Full-course dinner around the popular restaurant "La vagabond" book of friends


Quiet streets downtown located somewhat SoutheastDancing cranesTo2011In April, 14.In an open
French 'LA VAGABONDE la vagabond"Mr.。
Shop suggests the open terrace、Look、That exudes the atmosphere of the Cafe、
Shortly after the open、Gourmet Nagoya became popular among gourmets、
French cannot be reserved for storeCalled up of shops will be!


The shop name"VAGABONDNI"And the、In France,"Wanderer"Or"The traveler"The mean。
Wanderer and TravelerI asked、Wandering through ( aimlessly wandering )Although the word head、
Click hereIwamotoThe chef cooking、Do not feel completely lost its clean cut beauty 1 Tray 1 tray。
Japan nationwide、Also、Ingredients come from around the world traveled、1 plate and 1 dish with plenty of sources to be put、
It carries the wishes and conceals a cuisine of France cuisine unique pains I might look tough to.


This time the、Last visited3MoonTo ask a、In addition approximately2Months, whichIn able to take reservations to this day。
The course content of the dinner、7,000CircleOf one course only。Including the counter seats、
20Seat is spacious inside.、Even to this day4Set 8But not taken、Enter the store number always placed restrictions、
Terms of services、Seems to have been working to keep the quality in food that provide。
Filled with clean white walls、Alms a chic and simple dark style、
Becomes a retreat atmosphere of adult stores。
The admission of children、Please note that lunch and dinner is more than a junior high school student。
On this day、Nagoya tour start, invite a friend!


For dinner、I have enjoyed alcohol with great food、Also in Nagoya accommodation。
Immediately、Champagne asked.


"Eric Rodez / Champagne Grand Cru amboney cuvee de claimer "champagne France

As the Montagne de Reims's highest village、Bougie village and giant share the fame and Boney villageEric Rodes
Eric RodesThe、In a politician who is also the Mayor of the village and Boney、
Burgundy、Learning to brewing school in Beaune、After gaining experience after that in Beaujolais and Rhone Domaine and enologist、
Until the transfer home rode home、Worked at prestigious Krug。
50% Pinot Noir、50% Chardonnay、24-26-month bottle mature。In the noble Krug
Blends experience as chieferonosist and barrel your skills are top-notch。
As the basic cuvée、40 in the anomalous volume to be used 45% van de reserve cuvee。
Plump, soft、Pure is a juicy Pinot Noir、 Join complex taste of cask Chardonnay is the ability of acid and minerals、
Is unlimited, an elegant Champagne!


"The vegetable condiment roots kelp Chita from Aoyagi flavoured jelly"

To feel the summer cocktail with amuse。
Bivalves representing the spring enjoy flexible and puritsu Aoyagi。
In the lower layer、Sweet Sweet Onion puree、While Japanese ginger and cucumber when mixed with Torro of gunk、
On the、Roots seaweed flavored rich easily and jelly, feel the cool。
Intertwine a cucumber texture and sticky Yam good flavor of the Aoyagi、
Encourages appetite gentle roots kelp also said Japanese ginger accents and Japanese-style broth taste.


"Mountain cheese BACCHUS"

It is finished in crispy cheese chips。
The accent suited for hazelnut and coriander spiceDukeServed with、One can enjoy fragrant。
Stone-built instrument is also nice!


"Foie gras CEP mushroom tuber flax"

In the flax seed with plenty of paved、
Sandwiched between cookie dough make smooth foie gras cooked at low temperature in CEP mushroom powder、Yuzu sauce。
Handpick and、Under a small amount of flax seed and、By stuff oneself with the flax seed、
Flavor increases、Spread in the mouth flavor of the foie gras with CEP mushrooms and thick scent。
But no matter how delicious foie gras too don't amount to、As a really good sense of size is exquisite!


Homemade bread

Soft bread made with Shonan southern wheat spread a subtle sweet scent。


"Sakaiminato industrial fan shrimp Kato farm fruit tomato jus"

A bright colorful look at Peacock farm fresh fruit tomato jus beautiful salad。
Couscous in the underlying、Pine nuts and raisins、And place Eggplant puree、
The thickness of fan lobster with lightly pan fried、Very flexible and、Sweet、Savory, delicious。
Sea grapes with the recommended toshitatoshita can enjoy texture、
As the flower is unusually sour red, cuteBegoniaThe、Makes a very refreshing and delicious.


"Blowfish albino Royal"

Nothing in luxury、Green puffer fish Milt finished in smooth, rich Royal vivid hot appetizers。
Sink's source by using the snap peas and spring vegetables、Along with bud of Japanese radish and oxalis、
Has the aroma of tasty Poole tried to whip a good accent.


