See Wine&Cafe Natsume ' 1, 1 pair only restaurant with wine and movie themed party


Not operating only 1 pair 1 day Toyohashi in French "Wine&Cafe Natsume"Mr.。The owner is.、Cook is.、AndJapan certified senior sommelierThe title hasNatsume, k..2012/11In the open。At the hideaway restaurant has been open only at night。Luxury11 set at night2Name-8 (or two) of Charter reservation is limited。Without menu、ChefNatsumeAnd I'm serving as fish dishes of the chef's choice appetizers、Vegetable dishes (matahasarada)、The main meat dish、Dessert、Coffee4,000JPY (tax included)Only the SEMICON。Beforehand、An like ingredients and cooking methods、Provide content that incorporates。And every single plate 1 plate dish also a sommelierNatsumeLet's you select a wine that marriage is enjoyed is one of。Restaurant rather than、At Saab are invited to the home of his thorough Buri extremely luxurious time share!


Quaint Toyohashi stationTram (Toyotetsu City line:Fare up front uniform adult ¥ 150 child ¥ 80)To transfer、From the front of the 11 thFront of the velodromeIn it、Good public transportation in the eyes and nose.


Over the road trainNatsumeSan。She is now very rarely seen streetcar runs、It must taste!


Although the shops along the road、On the yard、White Oak and sasanqua、And planted shimatrineko、Serve to cut off the hustle and bustle of the outside world、Has become very relaxed。Originally, click here、NatsumeClaus has been renovated where meat dishes shop was known as the father。Most of them artists, designerShintaro ajiokaAnd MrNatsumeAnd it's done manually、It was peeled off the concrete in front of the shop is the most difficult。The total amount of the rubble of the concrete has been removed5tAlso and、After finishing its work,、Natsume back from an injury and got sick one day less。However,、The space born by ajioka, ideas and creativity、From that in Natsume's own joy and love is amazing、Ajioka's work in、We in theBut this far!Is has been so proud!


On this day、The teaser recently held in Hamamatsu Riedel wine seminarNatsume, k..Kazuhiko ImaiAnd I was born because we introduce edge、ImaiMr. from"By all means at Natsume's purported year-end party, want to hold appreciation society! 」And held by a hope stronger than the previous month。To prepare from the book、Sponsored by the Secretary General as aImaiLet's us all covered! Thank you very much! This time、ImaiJust a suggested party themesWine and film。Alright、ImaiAnd I report how to select wine and film、I look forward to Natsume's delicious cooking and marriage?!


Restaurant wooden tables and chairs、And the cheap ones bought from thrift shopsAjiokaSent from a fruitful、The taste of tables and chairs、AjiokaAnd it's in hand, to recycle、While retaining the qualities of the original material、Transformed into not only one thing in this world is worthwhile。When I saw were taken in the first table and chairs、NatsumeMr. a"Do you use this? 」And、Cut out tree is so (laughs) was very concerned about、Enjoy the patchwork giving patching、Fix paint colors、By creating the wounds and coming up the antique、Furniture who have completed taste。Exactly whatAjioka ISMThe world created around here it is!




The lighting is also considered as wall art wall hanging、Sprig wide made with paper and recycled paper is getting big。Same taste with bare light bulbs to decorate the table lamp shade。Were light leaking from it and hand-made accessories、Exudes the warmth of this shop!


NatsumeAnd it's quiet slowly、And he talked about listening to pleasant bass voice。Many fans will be fascinated by this voice!


1Days at the luxurious shops of the Charter not taken only one set, because you can、Directing the free form。While until all members of the day、One step ahead first sparkling wine drinking start falling is (laughs)


ImaiAnd I of junior high school classmate and best friendKatsushi Murakami diary.、Of the dayBGMSelect、Compilation albums and getting us on the CD! During the、Up-tempo swinging and、Fit the atmosphere here is too moist、Actor passed away whileKen TakakuraMr. song I liked it、Movie "Smoked"The ending song as aTom WaitsThe "Innocent when you dream"And it is a really nice song! And the CD that presents to everyone with a surprise!MurakamiSan、Thank you ♪ (thanks)


