La vagabond wanted to come again! Rock this Chef might make you think quite French


Quiet streets downtown located somewhat SoutheastDancing cranesTo2011In April, 14.The French Open "LA VAGABONDE la vagabond"Mr.。Shop suggests the open terrace、Look、That exudes the atmosphere of the Cafe、Shortly after the open、Gourmet Nagoya became popular among gourmets、French cannot be reserved for storeCalled up of shops and。The shop name"VAGABONDNI"And the、In France,"Wanderer"Or"The traveler"The mean。Wanderer and TravelerI asked、Wandering through ( aimlessly wandering )Although the word head、Click hereIwamotoThe chef cooking、Do not feel completely lost its clean cut beauty 1 Tray 1 tray。Japan nationwide、Also、Ingredients come from around the world traveled、1 plate and 1 dish with plenty of sources to be put、It carries the wishes and conceals a cuisine of France cuisine unique pains I might look tough to.


This time the、Last visited1MoonTo ask a、Approximately2Months, whichIn able to take reservations to this day。The course content of the dinner、7,000CircleOf one course only。Including the counter seats、20Seat is spacious inside.、Even to this day4Set 8But not taken、Enter the store number always placed restrictions、Terms of services、Seems to have been working to keep the quality in food that provide。Filled with clean white walls、Alms a chic and simple dark style、Becomes a retreat atmosphere of adult stores。The admission of children、Please note that we are more than a junior high school student and both lunch and dinner.


For dinner、I have enjoyed alcohol with dinner、On this day in Nagoya accommodation。Immediately、Requested a champagne by the glass.

"Pierre Simon / Brut, Blanc de Blanc, Cui, 1 er "Champagne district velzney glass 1300 Yen

Here is、France wine guide book "Guidachett & laneve-de-van France"The champagne houses 5-star best and reputation。 In the Chardonnay-only items、There are delicate and refreshing acidity、It is wonderful to feel the flavor of ripe fruit taste of。In a champagne glass、Hostels in this price range is affordable!


Amuse 'shirauo Kato farm fruit tomato jus onion Kaho shiso"

Ibaraki Prefecture and Thurn melting underneath the delicate flavor of fresh white fish Lake Kasumigaura、Sweet Sweet Onion puree、Very fresh acidity-friendly tomato sauce is in cocktail style。Soft and fragrant flower oil and shiso-flavored、Touched by anything elegant dish!


Amuse with cheese crisp duck

The curricula and asparagus cheese chips、The accent suited for hazelnut and coriander spiceDukeServed with、One can enjoy fragrant。Stone-built instrument is also nice!


"El generic Sauternes 2010 ' France Bordeaux

Whats the white wines according to foie gras。One of three great world botrytised wine made Semillon species 80% and 20% Sauvignon Blanc、SauternesChateau d'yquemFor it is said a second。Complex and intense aroma of the dried fruit and spices。In a rare elegance and balance the dark nectar ultra sweet wine、With caramelized foie gras sauce is also good.


Amuse ' foie gras, caramelized kumquat "by chance" the jams CEP mushroom tart "

Treatment with silver foil、The crispy caramel-coated low-temperature cooking crudités、Dessert-like dish。During the、Miyazaki Prefecture, kumquat varieties"It happens"In made bitter and sour as sandwiched between good jams、Under the、Fragrant mushrooms (Italy:Porcini mushrooms) in Kwe has flaky powder Sable。As for GLA for good volume、Thick without slap、An exquisite balance in caramel and jams just coming to dish! Too much mayonnaise、Leave loose cheeks.


Soft bread made with Shonan southern wheat spread with homemade bread a subtle sweet scent。


Fruit de Mer appetizers


See a variety of Salado re Noir “Ibuka farm”ERB flowers horse-radish "

Fluid emailAnd the、SeafoodIs the mean.、Dish with seafood salad。Salad of rice containing plenty of minerals (furumai),、Peas if peas and Fava bean mousse、Ark shell clam、Surf clam、Aoyagi clam、Finishing with yuzu sauce with a turban。Beautiful color of leafy vegetables and leaves with wasabi and mustard、Despite bitter accent to be、Shakishakicoricoli and filled with fresh sweet enjoying the texture of each shellfish with rice is great!


Appetizers "seaweed chips cake with trout eggs、Of liver、Shell string、Chrysanthemum salad.

Is kneaded into seaweed chips、And very thin finish、So the brittle, fragile、In short, gently gripped in the hand。During the、Liver of trout eggs and Sazae-San、Shell string、Voce Chrysanthemum salad、Extravagant taste in one bite as the spread of aroma and taste are endless!


