji KawadaLearning from the chef、In addition、Paris three-star "astrance (l & # 8217s; Astrance) "In the popular restaurant won in Germany being the shortest one Michelin star after"Sola"ofYoshitake Hiroki (Yoshitake Hiroki)And the chef、Also "astrance (Astrance)" from one Michelin star and consisting of Sendai "Nagle(nacrée) "of Ogata Minoru chef from the material of many learned and、Osaka "Restranethernite(Eternite) "service, and was loaded with experience as a SommelierSuzuki Takuya (Takumi Suzuki)Chef is a 32-year-old youth、Sommelier wifeSuzuki Aya (Aya Suzuki)With an independent three-legged race shop!


20I wanted to out the atmosphere of the restaurant you like found in the apprenticeship in Paris in the late、Suzuki chef talk round table using the old material was item 外せない。Think that chef is granted the、Shitara-Cho, Aichi factory "Wood and leather aoyama"The craftsmanAoyama, (Kazushi Aoyama)And I'm of the handicraft、The round table with the taste that i dared to connect and build old materials is packed with the chef's warm desire to "enjoy the meal without shoulder elbows"、You can know the joy of food from the bottom of your heart while playing the conversation without being pretentious!

Lunch here、It's up to you for dinner.、At lunch, it was 3,400 yen for around 6 dishes and 6,800 yen for around 8 dishes.、At dinner, there are 6,800 yen for around 8 dishes and 8,800 yen for around 10 dishes, and two courses are prepared for each.、Taking advantage of ingredients that can see the faces of producers who place trust with the chef's own eyes、It offers dishes unique to Higashimikawa that can only be tasted here!

The other day、Two people who came to the pottery exhibition held in my house far away。At that time, "I want to actually use a vessel!" I received a happy word.、On this daylade Gourmet & Hotel Web MagazineAs a series of planning "vessels and traveling"、Potter appeared in the project part 1 ""Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)"The sharp instrument boasts a simple stripped-down useless、Who participated in the planning part 2Shimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)San&Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo)Is it writer's unit "Shimoo Design"The symbolizing the beauty of Japan、Bring a wooden container that will not forget the rational and beauty, and make the collaboration with "aru" special!

The walk-in cellar in the store、About 700 bottles of Wine, mainly Japanese wines, are placed.、The treasured children who have collected little by little by two people up to now are lined up.。You can also enjoy Japanese wine, which has attracted attention in recent years, to match the dishes.、In this shop!

It's a good idea to leave the wine pairing to suit the course to The Aya of Sommelier, who is in charge of the hall!

First of all,、Here's to Thetanje Brut Reserve!

1Dish "Tomato, Rosemary and Homemade Ricotta Cheese Tart" x "Shimoo Design Floating like rim plate 280.

Start with finger food served on top of brown rice! If you put your cheeks in one bite,、The juicy sweetness of the fresh, sugary Toyokawa mini tomato spreads、Homemade ricotta cheese with a smooth, melting-in-mouth taste there、Chrysanthemum flowers in color、And the flavorful rosemary powder、Crispy lightness with thinly finished tart is combined、A bite full of smiles involuntarily!

"Guy Arion Domaine du De Peron Touraine Schlene Blanc (Guy Allion Dom). du Haut Perron Touraine Chenonceaux Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc is created by a winery on the banks of the Loire Valley in France.、The fruit incense and herb incense rich in aroma spread、The taste that you can enjoy the condensed mineral feeling is gorgeous!
To match the fresh asparagus to feel the spring!

2Dish "Green Asparagus and Snap Pea" x "Gaku Syakunaga Ge New Work 30"、"Gaku Syakunaga Carpenter cutting Φ 30.

The finish of the colorful vivid green x green that makes you feel the fresh green of spring!
Green asparagus withno pesticides that can be eaten raw is very rare.、10I value the texture only to boil it for about two seconds.、The sauce of the snap pea which I picked in the morning is freshly made.、It is finished in a light sauce that is fine and fine foaming、You can taste the depth and sweetness of snap peas directly!

With sanshu pork bacon and homemade ricotta cheese as an accent!
A dish that you can feel the sweetness of snap peas more plump by the saltiness of the bacon!

