"Pâtisserie Francis' Fairy tale sweets such as the world of the merry-go-round is popular in Taipei !


Since they have passion and admiration for dessert、
Boston、The proceeded to France with path over pastry chef and Owner pâtissierFrancis ChangYebisu beer
"Pâtisserie Francis"。
Place、MRT "Jiannan Road Station"To close、Large or district (in area) of located in the first floor of the building located at the intersection、
Particularly eye-catchingTiffany BlueThe is a lovely Patisserie rushed into vivid colors!
The other day、Taiwan's Taipei residents on Central Asia、
Has been working as a gourmet critic "Eagle"In、Because I was introduced and favorite Patisserie、
Immediately、I come to the shop! (Xie Xie!)


2012 August,In the newly opened "Pâtisserie Francis"The sign is、A fairy tale with umbrella、
Is the name of the shop "Merry-go-round"Image.


The store filled with clean white、
In the owner pâtissierFrancis Changis、
I loveTiffany BlueThe color image of the shop、In a gift box to use、
Has become an eye-catching accent color、Cute shop, mergentick、And women, is very popular in Taipei!
In the showcase、Also hits the suites including a brilliant cake!






Baked goods


"Pâtisserie Francis"The suites、
Along with the whipped cream on the body for kindness、Quality ingredients, such as organic、
And everything is secure handmade、
What to say、Is multiplied by its popularity spurred the cuteness of this package!


The spiral staircase leading to flow from the floor of the first floor of this、
Like merry go round carousel of lights alight、Small children very popular!


On the second floor of the store、And provide a soft space using natural wood、
It is possible to charter parties, such as the tea party!
Locate a food elevator to carry food and drink、Providing smart service。
The views from the large Windows、Beautiful trees spread.、
And see the lush green summer、Guests can enjoy afternoon tea while admiring the fall foliage in the fall.


Speak only Chinese and EnglishFrancis Changis、
The aunt speak JapanJan LinIntroduced as an interpreter! (Xie Xie! )

From my childhood who have strong admiration for dessert with passionFrancis ChangThe、
United States food pastry school in Boston "The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts"To proceed、
And、Moved to France cooking pastry school in Paris "Le Cordon Bleu Paris"In fulfilling graduation、
In Taipei was born and raised "Pâtisserie Francis"The open。
She was not forgotten by France eat pineapple cheesecake deliciousness、
Its not in the chestFrancisOf the brand、
France confectionery technology, arranged in a traditional pineapple cake Taiwan
And developed the original pineapple cake、
We will establish the original brand is loved by not only Taiwan people but also many countries of.


Francis German Gen. Feng pear core tea (Francis original pineapple tea) 5 follicles containing 300 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1080 yen)

"Pâtisserie Francis"Now、At the popular original pineapple cake、
To take advantage of Taiwan pineapple.、
Thought without somehow wasted a pineapple then discharged large amount of core available、
Sliced, dried、Creates original pineapple tea by dipping into hot water!
Pineapple is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, helps with bowel movements、Suitable for recovery from fatigue、
Also suitable for skin, gut and clean。
Stimulates metabolism, vitamin B1、The substitute energy and enzymes that break down carbohydrates to help help。
Function of potassium can also be high blood pressure prevention、Low calorie for、Is known as the fruit diet。
1200 ml water soak in baotou、2~ Third place、Enjoy the intact as a pineapple tea!
In the aroma of pineapple healed body-friendly sugar-free soft。
Is a tasty fruit tea can enjoy its natural sweetness.


Pineapple tea hot even ice cream can be enjoyed!
The core of a pineapple, soaked in hot water、You can eat as you can。
Just、So taste it boyakざtざ after the hot water、It if you think consider the texture, a different third-order is also available.


"Rose Ice llatte"

Made from the rose garden of Nantou bought organic rose petal extract
Rose made two homemade sauce iced latte。
Illy CoffeeThe taste becomes mild tenderness of milk is filled with sugar-free soft latte、
Elegant flavors of rose slightly after views.


In the owner pâtissierFrancis ChangThat will be described the best cake!


"Donna Cake (ice cake)" 220 TWD (Japan Yen:About 790 yen)
2015Of the year "Mother's day"To actuallyFrancisThe motherDonna ChangThe presented "Donna Cake"The、
It is a kindness girl named cake, taking her mother's name is filled with ice cake!
In the dough and Caramelized nut cream、And in plenty of raisins with Cranberries soaked in liquor、
The salt roastmacadamian nutty texture、Increases the flavor a lot.

"Grass tells fairy tales (Strawberry macaroon)" 280 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1010 yen)
"Grass tells fairy tales"The、Like a merry go round reminiscent to strawberry macaroons with、
Sweet and sour Strawberry custard and fresh strawberries are rich!

"Meng cloth, (Mont Blanc) 185 TWD (Japan Yen:About 670 yen)
Mont-Blanc was trained during the tender sweet chestnut and mascarpone cheese with a refreshing acidity balance is good!

"spicy cheese"
"They, roofing tiles: (Duckworth) Dacquoise" 65 TWD (Japan Yen:Approx. 240 JPY)

Baked goods、The taste of the spicy, rich cheese-heart shaped cookies "spicy cheese"。
Guests can enjoy elegant almond-scented、
A smooth caramel cream with rose sauce、And with pineapple sauce
Luxury "Dacquoise"。


"Original pineapple cake"
"Original almond"
"Sunflower seed macadamian nuts"
"Walnut coffee"
5Pieces 300 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1080 yen) 10pcs 550 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1980 yen)

But not in a traditional pineapple cake、
France confectionery techniques learnedFrancisPineapple cake made up the original, quirky personality!
Quality materials、Taiwan organic pineapple、Japan produced flour、France produced butter、
Using of Taiwan grown with nature farming chickens eggs、
A wide variety of pineapple cake can enjoy reliable, safe, and various flavors.。
The pineapple bean paste stuck in、There is a rich texture and moistness that can feel a lot of pineapple fiber、
Japanese flour and French butter are fragrant.、You can enjoy a gentle taste♪


Hand rice cake median
Homemade pineapple cookies


sugar frosting brittle cakes
Raspberry meringue


Apricot peach Tower
Apricot tart


In the lovely Owner pâtissierFrancis ChangOf Japan take the baked pastry filled with kindness.、
And they try to Taiwan like the suites like friends、
"Changed the impression of Taiwan suites!"、"Cute package!"、
"want souvenir.No,1!"、"Correctly I don't care、Straight flavor!"、
"Buy Clem coffee pineapple cake!"、
"The suites feel the kindness of women who think owner patissier material!"And、
Received many nice comments!
Francis、It seems to have reached the neatly in everyone's mind is the passion for your dessert!
Also, let's Love Affair Contact ♪

Pâtisserie Francis
Address: Taipei municipal Zhongshan, clear channel 672 Street 46 No. 1 House
TEL:(02) 8502-2600
Hours of operation:10:00-20:00
Closed on Mondays:Last Tuesday of each month

Taipei municipal Zhongshan, clear channel 672 Street 46 No. 1 House

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