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"Musée 四tsu池 ' in the ' gang true 四tsu池 ' at 上唐湊 chef full-course lunch


Entrance _ day

30-year old was working as a Yamaha Music Center building was substantially renovated、2009 yearThe newly born wedding 'Musée Yotsuike"Mr.。In the quiet lush 四tsu池 forest、Old、Not when I was in the bowling alley look and play brilliantly、Stylish, with free Wi-Fi that is catching on in a high-quality space original wedding wedding!


Clean and white, an elegant lobby。The ceiling height is.、The sunlight from the window are bright and airy atmosphere。That is consistent with European furniture, and、Is a luxurious lobby with directing women to resonate even during a simple!


Elegant wedding halls with a gentle shadesOrsay-Orsay。From the glass wall overlooking the green of the garden、Mail merge is the bright sunshine、Cosy atmosphere。Actually,、Our couples are from now on 2 years ago2012On July 9,.To invite friends about 100 people at the venue of the reception staff will ask。At that time、He used to be the Manager hereMizuguchi Tomoaki (みずぐちちあき)Obama started.、Whats let uncharacteristic wedding and fun reception held in cooperation with the staff, quite different from the usual wedding original rendition.


Colours and Brown.、Wedding banquet to produce ornate and elegant with gold decorationsRomaine Roman。On carpet、Arranged armrests on the Chair、Guest who's is obsessed with seeking cozy venue development.


Beautiful chapels like floating on the surface of the waterSanctuary of truth ALE。At shining light lattice image of the staves to aisle glittering and sparkling Swarovski vows。Water and light spectacle will be Church surrounded by a fantastic atmosphere!


The venue's dining "Shin gang 四tsu池"The、Is a regular lunch and dinner restaurants。Local vegetables using lots of seasonal ingredients, mainly、Offers creative French cuisine of Japanese elements are also incorporated here、In Tokyo, top-class French restaurant "Kante Suns"The designSeino Yaobang StIt is a stylish space filled with dignity was helmed by。On this day、Asked the other day "THE ORIENTAL TERRACE TORIZEN"ofMaekawa TomohiroThe senior chef上唐湊 SolsticeWe have been doing for scarce for chef's。Lunch course、The following two courses。This time the、B course: 2,800 yenOrder!

A course 1,850 Yen
Soup (can select from 2 types)
Fish or meat dish (can choose from 4 types)
Pilaf、Miso soup、Pickles
Dessert of the day

B course: Yen 2,880
Hors d'oeuvres
Soup (can select from 2 types)
Fish or meat dish (can choose from 4 types)
Pilaf、Miso soup、Pickles
Dessert of the day



上唐湊Than the chef had drink service! Thank you ♪ (thanks)


Sparkling wine 'Laban rose'

Musée 四tsu池 operated 'LAVIEEN ROSE Laban rose' Is it's whats original sparkling wine!


Guyer on Rillettes ptischusand olive and tomato chicken and pork

Put the chopped olives and tomatoes and cut into small bite-sized Petit cream puffs was、Happy together across the lower is made with chicken and pork Rillettes.


Low-temperature cooking smoked large large trout Red Fuji

In Rainbow Trout the largest producer of branded goods、Mt. Fuji (Yuusui Springs) grewBig big trout Red Fuji (, and increasingly Red Fuji )In the low-temperature cooking and putting out the fire、Has been smoked.。Growing up in the cold water for no fishy smell、It is delicious in taste。Will be served with a yuzu jelly。Will be served with steamed vegetables and cold vegetable salad with truffle dressing.


* The "sweet potato soup" soup、Also available as something truly original "mushroom soup"。

Representing the Tanegashima's sweet potato with purple potato potato、Sweet potato。Have the student status be 16 degrees Brix、It is slowly putting the fire which over 40 degree Brix is very sweet potato。With its rich flavor is thick on the cinnamon!


上唐湊Please go to the chef himself description。Camera eye and beaming smile and vigorous spirit of serviceSolsticeAnd it is (laughs) he born in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture、You play pranks, is spoken in the Kansai-Ben is taken in a very frank and friendly personality!


"Fried Spanish mackerel with Milt

Spanish mackerel and finishing with、A creamy sauce of espuma。The smooth texture of deep fried served with。Painted with squid ink,、"Book"Is done 上唐湊 chef idea rendition。Hope vigorously brush a line feels fragile.


"Low temperature cooked salsa in Chinese Jinhua pigs

Shizuoka Prefecture boasts brand pork and Chinese Jinhua pigs、Flesh is silky texture fine flavor packed with。The slow cooked Chinese Jinhua pigs、Bite and spreads sweet at Jussieu。One of the Brazil cuisineMauriobinegretServed with balsamic vinegar accented with improved sources.


"Fish with mushroom rice、Miso soup、Pickles.

While at this restaurant and in French、Finally comes out with miso soup with rice。Japanese so it comes out rice and miso soup、Why so much relief and would。This is the configuration I'm sure pleasing to the elderly。Rice cooked in a light broth、Very nice size appetizer、Salt Sweet Pickles。I will feast on it.


Apple and cheese cake chocovanilla-ice-cream

Moist Apple Cake、Accented with a cheese piece。Sakussak with chocolate marble ice cream stick pie、Along with fruits such as persimmons.




Petits fours

Walnut macaroon soft and crispy texture of cookies。To enjoy the full course only、Per person2,800CircleAnd the、It is now a great, reasonably priced lunch。But、Members of the Laban rose because we、If you use the facilities in the Group、More from here10%OFFHave a very nice service! Itaru-San、Synovial-Kun、Thank you very much! I will come again!

Church _ behind the scenes

Shin gang 四tsu池
3-5-8 y. Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, TEL:053-474-1818
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00 18:00-21:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

3-5-8 y. Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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The chef Omakase course at "THE DINING" in the "di Oriental Terrace Torizen" Now and forever renal anniversary at a party to celebrate the heartfelt Onoe Sung, Chef hospitality
The chef Omakase course at "THE DINING" in the "di Oriental Terrace Torizen"
Now and forever renal anniversary at a party to celebrate the heartfelt Onoe Sung, Chef hospitality


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