"Seasonal flowers bloom trillion change from satchou ' lunch in relaxed space


Tosu Nishigasaki StationAt nishigasaki intersection a few minutes' walk from2013November 6, 2008Chinese restaurant opened in "Shunka Sakicho Shunkasacho"Mr.。The menu is、Sichuan cuisine is served in a single push to the mae。Because it faces the main street、Although it is an easy place to see、There is consideration such as turning the entrance to the back、The parking lot is also large and easy to stop.。Because it is OK even with children、The appearance of the family stands out、It has the atmosphere of a beautiful family restaurant♪


Shop、You can see the kitchen with glass.、It is a calm space based on white and dark brown.。Because the number of seats is relaxed for the space, the sense of distance from the next seat is moderate、It's cozy.。There are about 7 table seats for 4 people on the main floor、At the back of the left hand side of the entrance, we could see counter seats and private rooms for one person.。To the front、There's also a ikebana.、Fish and shrimp、There's an awabi in it.。Lunch menu、950Yen ~It is prepared and、Noodles with rice、Rice comes with soup.、Rice is free refills。And for dessert on every lunch menuApricot Tofuwill be attached♪


"Tianjin rice with crab meat (with soup)" (noodles also allowed) 950 yen

Tianjin rice with crab meatThe、Crab meat in white rice with rumblings、Fluffy egg is put and finished with Chinese bean jam without acidity。How to use potato starch is a little heavy finish and the asscerion is too strong、It's not too dark.、It's not too thin.、Because it is a simple taste without features, it is easy to eat♪


Weekly Lunch B This week's dishes and half-dandan noodles "Light salt stew of tofu and crab meat (with rice)" 1,250 yen

Weekly Lunch B、Dish of the Week and Half Dandan NoodlesYou can。What's your dish this week?、Braised Tofu and Crab Meat with Light SaltIt is。Light salt-based bean paste with tofu and crab meat。The weight of the bean jam stands out here as well as Tianjin rice.。It is subtle that the expression of hotel-like cuisine is correct.、I feel that it is a dish with no individuality unusual for a private restaurant。It's probably aimed at receiving all the people.。Regardless of age or gender、There are restrictions on what the whole family can eat deliciously.、If you see a little child cooking deliciously next to you、This makes you think this is good♪


Weekly Lunch B "Half Dandan Noodles"

Half-dandan noodles with a stronger acidity of spices than sesame paste。Noodles、Thin straight noodles。Half set has a sense of deals♪


Dessert "Apricot Tofu" for lunch Extra charge + 100 yen Apricot tofu with coconut milk

of desserts that go with any lunchApricot TofuThe、Additional charge +100 yenYou can add coconut milk to apricot tofu.。This is standard apricot tofu.。Its size is a large bowl like chawanmoku、There is a sense of volume for desserts that are attached as a set。Sweetness is gentle、I like smoothness moderately.。Because the price range is comparatively reasonable、Small children and grandpas、It may be recommended for families with grandmothers♪

Shunka Sakicho Shunkasacho
718-1 Nishigasakicho, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu TEL:053-432-6666
Hours of operation 11:30-15:00(L.O.14:30) 17:30To 22:00(L.O.21:30)
Closed on Mondays:Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday

718-1 Nishigasakicho, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu City

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