"And cloudy Bay perrys Brut NV ' New Zealand、Marlborough District

PerrysThe、1888Year-1912、Marlborough is said to had a pilot boat across the treacherous waters of the Cook Strait at a famous Dolphin "Perrys Jack", Named after theCloudy BayNZ building premium spark wine is。When this wine was selected Mr. Imai、Prior to joining members"What is your favorite movie? 」To ask a question and、There are wines named after all the movies! (Surprised) this wine、Luc BessonDirector、Jean RenoStarring "Leon"LikeMurakamiIs it for 1 book provided。Luc BessonIn 1988, directed byJean RenoAlso starring in "Grand blue"The dolphins come to link a selection of。Tasted like fresh bread、Nutty aftertaste、A creamy complexity and freshness、Is a good balance of all the really tasty sparkling。In a nifty rendition of Mr. Imai、5 bottles of wine the rest is what what thoughts do not select was excitedly looking forward!


DelayedHiroumi LiaoAnd cumHarumiChan and his wife arrived in seated and、ImaiLet's organize "Thanks by year-end 2014"It is a start.


Kazuhiko Imai (characters:Humble, inwardly passionate person, wine lover and his woman wanted!)




Murakami diary, Mr. and Mrs.


Hiroumi Liao & his wife Harumi


Kazuhiko Imai and possible roles, AKO


Natsume h. Chef sommelier


Although French cooking techniques、Don't throw away that the Japanese and、NatsumeMr.Great-grandfatherHave had a classyJapanese instrumentsSuch as getting started、Old ImariAnd are looking for、Or of the Showa era vintageNoritakeAnd children has been purchased、Ranging them the table。It's made with French bread、Extra virgin olive oilFrom the Middle East and of mixed spicesDuke。ThisDukeThe、Coriander and cumin seeds、Sesame seeds、Almond、Roast walnuts rock salt (nuchimaa Okinawa do this day:Salt) plus the、Extra virgin olive oil bread dip、In the one stroking this spice to、You can enjoy feeling the palate with complex spice and flavor。No refills of bread!


"Simon Cerros Blanc-de-Blanc Brut Grand Cru" France champagne

This year most active in the film industry、Speaking of animated film masterpiece "Frozen"。Box office income rankings2014 yearNow、259.2Hundred million yenMaking Hall of the 1st place!"You can see what the box office income second? 」And、Mr. Imai。The answer is、91.8Hundred million yenThe "STAND BY ME-Doraemon"It seems! The flowImaiHer favorite movies "The castle of Cagliostro Lupin 3"For in the5 goemon IshikawaisClariceWatching the inning only one word lines"It's pretty..."Compared to this champagne, a selection。The line is、ThatLupinThe quotations can be said"He stole something outrageous。Is your mind.But without Mr. Imai lovingly (fine art:Lol)Philip SimonThe philosophy of、"Delicate taste of the Court de Blanc Chardonnay with grapes、Expressing pure limit.That。"It is、With delicious dishes fit in the true sense champagne、I believe "The champagne was built under the firm belief and、Even the very delicate yuniKarenIs!


In the "蒸焼 Shoko Mikawa Bay Inada américaine sauce.

蒸焼 in a high-temperature oven, wrapped in tissue paper as Inada in the Mikawa Bay 漁reta thick Japanese paper ware、We in the rich American wind took a mantis shrimp with fresh crab and sole-source。After familiar garnish the spinach、State to 乾煎ri instead of hot water, boiled and dressed with salt and almond oil。Oil does not oxidize in the spinach even relieve hagumi and emphasize the sweetness, flavor。Shusse-UO → wakashan Inada → wrath → Yellowtail and grows an alternative name、Yellowtail FRY InadaOf that combination white is such a rich source of sounds even better!




Serve wine、Cooking in the kitchen、To service all be implemented alone inNatsumeSan。While waiting for the next dish、Red wine has been opened!


"Bourgogne Rouge 2011 Rudumont "France Burgundy

"Heaven, Earth and man.The familiar labels in、In JapaneseNakata KojiLet's buildLou Dumont。The finished wine Pinot Noir appeal exhaustively AC Blu masterpiece、Regardless of the film one of his favorite wine.