"Nakamura Wain Kobo Hand-made Wain Sachiko (SACHIKO)
Osaka wine produced by "Nakamura Wain Kobo" which is famous for "Ganko Oyaji's hand-made wain"!
What is the wine variety bearing the name of your wife, Sachiko?、Koshu、Delaware、In the blend of Riesling、Refreshing and refreshing taste、A cup of gentle, soft and fruity tropical nuances!

3Dish "Charcoal-grilled green asparagus and flat shellfish" x "Shimoo Design Floating like plate 280.、"Gaku Syakunaga gen table dish .30"

The green asparagus condensed sweetness with the power of charcoal grilling、Served with beautiful boligo flowers and herbs!
It's from a different producer from the green asparagus that I just boiled.、Even more thick and respectable face!
The origin is different.、You can tell me that there are many ways to enjoy the same asparagus by changing the recipe!
Asparagus that was boiled while rolling on charcoal fire、With a taste full of aroma and freshness、Refreshing mouthfeel and stunning matching of lemon jelly sauce with granular!
Although the equipment for charcoal fire was prepared from the beginning of the opening、Chef Suzuki was struggling to introduce everything by himself.。However,、There is nothing like charcoal fire!
By introducing an eye-catching charcoal fire, it will take more than ever.、The range of food will surely expand!
The rich sweetness and texture of the buttery clams becomeats、The scent of Cervacko and Dill will delight the aftertaste!
The simpler the dish, the deeper it is.、You can fully enjoy the skill of the chef!

It seems that this dish is usually served in a pure white bowl.Shimoo DesignThe gentle texture that nature weaves with the floating-like series that the grain of] stands out is very attractive and matches with a table using old materials!

Also、As Chef Suzuki, it was a black bowl that I was not familiar with.Gaku SyakunagaBy placing it in jet black like no other]、いつもの一皿が生まれ変わりその印象の違いを大いに楽しんでいただけたようです!

"Kido Winery オータムカラーズ コンコード 2017」

4皿目「とちおとめとフォアグラ」×「Gaku Syakunaga mars himawari Φ25」×「Gaku Syakunaga Reversible Petri Φ 25.



Bread、Toyohashi "Boulanjuliejosioca」のバゲットを我が家も大好きな豊橋の陶芸家「Suzuki Fumiko (Fumiko Suzuki)」さんの作品に添えて!

"Coco farm Winery Coco Farm & Winery 甲州F.O.S」

5皿目「サクラマス 白菜菜花 新玉葱のコンソメスープ」×「Gaku Syakunaga Mars himawari Φ 25.、"Gaku Syakunaga mars 平皿 Φ25」


And "Gaku Syakunaga」の火星をイメージしたmarsとの相性も良く鈴木シェフが一番最初に「お気に入り」認定してくれた器でもあるので今回コラボしていただけて本当に良かったです!

"ファンキーシャトー ピノノワール(Funky Château Pinot Noir)」

6皿目「春野菜 花悠豚のロースト」×「Gaku Syakunaga áge Φ33」、"Gaku Syakunaga gen シャーレ Φ28」


Look、淡い桜色をした火入れ状態を見ると「低温調理」と錯覚しやすいのですがこの「高温ロースト」は鈴木シェフならではのこだわりの火入れ!炭火で炙ったスイスチャードやスティックセニョールフレッシュアスパラガス、Snap peas、ラディッシュにエシャレットのピクルスイタリアンパセリの新芽やアリッサムとディルの花を添えて!

何度もladeの記事や雑誌等で見掛けたという「Gaku Syakunaga」のágeですが実際に手にし用いることで想像以上の出会いと喜んでくださり嬉しい限りです!

7皿目「苺」×「Gaku Syakunaga Mars bowl Φ 10.、"Gaku Syakunaga Gen bowl Φ 11.


Toyohashi "Apollo Coffee Works(アポロコーヒーワークス)」の香り高いエスプレッソと小菓子のサクサクサブレを楽しみながら手の空いた鈴木シェフと彩さんと一緒に緩やかな午後のひとときを感じながらの歓談タイム!



Restaurant aru(アル)
Address:Aichi Prefecture Toyohashi hirokoji 2-28 Yoshida Bldg. 2F
Hours of operation:Lunch 12:00-13:00( L.O )、Dinner 18:00-20:00( L.O )
Closed on Mondays:Sunday、No regular holidays

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