pairing dinner and enjoy the delicacy "aru" hand is French

From JR Toyohashi station in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture 5-minute walk to close building on the second floor late last year 12/27/2017, opening the restaurant France "Aru(Al) "to!

Under the soft light located beside the staircase of the building the olive tree and naked light bulbs with a simple sign brass sign landmark.

Interior design、Toyokawa is active mainly in architects ' HAAG DESIGN + Haag Cafe(Hague design + Hague Cafe "chef's commitment to incorporating hand hung in、Cozy soft air to flow into the simplicity of space!

Kitchen suggests that the appearance of the floor are arranged on the right、With 14 seats and provides 18 seats seats、Become chef Hall experience as a sommelierSuzuki Takuya (Takumi Suzuki)With his wifeSuzuki Aya (Aya Suzuki)Is it also in the restaurant is run by the Dojo of the Sommelier's wife、Culminating from the open between the foodie、In the shop we married couples also got at least once、Already joined the ranks of the popular plays!

The last time was a lunch visit、The day revisited dinner with friends!
Here you will、Lunch by appointment only.、And style-only dinner with Chef's choice of incose、So I thankfully staying the driver will、Order the wine pairing according to the course!

by Aru、At all times the nearly 700 wine stored in working seller、Japan wines and is about 7 in the、The two have multiplied over the years, has been collecting interesting wine, too!

First of all,、 A toast with champagne "Edmond surland cartonovarle"!
And mainly Pinot Noir、Feel the freshness and elegant flavor balanced with a start!

[aru ” été “"Appetizer plates 3、Fish dishes、Meat dishes、Dessert dish 2、Cafe 5800 Yen

(1) Zucchini Chamaecyparis pisifera Basil
Melt fat mouth and an overkill of the mackerel turns out to、From finished with salt smoked over、Lighten one's face faintly warm, then offer! Source is summer is designed to feel a sense of femininity、Basil in red onion、In a staggered vinegar vinaigrette、Based upon the new garlic olives of Provence and the Zhujiang new town, taste Tapenade served with fresh! Raw Zucchini served with texture accented with color、In the eyes、Delicate appetizer, hand feel!

(2) melon tomatoes cucumbers
Enjoy the combination of tomato and melon us weekly、Chef Suzuki during France training "Sola"ofYoshitake Hiroki (Yoshitake Hiroki)Is it the memories was making in the summer when he was working in the food color arrangement of self in addition, provides a rich! Melon mousse-like source the local Earl (mask)-Mellon espuma、A variety of tomato and cucumber、Can serve with Lemon Basil and perilla micro herbs、You can go and eat! Hokkaido large deep-water shrimp, and plus as an element of flavor、By turning on different fruit and sweetened to taste changes cause has been entertaining!

Here you will、 Enjoy with a clear sense of airy freshness and taste a refreshing "Kai winery co., Ltd."On" or variety Koshu yeasty 2016 "together!

(3) foie gras plum meringue
In Spain foie gras Terrine of local、Source jams、Plum syrup、Served with salt meringue。In our fit all、Sour plum and sweet foie gras、1 dish to balance the saltiness of the meringue. By using the short season of plums、Japan's is made, and felt a strong sense of the season because of the hope!
I wonder if foie gras is heavy in the summer! Gem will easily overturned the notion!

Here you will、Nagano "Kido Winery"The sweet-and-sour gentle sweetness of"autumn colours Concord 2016"Berry and plum views、Enjoy with a taste like grape juice concentrate and fresh!

(4) grunt fennel okra
The food fish grunt、From the skin over high heat, quickly cooked crisp、High-temperature roast in hot oven! The concentrated flavor of the clam broth base、The smoked butter whipped sauce、Effect that intense local herb fennel combined with vinegar or lemon puree with accents! Garnish、Raw red round okra and green quickly blanched okra、Served with zucchini in butter the glass、Dare not just fish、It is a stunning summer taste of Veggie delight!

In Tray 1 Tray 1、It is an assortment of people employed writers work in neighboring Aichi Prefecture 'aru (Al)"this generator also instinctively wants to welcome home!

Here you will、"Gianmarkubowaiyo Macon village 2014, Burgundy, France。According to grunt took the fat and sauce of smoked bubble、Along with good acidity with barrels of Chardonnay white、Among the fresh sense of condensed、Guests can enjoy a lingering and plenty of volume and a mild taste!

(5) Cape beef tomato Travis
Meat dishes、Aichi Misaki beef Prime roast! High-temperature oven out and take about an hour and a half, slowly baked dish! As part of the body fat also has gotten on、Travis quickly burned a bitter accent、Zhujiang new town of organic tomatoes and dried and ironed with salt and a small amount of broth, thick tomato sauce、Sour accents on the side、At the finish of the stomach does not feel greasy insistently against not knowing! Saladnas of the mouth a rest, will be trying to present! On the beef thin was even and took a variety of meat from broth by、More delicious meat dishes and feel the deep flavor and pleasing!

Also, Burgundy gianmarkubowaiyo Bourgogne Rouge 2015。With over a youthful Pinot Noir acid、Misaki beef fat easier to eat will be like!

(6) "watermelon"
Local yellow taro watermelon and sorbet、Your mouth with! The vivid shades of yellow watermelon、Watermelon was concentrated in flavor and cool feeling.、Dash is a summer holiday mood!

(7) "new tea yogurt.
Using the new organic tea in Toyohashi、Shizuoka aroma to enjoy fresh ice cream and yogurt sorbet to cool fancy dessert! On the milk powder.、Enjoy as the crushed almonds, served with a rich refreshing and delicious dessert!

(8) "apollocoffuwerks coffee.

Often、Is a keyword in our couples discuss the food comes out.、Always seeking "cooking chef's face is visible.、Than、Like、Exactly what、Suzuki chef's dish is diffuse tenderness and compassion for the ingredients of his mind and his cooking itself.、Because of、Its not being impressed by naturally 1 Tray 1 tray、We met both the body and the mind!

Current、Lunch is often difficult to book,、Night becomes relatively chance! Slowly and with Chef Suzuki and his wife Sporters talk、Visit for dinner during the week!

Aru (Al)
Address:Aichi Prefecture Toyohashi hirokoji 2-28 Yoshida Bldg. 2F
Hours of operation:Lunch 12:00-13:30( L.O )、Dinner 18:00-20:00( L.O )
Closed on Mondays:Sunday、No regular holidays

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