Adult dinner and at the Oriental terrace torsen in 'THE DINING"


White Street along the Palm tree becomes a landmark、There you can climb the Hill and located on a hill、Boasts a great location, overlooking the Lake, played "THE ORIENTAL TERRACE TORIZEN"Mr.。As a wedding ceremony and wedding reception halls、Or is famous as a party venue and event、Oriental Asian resort reminiscent of luxury and space to、Usually has been operated as a restaurant and is very popular.


Also different day and night face lights up、And filled with profound feeling、Tailored Asian entrance were undergoing welcomes luxury resort hotel in what it is.


Light reflections, swaying and swinging also exudes a fantastic atmosphere!


Shop、And by the dark-brown color、The ceiling is high and spacious atmosphere is produced。Semi private rooms also are in the Hall seats other、Capacity 60 seats.。20-It's possible 50 or so Charter。Table seats along the wall or sofa seats installed、Indirect lighting and table candles etc、And with relaxing treatments, Tickle the female mind。Can't view the sanaruko Lake in the daytime、Dinner on the night the atmosphere is also nice!


Kirin free 350 ml 500 yen

On this day、The closed liver will be non-alcoholic beer。Cook、Ask Chef Maekawa Tomohiro、We rely on a reasonable course.


"Crystal salmon wearing a mushroom Gelee... air of caviar and lemon"

Carefully mix in caviar was served with a spoon and lemon air。I'm looking forward to the aroma of Matsutake mushrooms in the autumn、To produce flowers and looks very beautiful 1 dish is!


Asparagus with roasted croutons with dry shrimp and American sources

Wearing a cloth wrapped around asparagus with croutons, roasted and、Rich américaine sauce be served with dry shrimp dish!


And autumn Eggplant pasta

Sanma (saury)、Eggplant、Lotus root and fall enjoy the texture of each new pasta。Pumpkin press will produce a taste of perilla leaf aroma。Pasta taste's autumn season.


Homemade bread

Using the Gratin, provide us with rice flour、Also I enjoy the texture and dust pan。If you like, with the olive oil.


Chicken Roti shallot source

Crispy skin surface、The chicken was moist and burned in the oven during the happy with shallot sauce。As a vegetable side dish、Turnip、Sweet potato、Broccoli、With burdock root, etc.


Concealed passion fruit sorbet vanilla ice cream white chocolate mousse

A refreshing passion fruit sorbet with smooth vanilla ice cream。Serve with the bottom white chocolate mousse.


"Hot coffee" * meal available for half price (¥ 250)。


On weekdays、All weekend, so as a restaurant serving luxury location feel free while he carried、Luxury space for good usability。Good, lively as Madame will lunch、A quiet dinner at night in a secluded atmosphere dating are also great! I wanted to also eat delicious dishes to leave Maekawa chef。Chris、Thank you very much!

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, sanarudai 6-8-30 TEL:053-447-3241 Open every day
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-15:00 LO:14:30(* Weekday lunch sales)
Dinner 17:30To 22:00 LO21:00、Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 11:00To 22:00 LO21:00

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, sanarudai 6-8-30

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