Relax in our "circus plays Ilan" poolside, we sweat in fitness!

"Orchid Castle Jing Ying Hong Silks Place Yilan シルクスプレイス宜蘭」に完備されている ヘルスクラブ「クラブレフーン(Club Lefoon)豐華會」へ!

The Club Lefoon (clublephoon) Fung Wah Kai、It is on the panoramic 6th floor outdoor balcony-Club!
On air South garden boasts approximately 1800 square meters、LAN Yang aerial garden、Outdoor swimming pool、Half-indoor heated swimming pool and Jacuzzi、Sauna、Health center、And equipped with function rooms、Guests can use free of charge!

Marys at the front desk receptionist、Borrow a towel、Every morning at the training Studio.、9:30-10:30Until we will join into shape aerobic classes (60 min) free aerobics classes are held in!

Aerobics、And cardio dance format to rhythmic music、Exercise programs lead to total body shape up! By total Miller Studio、Fit the uptempo music、Movement instructor will follow you!

From simple stretching exercises, such as stretching the muscles of the whole body、Remove the rhythms with foot and knee cushion、Until the big move to see what he got、Even workout! For breath is easy to raise、Take a breath of、MO-5 minutes even if sweat dust you can see fairly drip! Once started non-stop aerobics、So expect quite some calories!

Work up a light sweat、At your own pace in the fitness center、Using the marselis encouragement to workout everyday!

After the muscle training、In the entirely glass-walled relaxation room、Cooldown of overlooking the peaceful town of Ilan!

Even Japan、Morning fitness club going for the first time about a year。
And beams.、Move the body、And moderate stimulation、Stress is both best mentally and physically!

On this day、Perfect weather、The temperature was 25 ° C and for warm sunshine was pourin down、Lounging by the pool and enjoyed the Sun!

The season now、Swimming suit is required for hotel stay!

Clublephoon (Club Lefoon) Fung Wah Kai
Opening hours:7:00-23:00

Silks Place Yilan
Ran Jing Ying hotel (Silks Place Yilan)
Location:No.36, Sec. 2, Minquan Rd., Yilan City

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2018/4/21Taiwan travel /Silks Place Ilan Orchid Vol.3


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