Hearty Western h. pines! Demi-Glace and tonkatsu restaurant


Long-established restaurant Sumiyoshi Kaido along red bean mochi was opening of 35 years 'H. pine branch"Mr. a、
201311-10.The next bare 四tsu池 golf driving range、
Former "La Oggi la Ozzy"And I was relocated to where it was 'Western h. pine"As a long-awaited has reopened!
The storefront cafes seem to blame?、Recently, new person of women increases、
Can freely layout tables、Is always very popular, and many bookings for groups。
The old shop、Counter person of man is given the、
The female customers is one person not come across、Is that it's just easy to enter space.


Atmosphere is filled with the warmth of the warmth of the wood shop build utilized。
The number of seats、8 counter seats and tables seats 12 and earlierHiroshi MatsushitaLady lean、
Has been slightly relaxed space。
You can also get a look in the kitchen from counter。
On this day、Was originally closed as GW and has been operating、Stopped by the home of Nara.


"Draft beer(While)"580 Yen

First, toast with beer!


"Salad" 720 Yen

The dressing on the shredded cabbage、Went on sale over the counter, became a staple of popular items during the two years
Like h. pine original sour onion dressing。
Vegetables hate kids、Men are afraid of salad、I dislike the onion... and said people find it difficult to overcome them、
Dressing fans are!


"Pork cutlet rice ( regular 140 g size ) ' ¥ 1,390

From being transferred the contents of the menu、Changing prices、Provides the flavor has been loved ago。
In that restaurant's tonkatsu、The freshly fried crispy pork cutlet
Take with plenty of shops selling in a Demi-Glace sauce。
Is this Demi-Glace、10Take time and trouble to days, and trained carefully、Is the taste。
Fried since Demi-Glace fresh pork cutlet is also、Wonder and cloth are crisp and savory
The thick Pork cutlet、The outside crispy、Inside is moist filling。
The Fried Pork cutlet、Normal size140gBut that amount can be satisfied with 10 minutes、
Extra large size you would like、210g ¥ 1,800In the hotel。


Cheese Fried Pork cutlet rice 1750 Yen

Edam be taking plenty of chopped green peppers、With Pork cutlet is outstanding!
The Edam、It is one of the typical cheese of the Netherlands along with Gouda cheese。
Edam region of Northern origin with milk and raw materials.、
Unusual cheese in Japan is called "red ball"。
Red wax and painted surfaces、So called because it looks just like the Apple。
In the mild not habit、The application of heat is a hard cheese and torotto、Blends well into the cloth of tonkatsu.


Stir fried pork with rice ¥ 1,490

Pork loin and savory Brown with surface、The plump moist and soft.、It is juicy。
Demi-Glace sauce with plenty of onions and mushrooms!


"Chicken and rice" 1390 Yen

Juicy fried chicken breast meat、Finish with demiglace sauce。
Compared to the Pork cutlet calories less simply because women are too popular and I think!


"Rice、Miso soup、Pickles.

Rice、I had to half rice。
Miso soup unique to Western shop pickles set also enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere.

Western h. pine
3-5-17 y. Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, TEL:053-473-9134
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00 17:00-20:00Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

3-5-17 y. Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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