Herb also known as water rejuvenation、Rosemary


Water was made in prominence as the all-purpose herb Rosemary、There is an episode called aka water rejuvenation。14Century、Elisabeth Queen of Hungary、70But from past years was damaging to health because of old age、Use the water extract, Rosemary and lime marinated in alcohol treatment、Quickly rejuvenate, restore health、72Is there a law that says proposed Poland Prince of 20-somethings at the age of。Now,、Since many used in cosmetics、Many people know that Rosemary rejuvenation to demonstrate the effect would。Today I very glad such a lovely herb Rosemary in your salon、Because even friends from Matsui sister of ary、I picked it up a bit and make the delicious dinner!


Chicken breast sautéed with Rosemary Orange source
Easy recipes。Cut the chicken breast 1 casement、Best vegetable bouillon Kasumi chiyonofuji's raking loaf、Olive oil and Rosemary dosage in Ziploc bags、Let sit about 1 hour after the massage 揉み a few minutes。In the mean time、Potatoes, boiled salt let me。In a frying pan with olive oil, sliced 1 clove garlic、Pour chicken breast marinated with Rosemary、From the skin surface and slowly Saute、その時に塩茹でしたジャガイモも一緒にフライパンで軽くソテーします鶏胸肉の皮面に焼き目が付いたら裏返し白ワインを少々入れて蓋をし蒸し焼きにしていきますふっくらと焼きあがった鶏胸肉とこんがりしたジャガイモを取り出したら残ったジュースに自家製オレンジのコンフィチュールを入れて煮詰め最後にギュッとレモン汁を少々加えればソースの完成ですしっとりとした鶏胸肉にオレンジの酸味と甘味が相まったソースで爽やかにいただけますよ♪


Consomme with onion and crispy bacon


"Nutcracker Campagne"
一度に食べきれないパンは冷凍しておくのでとっても便利。But、できれば我が家から歩いていけるぐらいの距離に美味しいパン屋さんがあるといいのになぁ。Oh yes、8月からladeの事務所が街中のビオラ田町に移動します!街中の美味しいお店の誘惑に勝てなくなりそうでヘルスメーターがますます怖くなるのでしょうね(笑)

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