Clean, modern, reasonably priced "LUXX XL" Gaggan near nice


BTSRatchadamri station Ratchadamri StationAfter getting off、
Rajdamri Avenue Ratchadamri StreetFromSOI langsuan Soi Lang SuanTo enter the、
The street located city hotel "LUXX XL"。
"Luxe Hotels Group LUXX HOTEL GROUPIn one of the hotels in、
Here is、With a vast site representing ThailandLumphini Park"From the7 mins walking distanceIt is。
This time、"Asia's 50 best restaurants"In the、
2015Fusion restaurants made India Bangkok, Thailand won the year's top chef
"Gaggan"To turn out dinners for、GaganFromA few minutes walking distance fromI will stay at the hotel in the hotel.。
Hotel、From the station20 minutes walking distanceBecause there is、We walked around the city、
The one who does not have confidence in the waist、Take a taxi or tuk-tuk from the station♪


SOI langsuan Soi Lang SuanThis simple sign that you can see along is a landmark、The entrance of the hotel is this way.。


It is the construction to greet the entrance about 100m from the road。
Welcome me、A large 3m or more wooden door。
The building is not so new,、There is a part that has been renewed, too、
Will be simple, modern designer hotel!


Stylish front with a sense of openness in the atrium。
The check-in14:00~It's possible.、Check out12:00(Noon)And spend a relaxing time!


Check in and check out at the front desk。
There are no staff who can speak Japanese.、We can speak English or Thai.。
This time、It is scheduled to stay here only for the purpose of the stay.、1Room 7000 YenIt becomes a cheap hotel in a moderate room.。
There are 51 rooms in total.。


Without varying colors、Simple, modern lobby with a calm color。


This is an eight-story hotel.、This time the、3Thank you to the room on the second floor.。


With teak door、Becomes card key authentication、
Here "Studio (Studio Room Only)It will be a room of]。


The size of the studio room、33㎡It's a little small.、
There is also a balcony, bright、
Simple but still、Because teak material is abundantly used、Warm and simple room。
All rooms have free Wi-Fi。
If European sense 10 minutes please note room is!


The bathrooms are、Bathtub、Shower、Toilet、Though it becomes the unit type that the washbasin becomes a region、
By opening the door of Sakai with the bedroom、It is possible to create a space full of openness.。
Little、I can feel the year、There is no problem because the amenities are also available in the minimum ♪


There is also an outdoor pool for guests to use at their own discretion.。
Bangkok has a relatively large number of hotels with swimming pools、You may want to bring your own bathing suit♪


1On the floor、Japanese restaurant is open only at nightMOE SUSHI & BAR"And、Japanese food is very popular in Thailand.。
What is the paid breakfast venue?、2will be on the floor。


Order at the counterSASHIMIAndSUSHIIt seems to be popular with tourists from overseas.。
Now、Why don't you take a shower at the hotel and get refreshed?、
Also in the main event "Gaggan"To dinner.

LuxX XL Luxx XL
82/8 Langsuan, Lumphini, Pathumwan, Bangkok,10330, Thailand⇒ Google Map

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