Won the 2016 top 50 best restaurants "Gagan Gaggan" Asian fusion cuisine


This year2016 yearIn 4ThCelebrated 'Asia's 50 best restaurants"(Sponsored by the San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna) is、
"World's 50 best restaurants"The Asian version、
In Bangkok,、The announcement and the award ceremony was held。
2015Fiscal year、2016Fiscal yearIn India people in Bangkok, Thailand was chosen to top chef、
Gagan Anand (Anand Gaggan)Fusion restaurant he made "Gaggan"The、
To revamp India cooking goals2010 yearA has been opened。
Gagan Anand (Anand Gaggan)Produced by Mr. food、
Barcelona "El Bulli (pronounced in Spain, El Bulli)"With the experience、
El Bulli chefFerran AdriaOf that are affected、
Modern cooking techniques with me.、Twist a delicate traditional cuisines of India、Sensitivity and energy poured、
In India cooking of the tapas of Spain and French、Italian、Thailand、By combining Japan、
Provides innovative fusion cuisine。


In India peopleGagan Anand (Anand Gaggan)Mr、Born in Calcutta.。
In my hometown India、And worked for the Taj Group's restaurants、The vertex is extremely、
Once India has served as the President, Abdul Kalam Chef surprise career。
After that、Over Thailand、And then trained at El Bulli in Spain、After the return to Bangkok、
Indian cuisine in your own shop opened、Now、Has become a popular restaurant reservation to take difficult。
This time the、Luxury urban resort hotel in advance
"THE SIAM"The concierge to book please have a。
It seems from that hotel reservations are recommended。


The White colonial-style house。
From the manicured patio、Blessed with green garden views。
First of all、But I am surprised at how many meet and greet staff、
Staff、Bright to Dubai with a smile、Each such distance between the guest and、
To take communication、Pleasant welcome help!


Colours and white on the inside、Right now worthy of colonial style and simple interior。


Streamers of bright staircase bathed in natural light from skylights、2You will be directed to the floor。


Shop at the store、The seat was seen sparsely、
During meals and seats are buried with a guest book、Was eventually turn up!

By this time, yukata with the instrument to travel planning、Permission to store, we wear yukata
Since the general yukata there are many places of NG in Japan of restaurants
Yukata is recommended to be worn, festivals and fireworks in the。


Course menu is prepared in two courses、
15Divides the 23 species of long course and short course, seed, and small plates。
2500THB++ 、Or 4000THB++.。
(9250 approximately JPY Japan Yen、Or 14800 yen)

By Gaggan、And policy says the dishes are left with great memories.、
Be played by each scene restaurants、
Is configured as the story of the one like the exotic to the journey。
In order to enjoy the story more deeply、This time the、23Choose type of long course。


Sanpellegrino (L) 220 THB (Japan Yen to approximately 820 yen)

Red Star with Italy of the characteristics of mineral water "S.Pellegrino" logo。
Water's include carbon dioxide in water、Granular carbon and mild in your throat。
Because of Asia's 50 best restaurant awards sponsor、
Exactly as advertised、Recommended that this was。


Seem busy but took some quite time ago opening
The waiter recommended will be pouring a toast with sparkling wine。
Black uniforms are coming Gaggan waiter
The image of Japan school uniform and staff (laughs)


Col D ' orato brut rose Italy 2250 THB (8330 yen)

Dry fine lather with refreshing and vibrant Rosé。


"Rose – Shikanji (Indian Lemonade)"

Then arrange the Indian lemonade、Using the Basil seeds and dill、
Beautiful jelly in the apparent Let's clothe [rose, poured into a test tube。
"Please,one shot!"
"Drink in one bite!"And the attendants to the waiter article.、
This is also in the caked-on look does not come out swinging and banging、
I was on cost cutting forced vital capacity、We can finally include in the mouth。
The palate is、In an elegant, refreshing、Spice mix、Relatively complex。
Is India's next to Madame shake again several times.、Tap、That was inhaled、
Because it was quite unable to、As I involuntarily laughed with each other (laughs)
Simply compounding the mistake! And, because it does not seem、
In depth、Maybe、"Drink in one sitting!"And tell、
Knowing it's undrinkable、You make me laugh、Leave the impression that Director?!
Start of course deepens the mystery.。


"Yogurt Explosion"

Do you say "Yogurt blasts"And is here named dish、
We rode a silver spoon white costume and shake things in。
In the thickness of the membrane in the mouth lasting impression、Less mouth-melting power isn't。
Have eaten at other restaurants such as food、
They are very thin films、How to play felt several times here、Just a blast! Of impact and said、
Remember that it was a smooth finish。
Here is、Feeling in the mouth with the power of the upper jaw and tongue finally popped snapped up。
Yogurt filled out a refreshing and delicious。


"Edible plastic Spiced nuts"

