' European-style set by fuki Prime ' recommended spring a special course


Home to close、Three-way East RC bizarre in the quiet residential area of the town of buildings "European-style set by fuki Prime fukinoto"。With chopsticks to continental cuisine restaurants easily.。At lunchtime on weekdays.、On the weekends, always packed and that Madame is a popular restaurant。Current、3990 Yen spring special dinner courses recommended by butterbur Prime because it has been、That was going to visit at night、Quite uncomfortable at work、Decided to her owner Kosugi's, today at lunch time。


1F space becomes a spacious table seats about 30 people、2F your room style are available。11When well ago the opening of the half already waiting in the parking lot often。If possible we recommend。


Luxury and yet will be "white wine" from within the light of day。


Hors d'oeuvres platter "spring vegetables in aspic、Fried conger eel、Green pea mousse、Butterbur Prime style Pate.

First of all I wanted to raise the、Butterbur Taiwan's cuisine will be very tender and flavorful。Not that thin、I think that taste like old women in Japanese。Everyone in the shop is relatively high ages。We also、It is middle age's (lol)


"Sauteed foie gras.

Our sauce mixed with foie gras melted in the mouth.、So with plenty of sauce with the bread and I would。



Can I use rice or bread here。I suggest you in butterbur Prime original bread with butter smooth and tender taste。


"Galette of shrimp and scallops.

Minced scallop in the puritsu the texture of shrimp contains plenty of。Will Berry sweet sauce with fresh tomato sauce。


And waiting to come out of the main、The owner of butterbur Prime come out in a normal lunch next to popular menu roast beef carving Kosugi's。Lunch course、Antipasto salad、Soup、The main meat or fish、Rice or bread、Dessert、1260 Yen with a drink is the CP。Kosugi's and always delicious story talked about.、Because it was so busy lunch delivery is a、Could not talk too slowly.。At a quiet dinner again?。


The main meat comes the order "red wine"。


The main "roasted duck roast.

The main spring special dinner、Can I use roast beef fillet steak or roasted duck。We duck like、2Both of them ducks.。In addition、Kosugi's were carved roast beef put in service。Soft is the Jussieu。


Dessert "yellow peach sorbet、Blanc-Manger、Raw chocolate.

The sorbet was refreshing and also tried after a meal。Is smooth and gentle Manger once and become fans.。Rich chocolate is perfect for coffee with。


Coffee after a meal

From going out to lunch catering... and had been hurriedly Kosugi,、Celebrate the resurrection from last year have been off sick and refrained from eating out, my "I'm 快気祝i! "And、Me to bring the wine from the wine cellar! Butt naked、I want to open house dinner。Mr. Kosugi、Thank you for your。You'll also take it.

European-style set by fuki Prime
Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Higashi Mikata town 216-3 TEL:053-437-5252 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-13:30(L.O)Dinner 17:30-20:30(L.O)

Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku, Higashi Mikata town 216-3

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