Nagoya, French "Furniture delivery and opening celebration of Scandinavian furniture manufacturer Kitani to new Reminisense store"

About a 5-minute walk from Exit 2 of Nagoya's subway and roadside station、Head east at the Tsutsui 3-chome intersection、Next to "Drugs Giyama Tsutsui Store"、Finally, a famous French restaurant in Nagoya "ReminiscenceThis year marks the ninth year of the store's opening.2023Sunday, July 23,To、Establishing a new store with the goal of becoming the best restaurant in the Japan、We will renew our determination for the next stage。

Nagoya French "Reminisense" relocation renewal aiming for grand maison - new store edition -

On this day、Under construction "Reminiscence"In、Scandinavian furniture manufacturer in Hida Takayama introduced "KitaniTo witness the delivery of furniture from、We arrived in Nagoya to celebrate the opening of the store.。The other day、I observed the progress of the construction two to three weeks ago.、The interior is steadily being prepared、Furniture and fixtures、Wine、Vessels, etc.、Various things have been brought in。

"KitaniHe is the president ofShougo HigashiHer own、Driving a truck from Takayama、Reminisense goes back and forth between the old store and the new store and does the delivery work while going back and forth many times.、I saw your work。

Because the day is approaching for the opening、Reminisense staff are also working hard to prepare for the opening.。

Shougo HigashiI met you when、I bought it at my house last year"Finn Juhl as Nils Vodder No.53Since the handover of。eastFrom、If you send me the contents of this work in a photo album、"I am grateful that this kind of delivery work is not recorded as an image."。

Bringing in long tables for newly ordered private rooms, etc.、Heavy lifting continues。

To match the white-based restaurant、KuzuharaThe table custom-ordered by the chef is also successfully set up in a private room.。

The architectural designer who was in charge of this designTakeshi NishimuraNice to meet you, have time to chat with、We were able to discuss the design concept of the restaurant。It is said that it will proceed while making various fine adjustments until completion.、Look forward!

Osaka-based Design Create Corporation"Design plus alpha"ofTakeshi NishimuraMr. a、In Nagoya, we are developing wine dining centered on Italian restaurants.MIPROVINI Inc.Is operatedTaro YamaguchiIt is said that it is the introduction of chan、I feel the connection。

A variety of dining tables and chairs set in the main dining room。Because it is carefully packed and wrapped so as not to scratch、It takes time to take them out one by one.、The effort is immense。

While measuring with a measure so that it can be placed directly under the ceiling light、We will set it finely at equal intervals.。You can observe the valuable delivery work before the opening of the restaurant.、Expectations for the opening will continue to increase!

With a paragraph、Masaki KuzuharaSafe for the chef、A Danish chair prepared as an opening celebration "Eilersen IW2 CHAIRI am relieved to be able to give。

"Eilersen IW2 CHAIR"

Interior Shop "AcutusDanish brand handled by "EilersenIn commemoration of the 120th anniversary of the company's founding,、2015Only 100 legs were reprinted in Japan only in a year"IW2 CHAIR"。"ReminiscenceIt was released in the same year as the opening of、It will be what I have been looking for for a long time.。We hope that you will continue to welcome many guests with the restaurant and continue to carve out the history of "remembrance".。

* New store is about to be completed:2023/7/23(Sun)Grand Open
Permission to photograph construction progress:Owner/chef:Kuzuhara Masaki
Address:Nagoya-shi Higashi-ku Tsutsui 3-18-3 South Exit

Wine bar K
Address:Nagoya-shi Higashi-ku Tsutsui 3-18-3 North Exit

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