Drying agents! Groupers also reformative stomach medicine! Of these sachets will be in one bite。
And made of Oblate bag、Inside the powder-like wasabiflabour with nuts。
The Japanese taste for complex flavors opens mouth、
Oblate is a favorite from childhood、Reminded the memory sticks in the mouth and it can look lifeless was disgusting。


"Chocolate Pani puri'

Small sphere of bite-size chocolate into a spicy sauce, with silver lid。
India snacks "panoply" are arranged in the molecular cuisine。
Chocolate sweet and sour and spicy and also creates a complex taste。


"Papadam and tomat chutney"

India snacks "lunchtime" arrangement、Rebuilt as a molecular cuisine dish。
Spices, served with rice crackers on、On the Tomato Chutney。
Crunchy、Crispy texture is exactly what curry rice cracker snacks!


"Potato 2-some-crispy and liquid"

On the potatoes to fried bird's nest、Puree sauce。
Curricula、Flaky、And power short、Toro-cum and enjoy the feeling of eating the dish。
Light texture I like snacks。


"Bengali mustard and noori pakoda"

The combination of mustard and seaweed。
Hmm I: Japanese、It is tough to eat at overseas Japanese taste.、Real。
Gagan Anand (Anand Gaggan)He received while in Japan Japan food inspired by food seems to be collaboration。



Among India's traditional sweets
On the fermented dough made with chick peas and rice flour and steamed hougang sponge、
Put a frothy classic India cooking with mint sauce、Served with fried Curry。
Combined technique of sweet mint sauce spiciness and sponge。
Fit、But I feel I disagree disagree、
Is a unique combination of opposites、So create a miracle、
Will follow from this birth pangs。


"Keema (Lamb) Samosa "

Fried Curry in it。
Spring rolls India style cuisine with a twist, such as it is。
On the、Takes a Peppermint powder。
Thick fabric、Crunch of texture from inside、Comes out spicy or mild Curry。
Peppermint accents、Not familiar with。


"Brain Damage"

In the literal translation "Brain damage"As a dish titled、
Paste the brains of goat seasoned with coriander sauce sandwiched between one。
In India、Goat brains like foie gras.。
Macaroons are made with onions。
Chests blended red pepper-based macaroons are sprinkled。
To stimulate the brain is enough (laughs)
Gagan Anand (Anand Gaggan)Mr、
Not like British rock band Pink Floyd、Their songs also have this "Brain Damage"。


1On the floor、But not chef's live kitchen、
Seat overlooking the glass kitchen in immersive atmosphere is very popular。
Gagan Anand (Anand Gaggan)Mr、And go to Singapore and the absence。(Gagne:Lol)


"Crab & Flowers '

Is presented in a large stone、Fried crab claw in a light cloth with spy source weekly。
Crab meat and plump.、Goes well with spicy sauce。


"Fukuoka Surprise"

Mousse of white asparagus and melon liquid、Salmon ROE and Fukuoka surprise served with Nori!
Click here alsoGagan Anand (Anand Gaggan)When he came to Japan、
With inspiration from when she came in the form、Like the dish resemble sushi。
A sense、Surprise! The result was。


"Magic Mushroom"

The image of a forest specialities represented such as soil and wood。
The dish using the name cause hallucinogenic magic mushrooms、
With plenty of mushrooms with truffle paste。
Magic mushrooms、
Fresh wild from Chiang Mai leaves and mushrooms、Truffle、And is made of Morels。
The percent of the budget is very visible、Playful manifestation?



Charcoal-colored magical objects in the glass lid slipped into the screen that has、
For the smoked glass smoked、Have a sense of excitement before opening。


Open the smoked glass、Floaty charcoal smell。
And the crispy clothes off with a knife、
Paste has been charged during the、A soggy texture。
Sea bass with mashed potatoes seasoned with cilantro bean、Be wrapped in the dough was kneaded bamboo charcoal。
Here in Tokyo "Narisawa NARISAWA"The food was so made reference。


On the table next to women has been eating alone.、Was called out to greet。
In English "I wear a kimono、Today、2People's day or something?"And。
"The yukata's rough stuff like clothes."And tell、
From there the story、While holding each other to stay in Bangkok why would introduce that it means、
Her liveHong KongThe move to talk、Delicious eat Hong Kong S.A.R. got very excited by NetA。
Her name is、Evelyn Gao (aka:Yves)、1Great courage in a place like this can come to the meal.。
If I am、Bar、Or House liquor store stop you (lol)
"When you come to the Hong Kong S.A.R.、I'd like to introduce the delicious!"And promisedYves
Be sure、Will come to see you babe!


