The chef Omakase course at "THE DINING" in the "di Oriental Terrace Torizen"


White Street along the Palm tree becomes a landmark、There you can climb the Hill and located on a hill、Boasts a great location, overlooking the Lake, played "THE ORIENTAL TERRACE TORIZEN"Mr.。Originally, "Good bird"Mr. a、1868The Foundation is、With a background in the age and changing business forms、This year2014 yearIn what151 yearThe will be one of the oldest history。1963The head office was in blacksmith town on the shore of a quiet, sound current transfer、2000basisVenue over from fine until the location became a hot topic、As now, wedding ceremony and wedding reception halls、Or is a long-established restaurants as venue for parties and events as well as numerous celebrities to visit, and the very popular。For a long time、The restaurant has been operating as a Japanese restaurant2009/SeptemberThe Oriental Asian resort and renovated and redesigned in the luxury space,、Young had trained French chef:Maekawa TomohiroWhat are welcome from Mr、We evolved into a luxury Restaurant loved by a wide range of age groups.


Filled the stately、The Asian style of Oriental terrace entrance、And the Hamamatsu like me forget all that、Is a made to measure something like taking a meet and greet in exotic luxury resort hotels and Auberge!






Front lobby


In the hotel's restaurant "THE DINING the dining"The Interior is、And by the dark-brown color、The ceiling is high and spacious atmosphere is produced。Semi private rooms also are in the Hall seats other、Capacity 60 seats.。20~ 50 or so Charter is available。Table seats along the wall sofa seats installed、Such as indirect lighting and table candles、And tickle the female mind packed with relaxing treatments.


During the day、You can view the Lake, played in front of、Get the best location can't get anywhere else。On this day、Though the weather, it was、The scenery outside was painted in the rain, and also in Kumamoto city。The other day、Click here for catering in the Maserati dei second day made Hamamatsu dei chef:Maekawa TomohiroThank you very much, greetings to Mr.、1Ordered Omakase course with a budget of 5000 yen.


White tomato mousse

White mousse melt the snow like the mouth maintains a beautiful shape, good and fluffy texture but Transiently。Away from the cool sour tomato mousse、Semi-dried tomatoes has been charged, as an accent.


"Foie gras Terrine with botrytised wine jelly.

On a rich Terrine of foie gras must be accompanied by using white wine sweet botrytised wine jelly。Kumquat and orange confiture、Balsamic vinegar、Carrot puree、You served with rock salt, so if you like, enjoy!



That will accompany the olive oil、Also served with jams of earlier kumquat and orange exterior.


An instant、A unique wonder to think wine is a no order came from here、Actually,MaekawaAnd the chef's signature dishes。Robes warm original soup of the day in the new wine bottle from、In the new Cork seal。Director of open wine opener also included preferences。In the etiquette "CHATEAU TOMOHIRO MAEKAWA"And written (lol) and Oriental terrace, it's stamped logo、A complete original and。This treatment is、Bridal also very popular in the 8% 9% of our customers order by option。Design of etiquette is to free printable、In applying the two names and designs you like、It can be produced piece of memorabilia!


In a soup dish YUI Sakura shrimp and Croutons、Parsley and endured the wait。Hate Director while waiting for me is exciting, isn't it?!


Hot fresh soup is poured while quietly and gracefully。Condensed fish fragrant aroma and enjoy!


"Fish soup"

Crustaceans such as shrimp and crab with rich cream soup。To have condensed flavor in the soup and the broth isn't heavy enough, despite the、So I drank lot。And into bottles of wine just to fill up the tank"Would you like another Cup?? 」And、Contains the voice。So truly why can't break free end up eating course、But I do more.、Her husband told us 2 cups (lol) in、It seems their drink all! (Surprise) so soup filled with deliciousness and fun as it sounds.


Is also appeared in funny。White smoke is there and enjoy the food in。Intrigued and excited such finely、To enjoyment of food taste would fit me!


Open the lid and、White smoke from beautiful colorful Tartar is a hit。By the way this smoke is intended to be smoked, so、Now inhaling and choking.。Actually I smell and want to snuff、Face peered at musemashita (Please note that you are:Lol) staff apparently I said、Maekawa chef fired up the past has always cultivated a lot is? With that it is (laughs)


"Smoked Tuna Tartare tailoring carrot sauce.

Enjoy the smoked flavour、Because whipped cream tartar with fresh and fried and ate。Are onion crisp texture, too.


Sea bass sautéed mariniere source

Suzuki while wearing thick puffy moist and finished with a、Mariniere source will be。Mariniere (Buddha:Marinier)And the、FishermanIt is a meaning、This time the、Are clams and tomato seafood sauce.


"Duck meat vacuum cooked blueberries with red wine sauce.

Thanks for putting together our husband's stomach size portion of duck meat, I personally、Nice attention to detail.。Vacuum-cooked duck meat is juicier。Do you served with a Blueberry peppery red wine sauce it?、Coffee salt either happy with your choice.


Mont Blanc with vanilla ice creamIs Mont Blanc chestnut cream and vanilla ice cream with chocolate cake.



The full course in the spacious、Creates a graceful time。1 plate 1 plate to be made withMaekawaChef's Omakase course、We sit down and enjoy!


It is the hands of food free、Me down to say helloMaekawaSome chat time with the chef。After I said thanks and apology for the event、MaekawaThoughts on the career of the chef or Cook is hot talk about、Could be a very good time!


Venue:THE GARDEN TERRACE terrace (100 seats)






Venue:THE GALLEIA Galleria (130 seats)


Descended from the Galleria terrace、Looking at trees in extensive grounds、I felt more beautiful colored leaves shine in the clear air。Autumn leaves、And enjoy the Cherry Blossom Spring、Wedding time of cherry blossoms, cherry blossom also beautiful spectacular is!


Rose's rain、With clear skies and bright serene。Maekawa chef to work first thing in morning、The views from here、1Switch off the start of the day is put。It is in really nice places like our couple space! Is also a great venue、MaekawaCuisine of the chef and flexible、And one of our staff we were attentive to the various events each optimal space! Chris、Also come interesting project 企temashou with it!

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, sanarudai 6-8-30 TEL:053-447-3241 Open every day
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-15:00 LO:14:30(* Weekday lunch sales)
Dinner 17:30To 22:00 LO21:00、Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 11:00To 22:00 LO21:00

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, sanarudai 6-8-30

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