Home at midafternoon Pompom party with champagne and Western-style takoyaki!

Entertaining feel at home on the Lake, played "Octopus grilled champagne party" was held.

Magnum bottle and your lovely Madame who gathered in the early afternoon on a weekday!

Takoyaki pan in olive oil to dip、Shrimp and Aoyagi、White & Brown mushrooms in garlic oil with your thumb while、Enjoy a freshly prepared hot!

The Molluscan fauna of water、So would spark oil well、Caution is required in Burns!

Takoyaki、Using vegetable broth and twist-style "Octopus、Wiener、Broccoli、Cone、Tomato、3Kinds of cheese、Anchovy "topping!

Hot takoyaki done finishing、Parmigiano-Reggiano with plenty of let's let wishes!

Ceramic artists in Toyama 'Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)"For that was incorporated into the new mars himawari、Shades and takoyaki sauce is also good!


Drinkers matching、Magnum bottles also quickly that while the sky、Next to Champagne to open and、Early afternoon not as glamorous "Octopus Shan party"!

This Shan party hospitality Menu
♦ "Western-style takoyaki (Octopus、Wiener、Broccoli、Cone、Tomato、3Kinds of cheese、Anchovy).
♦ "seafood garlic oil.

♦ "homemade dressing with sour orange Marmalade with cilantro salad.

♦ "lemon Octopus Carpaccio.


♦ Minestrone Soup

♦ "Fuji country dream herb pork pork Rillettes.

♦ "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER (Panie sanarudai shop)The olive rucksack.
♦ "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER (Panie sanarudai shop)Of our work studies cheese, cherry < seasonal items >.
♦ "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER (Panie sanarudai shop)The Conte (18 months matured).
♦ "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER (Panie sanarudai shop)Of branches with raisins.

♦ "Boulangerie lamp Patisserie ZionThe mini sandwich "!Masako MuranakaChan、Thank you for your consideration!

♦ "akihime and Kiwi fruit.

♦ "And Granny's cake shopIn cake "Hasegawa asami (Asami Hasegawa)Chan、Megumi Kato chapter (Akie Kato)Chan、Thank you for your consideration!
♦ "home roasting coffee roasterBlister and Japanese restaurantOf Karengera.

1The second "Clement d'Alsace Albert Mann Brut Magnum (Cremant d & # 8217s; Alsace Albert Mann Brut Magnum).
60% Pinot Blanc、Auxerrois 28%、 In the 12% Pinot Noir、As a refreshing, fresh and sparkling wines from special parcels for building high quality Clement's first Cup I come taste!Chiaki MizuguchiSan、Thank you very much for your congratulations!

2The second "Andre cruel the bisic V6 experience (Andre Clouet The V.6 Experience NV).
Champagne rockets were designed in the sense that "the nigh take to new heights.、 6Matured over years by the complex taste of aroma and flavor of exceptional taste!Tsuchiya, Hiroko (Hiroko Tsuchiya)Chan、Thank you for your consideration!

3The second "blue top Brut EDAC Monopole (HEIDSIECK & CO. MONOPOLE BLUE TOP BRUT).
19Century by Prussian Emperor's brand.、Felt oak and Spice aromas of butter、The palate richness and smoothness, and refreshing!Masako MuranakaChan、Thank you for your consideration!

4The second Veuve Clicquot rose label Rosé (Veuve Clicquot Rose)
Adorable Matt pink label is an impressive rose label、While retaining the style of Veuve Clicquot、Feel free to enjoy、Youthful, fresh and charming rosé champagne!Watanabe Naoki (Naoki Watanabe)Mr、Thank you very much for your congratulations!

5The second "mark Evrard Brut-Rosé-Premier-Cru (Marc Hebrart Rose Brut)"
50% Chardonnay、43.5% Pinot Noir、In Malay, Rouge 6.5%、Enjoy a colorful pink color、Strawberry or raspberry、Stacking a variety of fruits, such as grapefruit fragrance、Good balance of body in colorful, firmly in Champagne!Tsuchiya, Hiroko (Hiroko Tsuchiya)Chan、Thank you for your consideration!

In sanaruko Lake within walking distance from my home、Kawazu cherry blossoms are now in bloom、Spring is still sobering mood rose color Champagne's Favorites! Cheek dyed pink to rosé、Delicious and fun!

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