Wedding facility was reborn as an adult space in the Quatre Saisons Hamamatsu City

Hamamatsu City wedding "portebonur" is "Hamana Lake Auberge Quatre Saisons(Les Quatre Saisons) "and of the group"Quatre Saisons Act City Hamamatsu(Les Quatre Saisons Hamamatsu) "as a reincarnation、2018July 11, (Wednesday) the Grand opening!

After a renewal of the facility、Stepped on the wood grain dark brown to shoot in the use、Navy x gold and keynote、[Gastronomy] × [high quality] x [adult] theme was reborn as a meeting place for adults!

The venue, the Bowl room、Open kitchen and bar、They produce a sound and aroma to enjoy、Other wedding receptions、Will continue provided the venue making party, meetings and other events to suit!

The restaurant facilities、Has been available as adults socializing in the hotel lounge and chic space decor、Kyoto Gion-starred restaurant "swings right" for while being supervised by Chef yonemura m、Can line up headed as during senju etsuya chef creative French cuisine!

On this day、Pre-opening special dinner we invite、Have been enjoying their meals in a high-quality space reborn as one step ahead!

[Menu for “Les Quatre Saisons Hamamatsu PREOPEN”"

(1) temperature appetizer "off a-la-cocks.
Entwined in the depths of the three native potato soup w/ poached eggs and、Please enjoy the smooth taste of fragrant truffle and espuma dish!

Served with a creamy homemade butter on the bread was kneaded truffle oil。

Italy's sweet spumante Asti DOCG/Caza Vinicola-abazzia di-San Gaudenzio

(2) cold appetizers "Matcha green tea sauce of lobster and pumpkin ice cream.
The pumpkin soup、Green tea ice cream and sorbet、Feel bitter after a sweet breaking ball。Basil seed texture in addition to accents、Refreshing in the sweet amaretto jelly!

(3) fish dish "dory kadaif spelt and mushroom risotto with broccoli puree.
The dory with shiso noiseless、Cooked and crispy, rolled up in Cardiff、Crispy outside、Jaded appetite in puffy dish! In wheat, spelt wheat gluten less、Ancient wheat with rich nutritional value and will exhaust our happy、Serve in a flavorful cream sauce risotto with mushrooms!

"Saint Estèphe de Karon Ségur 2014 (SAINT ESTEPHE DE CALON SEGUR 2014).
A rare and popular ratings Chateau third label、Approachable price point is.、Enjoy the fresh and airy with rich fruit aromas!

(4) you put "Octopus and pistou pasta.
Octopus Genovese、Dog days of summer with cold finish、Greens and capers、Garnish the refreshing jelly of tomatoes! It is also an element of Japanese seaweed flavor、It's refreshing taste!

(5) you carvery "Shizuoka dfinovars potatoes with grilled Loin of breeding.
A5 rank with the finest "Shizuoka wisdom" as you bite into sweet roasted with、Manchurian wild rice and sweet potato、With a carrot puree。It is in de finova voluminous plenty of entrees!

"Le Petit lion du Marquis de Las cars 2014 (the Marquis de Las Cases Le Petit Lion du 2014).
Second labels of Léoville-Las cases adjacent to the vineyards of Château Latour vineyard! Adorable lion cub in the gate of Bordeaux、Delight in the body of a fascinating aroma, delicate and stately!

(6) dessert "Manger of the soy milk and passion fruit jelly.
From the left、Madagascar grown vanilla ice cream with Cocoa cookies、Beamers and Matcha green tea cake、The instruments of the passion fruit soy Manger、White wine jelly、Pineapple and melon、Passion fruit、Accented with black pepper sauce。Luxury assortment of four suites.

As for the coffee after dinner、Joy, the birth of a city restaurant.、Whats to enjoy the course!

In the restaurant、In the lunch and dinner sales、In the evening、Because it seems to us depending on the BAR counter available a la carte、Adults in the Social Forum also increased one!

Quatre Saisons Hamamatsu (Les Quatre Saisons Hamamatsu)
Location:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 223-21 Viola 田1 F

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