Enjoy an elegant restaurant overlooking the Oriental terrace bird good sanaruko Lake

White Street along the Palm tree becomes a landmark、Position and then climbed up the slope、Boasting the best location overlooking the Lake, played "The Oriental Terrace – Gioriental terrace"To!

Originally birds good is、Historic restaurant was founded in 1868, (0/1868)。
1963Moved head office was Kaji-Cho (0/1963), on the shore of a quiet, sound current、2000Venue over the square from fine until the location became a hot topic、Though it has been passed down from generation to generation 150 years of history and experience is valued、Change the sales form with the background of the times、Always has stirred up new style!

For a long time、Restaurant has been operating as a Japanese restaurant 9/2009 a Oriental Asian resort and redesigned in the luxury space, renovated、As a French chef Tomohiro Maekawa (Tomohiro Maekawa), Is welcoming Mr、Evolved into upscale restaurant loved by a wide range of ages!

6That second generationDate Yoshitaka (Date Yoshitaka)Just from being appointed as Manager、Especially in the training of the next generation has been poured power、Bringing the dream of 1人1人 staff、Learn as many workplaces、More powered!

12Going to the Moon、Dyed lobby feeling Christmas、Ceiling as a giant Christmas tree is decorated、In the production of first-class hotels welcome you!

Our appointment will be well received and every year Christmas limited edition special course 12 / 21 (Friday)-12 / 25 (Tuesday) period、Further than this Galaxy Navigator and I wonder if subjected to the decoration and the、It will be insta sheen of sumptuous attire!

Restaurant "THE DINING the dining" in the、High ceilings, open、And atmosphere with dark-brown color、Semi private rooms also are in the Hall seats other、While seats are spacious and accommodates 60 seats!

During the day、Overlooking the sanaruko Lake、Boasts the best location can't get anywhere else! Also、This year 2018 on the March、Birth of "infinity pool" following the Chapel and gardens、Design a naturally blend into the horizon of the rich Lake、Giving fresh water sparkle impression!

Even to this day with many guests crowded inside、Maekawa chef to ask in advance、1Whats available in the course of those 6000 Yen!

Milt's at this time and、And the marriage of foie gras with strawberries、Appetizers using luxurious ingredients 二品 and warm thick Bisque、And、Dry beef (Dry Aging Beef) in Fujinomiya-Shi's "meat master So man"The will be using brand pigs man phantom entrees and desserts in lunch!

♦ appetizer 1 "Milt fried winter vegetable ravigote sauce、Bamboo charcoal Pan dry shrimp and vegetables with romesco sauce.

♦ homemade bread "rustic、Rye bread、Bamboo charcoal Pan、Fig and Walnut bread.

♦ 2 appetizers "kumquat Terrine of foie gras with Strawberry aroma、Mont Blanc cream coffee taste.

♦ soup "Bisque"

♦ and of man "pork and Masuo Phantom of dry burdock root source.

♦ desserts chocolate profiteroles with hazelnut source

Always directed Maekawa chef、There might be involuntarily smile surprise and delight、Large leather trunk case appeared last time!

De-escalation skills and engage one、We look forward to open and、With no heat LEDs lit and arranged as floating colorful colorful macarons!

The macaroons here、Is very popular at wedding party、From Insta Sheen "course with macarons! "And have guests order it!

Adorable macarons were covered with engraved logo of the original trunk case、All types are provided as the all you can eat!

12-it is suffocating!
Approaching Christmas events for this season.、Maekawa magic bright thanks to the eyes!

[Former name] good birds
Address:6-8-30 sanarudai, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-15:00 L.O.14:30(* Weekday lunch sales)
Dinner 17:30To 22:00 L.O.21:00、Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 11:00To 22:00 L.O.21:00
Open every day

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