Trip to the ancient city of paradise Thailand Chiang Mai and Bangkok

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ladeTheKingdom of ThailandOf the capitalBangkokAnd old townChiang MaiFor interview travel。
Located in the tropicalBangkokThe、Throughout the year the average temperature30° C before and afterNext、6March-OctoberUp for 4 monthsDuring the rainy seasonTo become、
1On the day also attacked by several violent squall must often be prepared。
However,、Because the call is only temporary、The hope for a letup!
Time difference with JapanThe、Minus 2 hoursIt is。
ThailandOf the currency is、THB(Or BART)Baht(B and notation)、2015On June 22.In the current rateB1=3.637496 YenAnd will be。
This time、10Day 11And would stay a little longer in Thailand travel、For the first five days、
Ancient cityChiang Mai ZooAt the Tokyo Dome to five minutes a vast luxury resort hotel
"Dara Devi of dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai Chiang Mai"To stay at the hotel。
For elephant rides "Elephant camp"、Hill-tribeHmong and Karen villagesTo see you、
Chiang Mai specialitiesCauseyAnd I want to enjoy the。

And、5 days remaining、CapitalBangkokTo cross、
Along the Chao Phraya River flowing across the city to Bangkok
2012 June,In the newly opened luxury resort hotel "THE SIAM-Siam"And
"The Peninsula Bangkok"To stay at the hotel。
To in Bangkok.、"Asia's 50 best restaurants"In the、
2015Fusion restaurants made India Bangkok, Thailand won the year's top chef "Gaggan"And
2014Sparkle at the top of the year、Thailand restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand was ranked in seventh place this year "NAHM Naam"The book has come out!
With the training experience at El BulliGagan AnandObama's modern, delicate、And the culinary passion creative
Australia-bornDavid ThompsonUnconventional luxury Thailand cuisine while referring to the more than 100 years of recipes
Both are looking forward to it!
Love Thailand! And anyone who wants、Now I going to Thailand! Delivery on information enjoyed by travelers that like to do my best!
Today、Nagoya "Central Japan International Airport (Centrair)"The departure on flights from。
In it、Duren pie TAM GURN car!

1Thailand Bangkok visited the Moon stay article click here!

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