"aru" Toyohashi open! Of the delicate cuisine of France and Japan wine

From JR Toyohashi station in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture 5-minute walk to close building on the second floor late last year 12/27/2017, opening the restaurant France "Aru(Al) "to、2/22 celebrated its 6th anniversary we (in Nya I this day) of visited as a Memorial Day celebration!

pairing dinner and enjoy the delicacy "aru" hand is French

"aru" here with unique delicate French wines unique Japan

Delicate French and wine pairing to celebrate the 9th anniversary of aru wedding anniversary

Under the soft light bulbs with olive trees with a simple sign brass sign is a mark!

Exciting and mind nice an exciting approach to the、Smokey blue wooden door greets!

Shop、Kitchen suggests that the appearance of the floor are arranged on the right、With 14 seats and provides 18 seats seats、Become chef Hall experience as a sommelierSuzuki Takuya (Takumi Suzuki)With his wifeSuzuki Aya (Aya Suzuki)And I'm also restaurant is run by the Dojo of the Sommelier's wife。

Design、Toyokawa is active mainly in architects ' HAAG DESIGN + Haag Cafe(Hague design + Hague Cafe "chef's commitment to incorporating hand hung in、In the cosy soft air flow in the simplicity!

A gourmet early next year when I saw the picture had been introduced in friend's FB post here、"With good food" and in a split second mind attracted、Became the first visit of inflated expectations、Their dishes far exceed their expectations out tears、Spend the time of the SS from beginning to end.

Fundamentals of cuisine Bistro in Osaka "Avolonte(& # 8217s; Avolonte) "of theYuji KawadaLearning from the chef、In addition、Paris three-star "astrance (l & # 8217s; Astrance) "In the popular restaurant won in Germany being the shortest one Michelin star after"Sola"ofYoshitake Hiroki (Yoshitake Hiroki)And the chef、Also "astrance (Astrance)" from one Michelin star and consisting of Sendai "Nagle(nacrée) "of Ogata Minoru chef from the material of many learned and、Osaka "Restaurant eternite(Eternite) "but served, independent three-legged race with Suzuki chef loaded experience as a Sommelier at the 32-year-old Sommelier's wife Aya's shop。

20I wanted to out the atmosphere of the restaurant you like found in the apprenticeship in Paris in the late、Suzuki chef talk round table using the old material was item 外せない。Think that chef is granted the、Shitara-Cho, Aichi factory "Wood and leather aoyama"The craftsmanAoyama, (Kazushi Aoyama)Mr.! Dare、At the round table, timber, and built up the warm feelings of "lightly on you'll enjoy food" so that although packed!

Here you will、Lunch、Style-only dinner with Chef's choice of incose。

Lunch、Appetizers、Fish dishes、Meat dishes、Dessert、2800 Yen at a cafe.、Dinner、Appetizer plates 3、Fish dishes、Meat dishes、Dessert dish 2、We also enjoy Café in 5800 yen and pretty good pricing!

The Interior working seller Japan wine Center placed approximately 700 book of wine、Accrete who until now has been collecting little two-line!

And letting the wine pairing to Sai's wife is in charge of the Hall、Niigata first etiquette illustrations are cute "carvedtchweinary(Cave d & # 8217s; Occi)"The animal series" 2015 was Blanc de Noirs "in a toast!

Contract farms producing Cabernet Sauvignon 90% and their estates Chardonnay 10% turbidity is fine foam、Rich powerful attack and peach-scented flavor sparkling wine! For the lack of experience of the Japan wine、And it is good!

In Tray 1 Tray 1、"Aru used writer work in neighboring Aichi Prefecture (Al).。A variety of feelings though is why "aru (Al)" is filled with shops would be? The answer is very simple! Name of the beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Suzuki "Haru" from taking、And the pronunciation of the 'H' in France, not for、"Haru" "H" to take on "aru"。Name are treasures of our two-way! such feelings are so nice!

The appetizer of the day "horseradish Greens、Firefly squid、Mascarpone "x Tajimi Pottery House / naozumi Tanaka

Lightly broiled、Is finished with soft squid、According to mascarpone's sleek Aerie Moose weekly。Gently shake the salt a simple salad tip has.、Enjoy the richness of the high sugar content tomato and bittersweet crunchy Wasabi Greens as well as honoring the quality of the material along with the instrument!

