Enjoy a scenic boat cruising and "Yilan National Center of traditional arts" DIY workshop

"Yilan National Center of traditional arts (National Center for Traditional Arts)National chuan Tong Arts intraoperative heart (conduction of the Arts Cultural Park)"The Taiwan local food located in Yixing ran chuan Arts rice Museum"Moan 7 Bowl(Jia Chi Wan) "by lunch time!

Also I enjoy the texture and dust of glutinous rice "oil rice (Taiwan-style steamed glutinous rice)" 55 TWD (Japan Yen:About 200 yen) and "made flesh" 65 TWD (Japan Yen:Approx. 240 JPY)、"Rice flour (rice vermicelli) 55 TWD (Japan Yen:About 200 yen)、Monks was so delicious and the "Buddha jumping wall Chung (soup: blown away)' 95 TWD (Japan Yen:About 350 yen)、Desserts in "black sugar red bean powder 粿 (Taiwan-style black sugar russet bracken)" 50 TWD (Japan Yen:Approximately 185 yen)、Drinks ordered gold Natsume fruit fermented 醋 (kumquat vinegar juice)!

After enjoying a meal、Temporary water town along the banks of the MAP (10) foot on the carrying、"Cruise ship" 120 TWD (Japan Yen:About 440 yen) to get、Elegant river cruises!

While healed in the duck couples swimming leisurely close harmony、You can relax and enjoy the scenery from the river、It is perfect for resting time after the meal!

Has been in various DIY workshop、This time the、Wrapped in the pleasant fragrance of wood "Aoki Bou Woody icon"At the 450 TWD DIY chopstick manufacturing experience (40 min) (Japan Yen:About 1670 yen) will be!

So will lend me apron and tools、It is possible to experience soon!


You 手解ki Jerry's instructor、While I support-friendly Taiwan experience with girls、When it comes "My chopsticks" planning to challenge!

[How to make chopsticks]
Choose the chopsticks and wooden sticks (1)

(2) to wood joint bond beats fill core

(3) using one of the original four-sided with Kanna shades!
The original units、Set on tapered with naturally、Is easy to make even for beginners、Canna loveseat takes tips!

(4) Finally, to file credit、Angle and surface reveal deals、If you have done and smooth finished is finished!

My chopsticks you DIY yourself can take you!

From Kate's Guide staff、Also wood plump girls (aroma rose) Memorial resembling a rose cutting Taiwan cypress trees has been cancelled!

Distilled into a compact Taiwan traditional art、Watch、Touch、To hear、Learning、Eating and、Experiential offers full day、Ilan ran national traditional arts center and theme parks to better understand Taiwan is recommended in a very fun theme park! By all means try carrying the feet!

Yilan National Center of traditional arts (National Center for Traditional Arts) national chuan Tong of intraoperative heart
Location:Hama road Yichang Orchid, 5 鄉 papers new village five two-201-go
Hours of operation:9:00To 18:00
Open every day

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2018/4/20Taiwan travel / Yilan National Center of traditional arts


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