Carrera Josh Jensen selection Central Coast Pinot Noir 2012 California

California romanee ContiAt least it makesPinot NoirOf expertsCarreraCameron DiazAndKate WinsletAmerican film star "Holiday"Wine gift like Harumi-CHAN。Raspberry and cherry、Wild fragrance of the game felt somewhat entangled in complex、On the aroma of the undergrowth of the forest secretly feel Plumb and create layers of complex flavours of ripe cherries、During balanced feel creamy and taste wines.。In Cameron's lovely acting skills and charm worthy wines、It is very delicious!


"Iwate local oysters and vegetables oven-baked.

An hour and a half at low temperature in eggplant, joked that the water heating、Oyster shiitake Gifu with dried soybeans in Yamagata, Iwate、Put the thin slices of bacon, cooked down bleeding in Eggplant grilled juicy、It must be accompanied by pickled red peppers baked in the oven on the EX warmed and Broccoli (sautéed)。Jussieu oysters with the sweetness of the vegetables, but matched perfectly! Oysters instead of champagne and white wine, surprisingly found that they taste good with red! Compatible with Carrera is outstanding!


"Chateau Karon Ségur 2002 ' France Bordeaux Saint-Tester f

Loved by many lovers heart label popular Calon-Segur。This wine is、That opportunity was a HairdresserJohnny DeppFantasy movie "Edward Scissorhands"Was selected for my love! Played the Android with an innocent heartJohnny DeppIt seems here love wine!18CenturyIn thisChateauYou ownMarquis de Séguris、At that timeLafitteAndLatourEven while owned and、"My heart is located in Karon.By the way you mentioned and、This wine became the heart label。Hands with scissors on Android、By the hands of the inventorLarge heart-shaped cookies have at heart、A heart with a warm heartEdwardIn it is the perfect wine! Mr. Imai、So I was very happy! Thank you ♪


"Shizuoka sodachi beef roast.

Hamamatsu noodlesMasao SuzukiMr. Wagyu are raised "Shizuoka grows"Roast。Potatoes will take an hour and a half roast because you're、Outside is crusty and the inside is not soggy plump。Must be accompanied by Tosa chili pepper and truffle-flavored salt.


"Lucy Margot Noir fleurette" Austria Adelaide Hills

Has become the name of the winery、In the brewer's daughter loves Japan animeLucy MargotChan's lovely paintings are all the wine labels。Also the use of recycled paper banana paper。10Experience as a cook who over the years met many great wines that were influenced by the、Firm intention to grapes built with his own hands、University of Adelaide in oenology and agriculture science learning、Degree, and graduated from the University ofAnton fan CropperMr.。2002 yearOn my wife'sSally、My daughter'sLucy MargotAlong with the、Purchased Adelaide Hills 16-acre Cherry Orchard、Launch their own winery、Yeast、Bacteria、Acid、Sugar and produce natural ' wines do not add any additives。This year "Wine WINE DIAMONDS diamonds"Is it of wine out could meet a nice!


' Hokkaido Taiki town of Han pocked aamu Timothy "

Still 22.、23Old young cheese artisans produce "Keihanna pocked aamu"And I of semi-hard cheeseTimothyLucy Margot fit。But it was still a little young cheese、I hope that will increase domestic production of delicious cheese more!


"Strawberry Compote and baked apples

45Heated one hour C acacia honey with strawberries and apples baked small two and half hours only with raw sugar and butter。The strawberry、In a strange sort of schwashvat and soda with refreshing aftertaste、Enjoy the natural sweetness and Apple!



After a meal and roasted green tea to coffee enjoyment、Crush in shallow roasting beans in Natsume's own hands, rough and concludes at the end of the meal the coffee BREW!


Wine and filmBased on the theme、ImaiJust great wines they had selected。There are marriage brilliantly Natsume's cuisine、Fun is the time spent in a production filled with love and、It is a very luxurious time。It is also、Was a moment come true because of a private restaurant.


Mr. Imai、Natsume、Participants、Thank you very much!


wine&Cafe Natsume
Toyohashi, Higashi-tawara-machi 3-2 TEL:0532-61-0670
Closed on Mondays:Irregular opening hours:18:00~ * Appointment only

Toyohashi, higashida-Cho 3-2

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