Bread、Toyohashi "Boulanjuliejosioca"The baguette Toyohashi home favorite PotterSuzuki Fumiko (Fumiko Suzuki)And it's works with!

Fish dishes、In the nature of wine brewing Kobayashi Takeshi kyoei Hall winery (Kyoeido Winery) in Yamanashi、Will fit the stock such as cryptographic K16 AK DD (orange)。

The art of etiquette too bitter、I buy the etiquette was likely、Perfect taste! Using the Koshu fall limited edition orange glow amber、Rise is clear, refreshing scent of herbs such as forest、Spice feeling because during the Ethereal taste、Tickled in intuitive affinity with fish!

Fish food is "Spanish mackerel、Clam、Turnip "* / Hamamatsu pottersAround kiln-Fukui 1 Brazil

The thick Spanish mackerel headed in omaezaki from fat、From the Peel side up baked at high temperature、MI-CUIT on finishing in the oven、Rusty finish! Holo holo filets insides burst into enjoy a light, moist texture、Move the clam flavor taken from fish soup、Finish with whipped cream small、Melting and dipping to feel the ocean's bounty gentle soup, no less! Well with translucent so thinly sliced turnips in、Vivid parsley oil was used to color and accent flavors in mouth

Meat dishes、"Coco farm Winery Coco Farm & Winery"The match collabowine here some series 2014 Pinot Noir。Hokkaido is brewing were at Yoichi Kimura farm grown Pinot Noir、And working toward wineries (10 R Winery), a contract brewery, Brewer Bruce & ghatlove、Built utilizing the nature of palate with Pinot。Smell of fresh fruit taste and culture、And enjoy the delicious Pinot Japan but so expressive of surprise! "Cherry tree" depicted in the etiquette Japan is fully felt.

Meat dishes are "Mikawa chicken、Carrot、Tal TiVo "x / Toyohashi pottersSuzuki Fumiko (Fumiko Suzuki)

In the thorough temperature management uses wearing thick brand chicken Aichi Prefecture Mikawa chicken breast meat、Seconds in units of 1 dish! The vegetables shine well on a platter of off-white Suzuki Fumiko、Like Suzuki chef Tal TiVo's main Irish potatoes、Sautéed、Brussels sprouts、Little kid ginseng to provide exquisite lighting! Tailoring carrot puree and powder、Order of vegetables such as edible flowers autumn poem also garnished with lovely colors nice! Come back to the local chef、It seems fascinated by the taste of the vegetables in Higashi-Mikawa region, farmers who are painstakingly made every day every day! Original、Chicken is my favorite、Had no idea and come enjoy such a great chicken breast! Is also the locality of Toyohashi、Spicy is hard to diet members attacked, such as the game out and it is、I would invite the viewer into the world of never ever tasted but using chicken or pork dish!

By the same marital status 6 year anniversary、Thank you happy celebrations from 2 people、Been handled all arrangements of fresh flowers and dried flowers "Lacle Florists(Laclais-floristry) "of and receive the bouquet、Commemorative photo together!

I love Ranunculus rosevear is a lovely spring attire.

Desserts ' chocolate、Jasmine、Merengue "x / Toyohashi pottersYuki Abe (Yuki Abe)

The smooth, rich chocolate、Combined with the scent of jasmine 馨shii sorbet、And with a crumble crispy meringues and bittersweet bitter finish、Tart-like finish.

After dinner、Toyohashi "APOLLO COFFEE WORKS (Apollo coffeeworks) "Of the"Toyohashi organically grown roasted' coffee aroma and flavor are unbearable for、We have spent the time of bliss!

Using the seasonal feel the changes of the seasons and local grown vegetables、The marriage in the wine's delicate France cuisine unique to Japanese people and Japan、Provide us with a true culinary delights 'aru (Al).。Open, is still not、Signs a big hit for sure!

In Suzuki's husband wife by a gentle, warm personality attracted、Our favorite shops! 100% recommended!!

Aru (Al)
Address:Aichi Prefecture Toyohashi hirokoji 2-28 Yoshida Bldg. 2F
Hours of operation:Lunch 12:00-13:30( L.O )、Dinner 18:00-20:00( L.O )
Closed on Mondays:Sunday、No regular holidays

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