See oishinbo as Masaki ' elected top Kakegawa City Council meeting!

Masaki Shinba _ _No_0104

Iwata in Shizuoka Prefecture local elections and will be、Kakegawa、Fukuroi、4 country Izu City mayoral and City Council elections give a public notice of 4/14。Kakegawa mayoral election, attention to incumbent and former combat positions gathered attention、City Council election there in promotion help had "relished as Masaki ' push his re-election for a second term by。The battleground was expected to run for Rookie of the year for many in、4Voting is done on Oct. 21、Results were counted on the same day、Beautifully played top winners。In 8/7/1976 now 36-year-old (is the same age as me) then I should said Masaki graduated from nittai Univ. career with sports accounting at。11 years of age students belonging to Athletic Club、While studying at University in Japan Championship、Intercollegiate team。Japan Championship relays such as、Is leaving the Paddock that academic performance, Japan sports University Alumni Association Award。From a home at the local 4/2009 in Kakegawa City Council election victory。To break the sense of stagnation、When working towards the Congress base Ordinances the Parliament opened Shintaro carried for the Corporation seeks re-election for the second term、Instead of stylized traditional campaign tools、Not want to entirely new appearance came to consult my。Election tools I had proposed was pretty stylish design and shape for a special occasion、A convenient place to shop, etc.、Lot of attention and a reputation as good。Even children would look at the leaflet, entertainer、Can Badgers sign either (laughs) we can suggest future becomes NET election ban on Internet-based cross-media strategies。

Kakegawa city from social developments in recent years.、Employment、Aged society with fewer children、But faced with that need to be addressed, such as social security、The citizens live、Working、Want to continue working hard for the realization of the community live in combination as Masaki said hotly talked、Is not from the first period of the execution results second to modernize、It enjoys should think Masaki said he'd expect。First of all, congratulations for winning。Also、Let's meet soon。




Shin carried Masaki Office
436-0061, Japan, Kakegawa-Shi 水垂 726

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