The selection of red wines


"Bourgogne Rouge 2012/Louis-sunny" France AOC Bourgogne 5,500 yen

Old vineyard inherited from his father and、5Of the second generationCaroline sunnyFrom the inherited the Domaine、Starting in earnest their jars。The design of the modern label、Lyon's young graphic designers、Was designed based on the image conveyed in their。Savigny village、Alots of Colton village、AC is surrounded by villages share Les Beaune Burgundy parcel 0.25 ha (trees about 60 years VV)、Les shveriere Savigny village in the AOC auto-Court-de-Beaune parcel 0.43 ha (mean age 35 years)、A blend of Les perrieres 0.5 ha (mean age 35 years)。About 20% is AC Bourgogne、About 80% is the AOC auto Côte de Beaune。Cherry、Berry fruits desire me to smell。An image of natural, gentle and lovely woman plump is aPinot NoirIt is。VagabondMr. a、Many wines、Can explain so you need according to your preference、Are available at very reasonable prices!


"My mouth black spring vegetables and Toyama industrial raw Firefly squid rape emilsson “Lanier House” Chorizo '

To mouth black (石鯛)、Rape source、Will be in two types of Vin Blanc sauce。Croquante with wasabi leaves and selvatica finished with in will。Built in a recipe inherited the tradition from its predecessor in Tuscany "RENIERI Lanier House"The chorizo with accents and delicious!


You put 'night white citrus fruit (in Japan) of Pomegranate Granita served with'

Night is the white citrus、More grapefruit acidity is gentle、1 varieties of sweet pomelo and citrus.。


My face in a round white citrus fruit (in Japan) is night (laughs)


Roasted duck in Madame Burgos 2 person than the ( 2,000 yen)

Madame burgold Challans duck breast pieces with rose color to finish at low temperature、Celery Root Puree、Red cabbage marinated in vinegar、Brussels sprouts、Roasted hazelnut、Kinome、Simple Jeu de canard took from the bones of duck sauce。Accent、Truffle salt、Maggette said of pepper、With orange peel、In a variety of scents available。The pork was moist and crispy duck skin side of the、IwamotoA unique chef politely three times with baked finish、Making stuff is produced。Skin side of the duck slowly at low temperatures, baking oven、And will be finished to a crisp, and relit and serves in high-temperature frying again skin surface at the end of。But we are afraid of greasy delicious finish is inspiring! Whats up I am duck、Flavor of the duck here is great! Spice chefs of this great food we are、Chef and staff even I alsoMaterials have been helped?And、Without you guys when we went、Until the end"Still studying.And、A humble attitude remains very impressive。Because of this shop.、The thought that food can be good.


You can choose your favorite cheese in place of dessert。

On this day、Wash type e POWs and Mont-Dore、12Month month maturing Conte、Chevre type Saint Mall、Cow's milk blue cheese broodvonnemard、Kyodogakusha seasonal limited edition cherry cheeseThe from the inside、Can normally choose two、This time we have chosen three special!


In the spoonWash type e POWs、AndMont-Dore12Month month maturing ConteFor whats in the three。Cranberry and raisin、Orange peel、Leek chips、Northern lights of the coarse mashed potatoes、Infused with fig bread、Gorgeous cheese plate!


Truffle salt


"Opera pure Clive sorbet

OperaFrom the uncharacteristic style.、IwamotoIn the creative design of the chef of restaurant design and finishing.。At the bottom of rich espresso mousse、It wishes the bitter espresso cookies、During the、Bitter-sweet France of bitter chocolate ice cream slipped into has been for the screen。Served with extra virgin olive oil powder and gold leaf。Looks very fresh and beautiful、Is the best adult evening which produced bitter sweet classy and rich desserts.


'Petit Fours (small sweets)

Pastry food again provided to each Director also incorporates elements of k.、Trendy。3 kinds of baked goods.。The Interior was moist and baked goods、Baked carrots、Cherry macarons、And it's a canele de Bordeaux。Put beeswax in a traditional sweet made from the old convent of Bordeaux of France and、Bake in small type, called canele type characteristics。The outside is black color with savory、Inside has a soft texture and moist。It started with the first amuse、Up to tea cake, finishing courses、Which is really the perfect taste and beauty.




Rock this chef, staff and commemorative photo

In the delicate cuisine with aesthetics、To maximally benefiting materialsIwamotoChef"Love"And"Tenderness"You can feel the foodVagabondMr. a、One of the French in Nagoya I highly recommend that you can。Current availability、If in the night4End of the month-early mayIs that possible。Also book a room and I'll come!

LA VAGABONDE la vagabond
Aichi Prefecture Nagoya-Shi Naka-ku, Chiyoda 2-Chome 14-24 Cannon Pier Tsurumai 1F
Lunch only [Saturday,] 11:30-13:30( L.o ) * prior reservation
18 dinner [Tue-Sun]:00-21:00( L.o )
* Lunch is accompanied by children.、Dinner which is more than a junior high school student
Closed on Mondays:Monday、Once a month's holidays (irregularly)

14 -24 2-Chome Chiyoda, Naka-ku Nagoya-Shi

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