"Mandarin Oriental Taipei, private club floor lounge morning Champ

"Mandarin Oriental Taipei Mandarin Oriental, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Taipei Taipei"The prepared as a private guest lounge with high-floor room 6f"Oriental Club Lounge (Oriental Club Lounge) is、6 in the morning:30-10:30The times offered champagne with breakfast and enjoy!

Here you will、And semi-aderbuffet-style breakfast、The hors d'oeuvres to the counter cheese and ham、Salami、In addition to the roasted pork、Serial、Milk、Yogurt、Taiwan fruit started.、Danish baked bread and milk Pan Greens good scent!

Japan language representation is semi order menu also is useful for、Western style Eggs Benedict, pancakes and other breakfast and、It is possible to order of Taiwan such as porridge and noodle dishes!

"Buttermilk Pancakes (Butter Milk Pancakes).
Simple Buttermilk Pancakes and arrange the nuts and fruits to the colorful toppings! Take plenty of jams and honey、Fluffy moist texture to enjoy!

Crab eggs Benedict (Marinated Crab Egg Benedict)
Eggs Benedict you poached eggs with plenty of crab meat and hollandaise sauce on a grilled English muffin!

Special rice porridge (Congee Daily)
The daily finish the flavor of chicken soup or seafood-based Taiwan rice porridge、Dashi's life! It is a treat in the morning enjoying the aroma and flavor of Taiwan!

Traditional Taiwan noodle (Double Boiled Chicken Soup)
A simple chicken soup、From the morning to the stomach gently I can't believe my flavor、Flat hwayoung is a traditional Taiwan noodle noodles served with shiitake mushrooms, Bok Choy, etc!

Watermelon、Pineapple、Papaya、Melon、Grape、Dragon fruit、Blueberry tart and seasonal fruits packed in!

Homemade yogurt
Oatmeal yogurt and blueberries、Planes, etc.、Will the indispensable morning yogurt!

Early in the morning ago the meeting had put their Director of Communications Li Jia yan (Luanne Li) And Wang Jin 瑀 (Stella Wang-、Along with the Breakfast Meeting!

Dessert and go to the terrace with parasol、Feeling a pleasant morning wind in Champagne and enjoy the leisure! Really luxurious!

After the meal、Go to the outdoor poolside、Warm and soft sunlight.、And enjoy the Sun!
Over the 20-metre outdoor pool、Year round water temperature and set at 20 ° C、Guests can use it anyone becomes possible、The pool was covered with a colorful blue tail、Looking down from the upper floor、Than enjoy unbelievably outstanding beauty!

Taipei Mandarin Oriental (Mandarin Oriental Taipei)
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Taipei
Location:No. 158, Dunhua N Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City
TEL:+886 2 2715 6888

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2018/4/26Taiwan travel /Mandarin Oriental Taipei Vol.2


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