From lumpini Park and explore the Silom Bangkok's shopping


This time、"Asia's 50 best restaurants"In the、
2015Fusion restaurants made India Bangkok, Thailand won the year's top chef
"Gaggan"To turn out dinners for、GaganFromA few minutes walking distance fromThe hotel "LUXX XL"In reviews。
Because it was given to weather well the next morning greeted Gaggan dinner、
Get up early、From the hotel7 mins walking distanceOf Thailand's leading a vast site with artificial ponds
"Lumphini Park"The walk!


Green overflowing in the center of the city、Nature park.。
The hours of the morning、Walking in the Park how to jog、
Also、Even those who practiced Tai Chi, such as watching、Stop horsing around and sight are healed to spread.


In the Park、Street is spreading.、Watching a mother who are restlessly worked from morning、There is a vibrant。
After enjoying a stroll in the Park、10 amTo check out the hotel、
I call the taxi、"Metropolitan by COMO"To and.。
On this day、On the ground floor of the hotel offers "nahm"In the I have a reservation for lunch。
"Asia's 50 best restaurants"In the、
2014Sparkle at the top of the year、In Bangkok, Thailand this year was ranked seventh in fiscal 2015 "nahm"。
Rice put up with morning、Hungry, go!


"nahm"The hotel"Metropolitan by COMO"The little I arrived early、
For booking time is about 1 hour、Eyjafjallajökull、ThisSilom SilomI want to explore the surrounding streets。
Sun shining above、But Chiang Mai from Bangkok Sun feels strongly。


Walking down the sidewalk、Tuk-tukThe brother told the attendants。
Of course "Do you ride?"And was the sales attendants、"I want to walk from the time"And tell、
In this area to me while watching the map where it can light & shopping、Kindly note my brother was very。
Tuk-tukThe driver is、What a rip-off, the、Occasionally、The ear is not good rumors、
During the、This very friendly and、Keep in mind that there is a people-friendly Thailand!


In addition、Walking down another Street and encountered friendly police officer。
While viewing the map here、Unique Thailand shops staff。
Police officer to introduce the shop、As I may have fees for sales from the shop! And I've heard、
Decide to buy in own's a、Own risk so no problem (laughs)
We want to kill time to try、Could I advise!


A kind police officerTuk-tukTo catch me.、
Normal、Presented tourist fare.、
Police driver's got to show the police notebook、What cheap talks with us (lol)


Tuk-tukIn I got a ride to the big brother、Police recommended towards me shop!
The sooner than I ever got any tuk-tuk、
The man said the driver "I'm different engine!"And、One was proud to parked (lol)
Certainly with Turbo、But the sound of the engine is different!
Along with the cheerful driver brother talking head、It is so much fun!


Surawongse Surawong RoadAlong the 'IFC international fashion center"To and arrived.。


ODA do specializes in silk。
The colourful Thai silk fabric becomes complete.、
Select the design pattern、Elaborate designs must be、Is said on that day in (surprise)
Sleeveless Interior mannequin is wearing sequins pieces are became concerned about、He told us the price、I heard about 100000 JPY。
10Tens of one piece so the yen can be in a few hours... little ears will get suspicious、
It's just work faster?、What is uncertain is not (laughs)


Silk scarf


Colorful dress


You can choose from your favorite fabrics


After enjoying window shopping、Goes to the next police officer's recommended shops!


Next is "Gem Production Co., LTD."To arrive。
This area is the region、In jewelry production、Also plant and wholesale without general retail sales also.。
Interior photography is prohibited、Japan to a good staff who will explain the various。
Bangkok、World's largest gemstone (Ruby、Sapphire、Emerald, etc.) of the producing countries in the、
Has become an important hub of jewelry markets in Southeast Asia、It is possible to get relatively cheap。
If you had a favorite、Should you buy, and then carefully!


Nice and brightTuk-tukThe last photo and the older brother of driver。
1Thanks for going over time、Decent hotel "Metropolitan by COMO"Drove me around、
50THB (Japan Yen about 190 yen)And the、Really is。
Just、潰sete hours, I was lucky。
Now、Next in line. "Asia's 50 best restaurants"The was ranked # 7"nahm"At lunch.

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