Sprinkled gourmet critic as "Eagle" and "Pâtisserie Francis" owners, research the Taipei gourmet!


"Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei"The 1st floor restaurant
"L’IDIOT RESTAURANT"For in happend、
Taiwan's Taipei residents on Central Asia
Has been working as a gourmet critic "Eagle"And to meet、
Changing Taipei food situation
We have a place to discuss.


Active as a Central Asian "Eagle"The、And appeared in a variety of media、
Open to talk about gastronomy、"Gastronome consultant"As to spend every day work to the advisory activities、
As a gourmet critic has come 20 years。
This time、Steak House was opened in Taipei from her
We have introduced a、Click the URL below for more information in the article!
See "Alexander's Steakhouse" one Michelin-star winning experience with Taipei's long-awaited opening! 」

In addition、This time、Was accompanied by her favorite pastry shop introduction、
"Pâtisserie Francis"The owner patissier in
Francis ChangAnd sisterZhang Wenyu (Ariel chang)It is!
To testify at a later date in the patisserie in relation to schedule、
After、I want to learn!

【Profile】 Eagle
Gastronomic order of sentences drug for declination、Good taste Guide and the creation of glass paperweights
The "shoulder"
1. Dayunwen to create a "stock" host、2. Qingyang, Chengdu food culture Foundation Honorary
3. 2014Goodwill Ambassador for the Taipei International beef noodle Festival food、4. 2012Shen of Taipei "gourmet" General Counsel
Frequently invited to Taiwan cuisine's got talent&Speech、Frequent travel to and from Asia around the culinary experience of the camps
Issuing city, Hong Kong and Macao ", Chief Hotel culinary journey" columnist
"The book"
2011Soho(Flag Grove publishing)
2009Fitch @ Malaysia food play(Games published)
2008Fitch does not eat the food-amazing-celebrity chef dishes(Board study published)
1996Diamond characters-the MLM classic(Golden pineapple press)
Wrote:I want you to thin(Suzaku culture)
Perspective on celebrity Feng Shui(Golden pineapple press)
Great news consumption Center Director、Cheng Sheng Broadcasting AM81.9 "of Taipei's talk about" host、
As "woman ‧ women" program、Have Lok Fu true public relation 企劃、Restless 娛 Lok units "Bing bing good cuisine" fixed old taotie


Gourmet critic "Eagle"AndFrancis ChangIs in it's best friends、
"Want to you know Francis taste of it!"Said staff our store boasts baked sweet。
Suites pour plenty of affectionFrancisTo provide、
Body suites like those feelings.、To the material、Suites they feel the gentle love!


Like Tiffany (Tiffany)FrancisPackage design、On the cuteness scale female Uke in excellent finish!
Taiwan's famous pineapple cake with original and arranged the goods or、Cookies、Meringue、Tart,、
It can be recommended for those who got bored with ordinary Taiwan souvenirs!


Work in foreign countries came from the next day "Eagle"The、
In a very tight schedule、Taking the time to meet me come! (So thanks! )
Francis ChangAnd sisterAriel chang)Well thank you! (Xie Xie! )
"Pâtisserie Francis"To visit for more information
We will introduce later.

Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei
Location:Taipei municipal Zhongshan district forest in North Road 369,

Location:Zhongshan district, Taipei City, turning Linsen North Road, No. 369 1F
TEL:+886 2 2581 5811


Pâtisserie Francis

Taipei municipal Zhongshan district forest in North Road 369,

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