The wind played with cherry blossom breeze and sparkling Lake! Enjoy cherry blossom viewing, sound shore party 2019

Kawazu cherry blossoms are in full bloom as soon as possible.、After that, Somei Yoshino and Oshima Cherry Blossoms、Yaezakura in Yamazakura、In spring on the shore of Lake Sanaru, where you can enjoy about 700 cherry trees in order, such as red te-don、It is crowded with many cherry blossom viewing visitors!

Since our house moved over within a few minutes of Lake Sanari last October、This year, I was able to fully enjoy the first "Sanariko Hanami" with many friends!

Speaking of cherry blossom viewing in Hamamatsu、The Hamamatsu Castle Park that I visited last year also looks like a castle.、But there were lots of challenges, such as the long line here but scenes abound in person while in place of struggling and secure car、This year is a quiet residential area, ringing around not knowing because of congestion in、I'm grateful to have had time to love the cherry blossoms gently! This is the best locus!

The place is decided.、Near the rowing ground on the west bank of Lake Sanari, the nearest to my house!
Unlike The Sanaruko Park side, this is an ideal environment where there is no need for battle and a toilet is close.

Every year、I'm enjoying making cherry blossom viewing bento.、This is most often has challenged 15 servings、This is truly hard, get up 3:00 morning、That had been reduced to a MOM with the deli、I was able to get the point every time I made a bento and improve!

Toast champagne is toasted at "Bernard Remy Carte Branche Brut", Bernard Remy Cultblanche Brut, "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER- Wine Boutique Pannier- Sanari Script Shop".

Bernard Remy is a family-run champagne maison based in the village of Armand in the Cote de Blanc district south of Eperne, France! Pinot Noir 60%、Chardonnay 35%、The Maison's standard cuvee, built at 5% Pinot Meunier,、Creamy foaming, scented like lime and honey, and you can enjoy a refreshing taste!

[Hanami Bento Menu]
It is easy to eat deliciously even if it cools down, and it is in mind.、I finished it in a colorful hanami bento!

●Broth rolled egg
(Eggs)、It's golden.、It's white.、Nagatoro、Snap peas、Cherry-shaped red ginger)

Fried chicken and shrimp fry
(Nishikisobi chicken and soy sauce from Anangaya, Toyama Prefecture、Black Tiger and Tartar Sauce)

♦Shrimp and cheese stick spring rolls

●Raw spring roll
(1) Shrimp, loin ham and pakchi、2 Salmon, Cheese and Large Leaves、Vegetables are mizuna and pepper.、Red and Orange Paprika)

●Prosciutto Salad
(Hamon Serrano、Handsome Red、Potherb mustard、Celery、Brocolysprout)

♦Dream herb pork chashu and boiled eggs

(Bamboo ring cucumber、Onion、Ginger、Shrimp、Carrot cow)

Spicy meat potatoes made by husband
(Potato、Carrot、Onion、Pork、Snap peas)

●Dipping of spinach from husband's work
(Soy sauce from Ananvalley from Toyama Prefecture、Golden soup stock、It's white.、This withering clause)

♦Three-color ed-hand
((1)桜でんぶに小海老とかつおおかかで創味の出汁まろ酢、Cherry Blossom Salted Ornament (2) Yamagata Prefecture Secret Beans and Crispy Ume Shiso、3 rice chicken soboro-wa、Silky egg、Cherry-shaped ham)

●Asparagus pork loin rolls

●Indian curry with plenty of spices and tomatoes and baguettes、Mustard Seeds、Coriander、Turmeric、Garam Masala、Chili Peppers、Cardamom、Ginger、garlic)

●Finkatsu Sandwich
(Dream Herb Pork Fin、Iptodo raw bread、Cabbage、Hamamatsu Torii Sauce)

Mini American Dock for Children
(HM、Fish Sausage、Tomato Ketchup)

Three pickles
(1) Pickled cucumber, salted kelp and red pepper、2 Pickled pepper, celery, carrot and red radish、(3) Pickled sweet and pickled rice

Assorted cheese and dried fruit
(1) "Cobain", a white mold type of Hokkaido Co-working School Building Shinget Farm、2Sakura, a seasonal product of Hokkaido Co-working School Shintoku Farm、(3) Raisins with dried mango and branches
●Sweet strawberry daifuku
(Princess Shohime)、Koshian、White ball powder)

Fresh green sprouts、The season when a pleasant wind blows!
Stretch your legs on the grass beside Lake Sanari、You can enjoy a relaxing and peaceful afternoon with the magnificent view of the lakeside with the dancing of cherry blossoms full of atmosphere! We had a lot of fun cherry blossom viewing party this year! See you next year!

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