"Chennai Kings"

Scallops with roasted mixed spice "Masala"。
For all the dishes with spices of India、The taste tends to be monotonous。


"Pig & Pickle "

72And cooking time、Trickled、Iberico pig finished texture that melts in your mouth
Vindaloo Curry (acid with vinegar I spicy curry) of the dish served with sauce。
Under the pork served with mashed potatoes。
Rebuilt in the cuisine of Goa pork vindaloo dish。


"For Daab Chingri"

Combination shrimp cooked in coconut shell。
Espuma tangy cilantro coconut milk served with silver foil。
Growing up in the West Bengal State capital KolkataGagan Anand (Anand Gaggan)Mr、
In the State of West Bengal has grown up eating Coconut Curry shrimp is also one of the most traditional dishes、Rebuilding it cooking。
Expands the mild flavor of coconut milk。


"Who killed the Goat? (Grilled Lamb Chop) "

So the blood gushing out to express、"Who killed the goat!"And named design。
The lamb chops were prepared according to the technology of vacuum cooking、
Served with almond saffron oil and beetroot purée。
Burning chop is better.。
I like horror movies、It is a shocking title and Director。


We have、Japan ceramic artists in Toyama's friend "Gaku Shakunaga"For had to bring instruments of-Kun、
In his work "Raven series" And "Tree-ring series"To introduce、
"Going to SingaporeGagan Anand (Anand Gaggan)To copy meshimasu! 」
Mobile in us shooting! (Thank you)


"I want my curry!!"

After the main dish、Indian curries come to Orthodox。
Naan or rice、There's a choice of chicken or lamb or fish、
We have、And rice.、And select each of chicken and fish。
Chicken、Chicken Tikka Masala。
Fish、It is depending on purchase of the day、Indian fish curry。
It is very plain Curry both mild flavor。


"Gajar Halwa"

In the ice desert of beautiful and cool。
Black carrot ice cream、Served in a crunchy carrot flowers and cardamom oil。
This will be in one shot。


"In Season"

Is covered with hemispherical of coconut milk into a paste of Thailand mango Mahachanok。
Image of a somber are in the sweets of Thailand。
Dividing the dome of coconut milk、Enjoy the ice with my texture。



Luxury ice bar Magnum Ice Cream was born in England、
Twist and tickle the child's mind to resemble pop candy。



After dinner candies。
On the、Jelly he wishes the scent of roses、During the、Citron、Tamarind、Marshmallow is。


The jelly Gummy interwoven with herbs and spices, such as、
As a mouth freshener、You will feel that brushing your teeth。


"Double Espresso" 150 THB (Japan yen approximately 560 yen)

After-dinner drinks are not included in the course、Order with a double espresso at an additional cost。


At the end of the staffMs.Meenakshi KumarAnd I will photograph and, back to the hotel for。


GagganThe 'Asia's 50 best restaurants"Just not、"World's 50 best restaurants"Also is nominated for。

"World's 50 best restaurants"The、Elected by vote of the Board including the Chairman of the world 26 area 36、
Until the last year "Asia's 50 best restaurants"The、The ranking was extracted from its ranking in Asia only。
The influential Western Council、From there often visit Asia、Asian restaurants will not be reflected at wants it because、
Became the form from this time with only Asian Councillors vote best restaurant in Asia。
As a result、"World's 50 best restaurants"In the ranking、"Asia's 50 best restaurants"The rankings
There are also restaurants have swapped position。

The best restaurants、That is a different direction with Michelin reputation ranking、
This ranking "Taste delicious?"That do not have appreciated that
When I went to the restaurant、"Just how much could ever experience?"、Or "We impressed?"And based on representation of
NARISAWAOfNarisawa,His interview has been commented by so、
In recent years、Gourmet flavors as well、Unprecedented performance、For entertainment are、
Restaurants as well as food, or how to produce the space becoming increasingly important.。

In the five sensesVisualHearingTactileTasteSense of smellAs well as to stimulate、
Humans have the potentialSixth senseEven with restaurants like echoes of what?
Top chefs in the world are looking for every day。

GagganThe、For the rebuilding of unprecedented representation India cuisine, offering
I think there are big ratings。

This time、WeGagganThe food was honestly and said、
Despite the fun and discover new combinations of ingredients and production、
And are not equipped with the right balance of flavors、Such as those flooded with fire、Feel a roughness to the dishes themselves、
Unfortunately、Couldn't feel "delicious dish" is straight。
Gagan Anand (Anand Gaggan)May be affected somewhat also said that was out of the Office。
Also、"Asia's 50 best restaurants"The ratings of the top、Maybe I too have great expectations。
Pork-based broth feel due to Japanese culture、Its delicate taste and technology、
And if you ask for service、
And beams.、I think we want to evaluate, and stronger now than Japanese chef's effort to remain having dinner。
But not limited to the Asian future、I think cuisine is delicious in the world and continues to explore we want to。

Gagan Gaggan
68/1 SOI Langsuan Ploenchit Road Lumpini,Bangkok 10330, Thailand⇒ Google Map
TEL:+662 652 1700
(* Reservation required:Booking from Hotel Amigo is preferable)

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