Chinese recommend that finding restaurants 'House Orchid incense culinary Laurentian too"town in the private


Chinese restaurant located in hamakita "House ran Laurent"The sister restaurant"House Orchid incense culinary Laurentian too"
Located in Sala city East sewn in floor near the County complex。
As for Chinese food、Oily Kudo is that it is followed by the image、
The Chinese food here、Has been serving simple food the smell of fresh ingredients and spices to many courses、
Elderly people and young children、Or use and more for healthy women, loved。
Lunch、1,000Yen ~、
The course of the night、5000Circle、6000Circle、8000Circle、10000Circle、15000Circle and five-course provides、
À la carte dishes also aligned to rich variation。
From Hamamatsu station barely、Walk 10-15 minutes walking distanceThe location and、
Beside the store five less parking and、Also includes a parking area next to each other.


Shop、Fills the air of luxury furnishings with buying in China a neatly crafted wooden lattice, such as the。
The number of staff that、Each table service and staff、
Others provide an open floor、
Build private or semi private curtained booth also、
Can be used for meetings。
Chinese classical instrument、A meal at the restaurant gently in the background, such as the erhu music、
Spend time relaxing and calming.

On this day、Because of the Ranch's meeting、Semi private room "Wang cameWan Lai"Throughout the time we have。
Choose your favorite main from the lunch menu"Lunch" 1000 yenAnd
Set of noodles with your favorite MaineCotton set includes 1200 YenEach order!

You can choose among the following 3 main dishes。(Monthly is cooking。-
A. fried tofu in Szechuan sauce
B. the egg and pork with oyster sauce
C. Princess scallops and lightly fried shiso (perilla)


Lunch "Sichuan stew of fried tofu.

The "deep fried tofu Sichuan stewed in the lunch A set、
Large deep fried tofu filled with if、
Is a Sichuan sauce spicy spicy bean paste is thick with plenty of minced pork and leek。
Served with vegetables、Bok Choy。
As our delicious、On the white rice is also good you multiply.


Lunch "Princess scallops and lightly fried shiso"

C set lunch "Princess scallops and lightly fried shiso" is、
With plenty of lovely size scallop、
FCRO mushrooms、Broccoli、Along with eating the crunchy Yam and young corn
In shiso leaves with plenty of light and the bean。
China is a good balance between、I am happy but can take many ingredients!


"Half-tan noodles" (* choose soy sauce ramen or half)

The set you like Maine and noodle noodle dishes half-tan noodles,、
It is easy to taste or eat a mild spiciness Tamer。
+100At noodles you can change to regular size。
I will come with a price, so if a woman can meet the half 10 minutes!


"Ranch salad"

And recommended sea Crystal made from seaweed extract is a texture you can enjoy yours!


"Rice、Soup、Zha CAI.

Recommended for lunch、Taste the rice soup、And with Chinese pickles、
The noodle lunch、With ramen noodles、With no soup、With rice and shredded。



Hot oolong tea comes with an aperitif or after dinner。
In the rainy days、Started and very cool also、Hot tea is relief.。
Restless is a semi private room seats、Private comfortable space is maintained for、
And the perfect place to meet in Hamamatsu City ♪

House Orchid incense culinary Laurentian too
Address:Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Chuo 1-3-6-Sala city East seven 1F
Hours of operation:11:30-14:30、17:30-21:00(L.o)
Closed on Mondays:Monday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, Chuo 1-3-6

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