"Ilan circus plays" Red House in 餐廳 famous Cherie duck new menu!

"Orchid Castle Jing Ying Hong Silks Place Yilan シルクスプレイス宜蘭」で大人気の中華レストラン「Red Lantern(紅楼)Orchid Castle Crystal Sterling Hotel Red House in 餐廳"At dinner time!

In the restaurant's Executive ChefIsamu Hayashi ZuihoJeffery Lin Taiwan one spawned the famous speciality "cherry peach duck 握寿司 (cherryvaredack sushi).、The last time I fully enjoyed、This time the、More "new menu" will appear in the course!

Speaking of Yilan, "Cherry Valley Duck"、Speaking of cherry peach duck (cherryvaredack) called "Red Lantern (Red Tower)-Red House in 餐廳" specialities!

Under Executive Chef Lin Rui Isamu (Jeffery Lin)、1On average, 200-famous chef adroitly 300 cherryvaredack! Exactly 2 years to the meet the chef、Its popularity because of the hard work of、I was transformed earlier than very slim to!


All the seats will be packed, including the seat rose restaurant this day banquet、We are served in the spacious and comfortable private Ruyi (Ru Yi) is the beginning of a Supreme dinner!

First of all,、8 types of appetizers ordered the better at the round table!
Appetizer platter of Assorted Cold Cuts method Orchid Yang delicious authentic compendium

(1) in Matsusaka pork wrapped with cucumber、In spicy garlic sauce "Matsusaka pork and cucumber garlic sauce (Sautéed Matsusaka Pig with Garlic) hiruzen mud Matsusaka jowl.

(2) spicy becomes a habit "hormone marinated pork (Marinated Pork's Intestine) hundred rotating 1000 gut"

(3) us in duck flavor fat bite-sized Loofah "Loofah slice duck oil (Hot Spring Sliced Loofah with Duck Oil) duck oil hot spring melon.

(4) and you put a great "tomatoes with sweet and sour sauce (Tomato Marinated in Plum Sauce) plum juice was a plethora"

(5) marinade with spicy sauce of beef (Marinated Beef with Spicy Sauce) broken heart beef

6 crunchy texture and sweet taste is strong "Kwai marinated (Rock Candy Water Chestnut) Bing sugar 荸 drink.

(7) dessert "pumpkin honey jelly (Steamed Pumpkin with Honey) honey-colored squash.

(8) as well as "marinade of Dragon fruit (Pitaya wrapped with Marinated Radish) fire dragon white rolls in the dessert.

As much as the show starts、With a sparkling big Cherie duck to caramelize them was put on the wagon、Again、Chef Lin Rui Yong (Jeffery Lin) now available!

"Cherryvaredack of red (Cherry Valley Duck at Red Lantern) Red House restaurant procuratorial cherry peach 霸 King Duck"
According to chef、Spring-cherry peach duck (cherryvaredack) summer's best at the right time of the season、Than the last Big Size.!!
Still、Fine in the sleight volley which in、Was that during the demolition finished!

"A handful of roast cherryvaredack (Roasted Duck Nigiri) Cherry peach duck holding assorted sashimi.
On the inside of the most delicious belly body skin with sweet miso, Szechuan original lick of paint and、Cheese with 炙rimasu in a burner lightly vinegared rice! So lightly that sushi is finished if you would!

This is definitely fresh fresh heat conceals a variety it is!
Enjoy a Calipari texture the surface of roast cherryvaredack、Feel the sweet gravy from being filled with foaming!
Sushi with sushi vinegar with cider vinegar imported from Japan were charged、The original sweet miso, Szechuan sauce to hot cheese finished thick entanglement、Creates an amazing harmony.

And、Next in line is the new menu!

"Samsung onion rice cakes wrapped in roast cherryvaredack (Sliced Duck Meat and Scallion Wrapped in a SanXing Scallion Pancake) piece skin duck Samsung vegetablesx o cake.
Chewy dough like a pancake of Yi-LAN "Samsung leeks" the burned、Fill with sweet miso, Szechuan sauce、Lay out the roast Cherie duck meat、Put one as "Samsung green onions.、Cut from rolled bite-sized!
Also I enjoy shakishaki texture of dough topped with green onion!

"Samsung green onion crepe (Sliced Duck Meat and Skin Wrapped in a Light Scallion Crepe) of roast Cherie duck pieces skin duck winding Samsung vegetablesx o cake"
Samsung Leek cake of finely crafted Samsung onion crepe、Also I enjoy the fresh smell of dust and scallion、Finished in a deep flavor in Samsung onions brought out the sweetness by FRY and roast Cherie duck!

Because the other parts would finish another dish、Cherie duck, whole courses you can enjoy without leaving the one!

"Duck tongue and chicken wings、Deep fried feet (Combination of Stewed Duck tongue, Wings and Flippers) Chinese pronunciation small Shang (ii) duck.
Duck tongue and chicken wings、Crispy fried legs、Savor the quality purunnpurunn of collagen and cartilage recommended texture!

Fat is not persistent and is tasty juciy、At intervals between Taiwan tea fragrant with sweet and sour "Plum vinegar juice (Plum Vinegar) plum child fruit 醋.、Shed and freshen up your mouth!

Cherie duck dumpling (Cherry Valley Duck Rice Dumpling) Cherry peach duck meat Yu Pao
Enjoy a steaming hot stuffing dressing appeared in a kind of resting!

So poking with chopsticks is thin and comes out in soup、Taste the first flavor confined tightly condensed soup! (Note burn)
The rest is in eating、Mouth of the melt from the good skin、Horo and expands the sweet soft Cherie duck!

"Duck duck lettuce (Shredded Lettuce Wrap with Duck) vegetables wrapped silk.
We wrapped in lettuce and cherry peach duck (Cherie duck) with shredded fried dish。

The moist texture of the lettuce、Bean sprouts with shredded apples shakishaki enjoy texture with a flavor of the duck meat.、While my stomach is full and、This will become increasingly were in the salad!

"Deep fried gyoza (Fried dumpling) brine angle.
During the Calipari texture in Sesame-scented fried cloth、Leeks plenty!

Duck bone cabbage soup (Double-Boiled Duck Bone Soup with Chinese Cabbage) pride fire cabbage Braised duck Yu
Using the obtained from the cherry peach duck (Cherie duck) bone broth soup、Cooked, made approximately 10 hours。Plus cabbage sweet mellow taste、The finish nice and tender taste!
The next morning got this skin I guaranteed!

Yi-LAN specialty Peking duck with a difference cherry peach duck (Cherie duck) course means once your agenda!

Hom Lou (Red Lantern) Red House in 餐廳
Hours of operation:11:30-15:00、17:30-21:00

Silks Place Yilan
Ran Jing Ying hotel (Silks Place Yilan)
Location:No.36, Sec. 2, Minquan Rd., Yilan City

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2018/4/20Taiwan Travel/silks Place Vol.2


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