"Aleksey duress Blanc 2013 Agnes Paquet "France Burgundy

Aleksey's southernmost San Roman side's field、Les!。
In a soil rich in limestone、New 15-25% at 10 and is aged for 11 months。
Women brewing House of Burgundy, FranceAgnes PaquetSan。
The other day、And she came to Japan"WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER"And I'm in has been taken to。
She loves natural wines、Crystal pure, pure, deep flavor and condensed, it is a delicious wine!


Seriously 1 plate 1 plate into the soulIwamotoChef and Assistant Chef。
To face a polite dish、This attitude also needs!


"Amakusa 産go well from 唐墨 white asparagus"

Fish dishes、1Amakusa Sesame been aged for about a week (grouper) in
2 seed oil with Tarragon and fresh herbs, nuts and green asparagus with truffle sauce。
Is paved with sauteed asparagus from Bordeaux。
Will it wishes, and plenty of mullet roe。
Enjoy flexible does sesame seeds ripen by bringing out the flavor.


"Verbena and night white citrus fruit (in Japan)"

He wishes in France known as Verbena herb and lemon verbena fragrance night white citrus Granita.。
During the、Evening includes a white citrus fruit pulp、Fresh freshness at once、Palate freshener.


"Burgundy Domaine, guillon 2012" France Burgundy

1938He started up his ancestors in、Protect the Domaine has been handed down from generation to generation, from 53 father、
Follow elder brother Michael、1991Its current form was handed down to his brother Jean-Pierre,。
Is in the village of Vosne Romanée、Built only with grapes harvested from the 40-year-old ancient tree、
Deep, dark、Will fit the next duck dishes rich fruits, delicate Pinot Noir.


Roti Madame Burgos duck for 2 person than the ( 2000 yen)

Madame burgold Challans duck breast pieces with rose color to finish at low temperature、
Celery Root Puree、Onionnoubo、Fava Beans、With heel、
Simple Jeu de canard took from the bones of duck sauce。
Accent、Truffle salt、Maggette said of pepper、With orange peel、In a variety of scents available。
The pork was moist and crispy duck skin side of the、IwamotoA unique chef politely three times baked finish in making produced。
Skin side of the duck slowly at low temperatures, baking oven、
And will be finished to a crisp, and relit and serves in high-temperature frying again skin surface at the end of。
As last year、Ordered the duck at all, just want to for a duck.


Have a sweet and good、For those who want to enjoy the wine
And choose your favorite cheese instead of dessert。
That cheese it's always is nice!


On this day、10From the kind of cheese。
Wash type Langres、Mont-Dore、E POWs、Sanfelicanafine、
Cowbell、Kyodogakusha seasonal limited edition cherry cheese


12Month month maturing Conte、Blue mold of the Basque country、Blue mold of the Pyrenees、Saint Mall Touraine Fermier (goat)
You can choose what you like 2 types!


"Goat and cow Bell"

Cow Bell (Bell)The、Hokkaido Tokachi Millennium forest "Lane run farm"And I'm the new、
The taste of soft cow's milk slightly charcoal flavor expands in the mouth。
Enjoy the smell of goat Chevre longer beams personality!
Is enjoyed in small quantities for a long time.


Pedro ximenez ground cherry shodoshima olive

Glitter with lights to shoot anti-、Beautiful lime flavor with a refreshing parisparimerengue、
Oxidation of ripening Pedro ximenez Sherry ice cream
Serve with the aroma of ground cherry and white chocolate mousse with almond。
Let wishes the white chocolate in the fruit of the ground cherry and served with。
A very classy adult dessert.


'Petit Fours (small sweets)

Pastry food again provided to each Director also incorporates elements of k.、3 kinds of trendy baked goods.。
The Interior was moist and baked goods、Baked carrots、Orange and chocolate macaroons、And it's a canele de Bordeaux。
Put beeswax in a traditional sweet made from the old convent of Bordeaux of France and、Bake in small type, called canele type characteristics。The outside is black color with savory、Inside has a soft texture and moist。
It started with the first amuse、Up to tea cake, finishing courses、Which is really the perfect taste and beauty.



Night learned the joys of Nagoya tour as friend。
Bloom flower delicious story!


Feel better with delicious food and fun、Night of Nagoya continues。
Next in line、Go to that bar have a chance when her husband turned out in Nagoya have been tried.

LA VAGABONDE la vagabond
Aichi Prefecture Nagoya-Shi Naka-ku, Chiyoda 2-Chome 14-24 Cannon Pier Tsurumai 1F
Lunch only [Saturday,] 11:30-13:30( L.o ) * prior reservation
18 dinner [Tue-Sun]:00-21:00( L.o )
* Lunch is accompanied by children.、Dinner which is more than a junior high school student
Closed on Mondays:Monday、Once a month's holidays (irregularly)

14 -24 2-Chome Chiyoda, Naka-ku Nagoya-Shi

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