Delicate French and wine pairings to mark the eighth anniversary of aru's wedding anniversary

Since 12/27/2017 opened in the city of Toyohashi, Aichi prefecture building 2nd floor、As early as distinguished oneself、A French restaurant that has grown into a popular restaurant representing the Higashi-Mikawa areaAru(Al) "to!

Place and and within walking distance 5 minutes ' walk from JR Toyohashi station、A simple brass sign hanging under the soft light lit by eucalyptus trees and bare light bulbs is a landmark!

At the end of the leisurely approach、The smoky blue wooden door that becomes the theme color of this shop welcomes you gently、A comfortable space awaits at the end of the door!

Raw flowers that make you feel the season、A small florist in ToyohashiLacle FloristsKaori Akaya is asked to arrange and maintain regularly.、I am always healed by flowers and flowers that are set up very taste well!

On this anniversary of our eighth wedding anniversary、It will be lunchtime on Saturday, February 22 when I still feel chilly、At the entrance, the fluffy hair of the cat willow comes out.、The wall is accompanied by a lovely and adorable mimoza wreath、It will make you feel the coming of spring just around the way!

Interior design、Toyokawa is active mainly in architects ' HAAG DESIGN + Haag Cafe The Hague design + Hague Cafe "and incorporate hand hung to the chef's commitment、Exudes a cosy soft air to flow into the simplicity of space。Kitchen suggests that the appearance of the floor are arranged on the right、With 14 seats to 18 seats seats available!

Here is、Fundamentals of cuisine Bistro in Osaka "AvolonteLearn from Chef Yushi Kawada of ('Avolonte)'、In addition、Paris three-star "astrance (l & # 8217s; Astrance) "In the popular restaurant won in Germany being the shortest one Michelin star after"Sola"ofYoshitake Hiroki (Yoshitake Hiroki)And the chef、Similarly, "Astrans(l & # 8217s; AstranceSendai, which is one Michelin starNagle(nacrée) "of Ogata Minoru chef from the material of many learned and、Osaka "Restranethernite(Eternite) "service, and was loaded with experience as a SommelierSuzuki Takuya (Takumi Suzuki)Chef is a 32-year-old youth、Sommelier wifeSuzuki Aya (Aya Suzuki)And in an independent shop with two tripods、It is one of our couple's favorite shops!

20I wanted to out the atmosphere of the restaurant you like found in the apprenticeship in Paris in the late、Suzuki chef talk round table using the old material was item 外せない。Think that chef is granted the、Shitara-Cho, Aichi factory "Wood and leather aoyama"The craftsmanAoyama, (Kazushi Aoyama)And I'm of the handicraft、The round table with the taste that i dared to connect and build old materials is packed with the chef's warm desire to "enjoy the meal without shoulder elbows"、You can know the joy of food from the bottom of your heart while playing the conversation without being pretentious!

Lunch here、It's up to you for dinner.、At lunch, it was 3,400 yen for around 6 dishes and 6,800 yen for around 8 dishes.、At dinner, there are 6,800 yen for around 8 dishes and 8,800 yen for around 10 dishes, and two courses are prepared for each.、Taking advantage of ingredients that can see the faces of producers who place trust with the chef's own eyes、It offers dishes unique to Higashimikawa that can only be tasted here!

I put my face out from behind a big late white yuzu that was round in the middle.、Greetings to chef Suzuki-kun who devotes himself to preparation in the kitchen!
Late white yuzu that appears in the course of this day、From the open ground in Kumamoto、Toyokawa's thing which is slightly smaller、Even the citrus fruits that were divided into hems were arranged in order、It gives off a refreshing and refreshing scent!

On the tabletop, "Kimura Glass Storeand RADIKON wine glasses lined up.、The walk-in cellar in the store、About 700 bottles of Wine, mainly Japanese wines, are placed.、The treasured children who have collected little by little by two people up to now are lined up.。近年注目を浴びる日本ワインや料理に合わせて提供してくれる世界中のワインを楽しむことができるのも、In this shop!

This time the、8皿前後の「menu saison」6,800円にPairing wineのセットで事前予約しております!


First of all,、Pairing wine①Champagneの「テタンジェ ブリュット レゼルヴ(Taittinger Brut Reserve)」の 良質なChardonnayの気品溢れる優雅で繊細な味わいと共に乾杯!

1皿目「黄人参 金胡麻」



2皿目「晩白柚 わさび菜 モッツァレラ」×「器児玉修治」


During the、クリーミィーなモッツァレラのクリームに自家製リコッタチーズのムースイタリアンパセリで作った鮮やかなグリーンカラーのオイルを垂らしてあるので混ぜ合わせながらいただきましょう!


Pairing wine②「月を待つ 2017 / Coco farm Winery Coco Farm & Winery(Here Comes The Moon / COCO FARM&WINERY)」


「パン」×「器Suzuki Fumiko (Fumiko Suzuki)"

Bread、Toyohashi "Boulanjuliejosioca」のバゲットを我が家も大好きな豊橋の陶芸家「Suzuki Fumiko (Fumiko Suzuki)」さんの器に添えて!

3皿目「タルティーボ 発酵赤ピーマン 真蛸」×「器盤プロジェクト 常滑焼」



Pairing wine③「コート・デュ・ローヌ セザール 2005 / アフィラント(APHILLANTHES / CAESAR)」


4皿目「ホワイトアスパラガス カステルフランコ 金目鯛」×「器Suzuki Fumiko (Fumiko Suzuki)"



Pairing wine④「アラン・ジャニアール / ブルゴーニュ オート・コート・ド・ニュイ シャルドネ 2015(Alain Jeanniard / Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Nuits Chardonnay)」


5皿目「黒大根 あいち鴨」×「器Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)(mars bowl)」

昨年夏にオーダーをいただいた富山の陶芸家「Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)」の器をようやくこちらにも納品することが出来初のお目見えとなります!

Here is、あいち鴨から作るコンソメは鴨の旨味を凝縮させた味わい深いスープで器の雰囲気も重なりフレンチの技法をふんだんに詰め込んでいる調理法にも関わらず和の趣が感じられる優しく力のある一品!

Pairing wine(日本酒)⑤「醸し人九平次 うすにごり 黒田庄産 山田錦 生酒」

愛知の銘酒「Banjo brewery」の「醸し人九平次」の冬季限定の生酒「うすにごり」


6皿目「東三河の季節野菜 本州鹿」×「器Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)(áge φ280)」




Pairing wine⑥「自園自醸ワイン紫波 / メルロー(MERLOT)」




7皿目「春菊 苺」×「器児玉 修治(磁器)」



結婚記念日を祝して「Happy Anniversary」とデコレーションしてくださったデセールはシェフの鈴木くん自らが卓上で仕上げてくださいます!



小菓子「金柑」×「器Suzuki Fumiko (Fumiko Suzuki)"


After dinner drinks coffee

豊橋の「Apollo Coffee Works(Apollo coffeeworks)」の香り高いコーヒーをいただきながら手の空いたシェフの鈴木くんと彩さんと一緒に緩やかな午後のひとときを感じながらの歓談タイム!



Restaurant aru
Address:Aichi Prefecture Toyohashi hirokoji 2-28 Yoshida Bldg. 2F
Hours of operation:Lunch 12:00-13:00( L.O )、Dinner 18:00-20:00( L.O )
Closed on Mondays:Sunday、No regular holidays

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