Home roasting coffee roaster in Fukuroi Cameroon new beans "and blister Japanese restaurant" taste!


Retreat home roasting coffee beans shop located just along the road to the Temple of Fukuroi through 'Blister and Japanese restaurant"。
Hama-CHAN's friend and his wife濱小路 RendeWith his wife inAkemiJust engaged、
Carefully selected aromatic roast stand forChia Pei own roasted beansShop where you will find。
In the Western Prefecture, not to mention restaurants and cafes、Apparel and beauty salon、Not limited to grocery stores, such as food and beverage outlets、
Blister and Japanese restaurantFromCoffee beansBut few are buying、
Are loved by many fansChia Pei own roasted beansOfSpecialty shopsWill be!


Here you will、Always lined up on store shelvesRaw coffee beansFrom the select the favorite things、To-orderRoastingThat commitment Buri。
The roastingCoffee beansWhile waiting for the、His wifeAkemiMr. delicious freshly brewedCoffeeCan you treat。
In small children instead of coffeeCocoaFriendliness and、
Is your family go out to buy coffee beans in the family total putting out very good service so many。
However,、Should not be confused、Here you willCafe is notIt said that。
Shops purchase coffee beans only.。
Phone book in advanceGo to the waySpecify date and time and、
Because it will make the suit at that time、Hurry is sure to phone book.


Ice cream blend 200 g 790 Yen

Blister and Japanese restaurantNow、Summer is overwhelmingly limited to summerIce cream blend 200 g 790 YenIt is popular。
Fragrant and firm richness、Iced coffee with a sharp taste。
Us couple is push iced coffee made from this summer!


7Bonjardim farm, new beans 200 g 980 yen

The country of production is、Bonjardin plantation in the Massus de Minas region of Minas Gerais, Brazil, a coffee powerhouse。
Mr. Vics centimeter, the owner here,、130The fifth generation of a 1990 historic farm。
2000He became famous after winning the Brazilian Cup of Excellence in 2008.、
After that, he won numerous awards and had a passion for coffee.、He is a person with a strong spirit of inquiry who always challenges various things.。
This bean、Blister and Japanese restaurantonly in the original lot、
"MAMEYA CAFE" original bag is made plantation owners! (Terrible)
Blister and Japanese restaurantThe recommended roasting in is medium roasting。
Coffee drinkable mild type of nuts and honey flavor is felt.


8"Cameroon", new beans 200 g 980 yen

The country of origin、Cameroon in Africa。
In Japan, it is a country famous for soccer.、It is a strong african country called "indomitable lion" in the football world.。
What is coffee in Cameroon?、1980in the 1980s due to the fall in coffee prices and the abolition of government support for agriculture.、
Farmers abandon coffee production、The coffee industry has a history of being driven to the brink of collapse。
However,、After that、Farmers begin to rethink coffee as a sustainable crop、
without government assistance、It was revived including cultivation as a complete natural farming method.。
Blister and Japanese restaurantThe recommended roasting in、From shallow parched, medium roast.。
It is characterized by a wonderful citrus scent reminiscent of "Moka Ilgachev", a rare Ethiopian bean。
What is coffee in Cameroon?、It is not so well known in Japan.、There is no doubt that it will become famous from now on.。
Blister and Japanese restaurantNow、"Cameroon", which was very popular last year, is also delicious this year♪


Cameroon 200 g 980 yen

I purchased a recommended new bean this time。
As a feature of beans、Taller、It has a slightly larger shape.。
For recommended roasting、It is roasted from shallow roasting to a little medium roasting, and it has a light brown finish than usual beans♪


When you taste "Cameroon" with freshly ground and freshly brewed triple time、
With a refreshing scent、Even though it is a refreshing drinking mouth, it also feels rich enough、
Very delicious coffee is recommended.

Blister and Japanese restaurant
Fukuroi-shi Muramatsu 2607 TEL:0538-42-7222
Hours of operation 10:00-19:00
Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

Fukuroi city Muramatsu 2607

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