"Grand Victoria Hotel" Lunar New Year a limited time ! Deco pineapple cake of the Spring Festival is recommended!


19United Kingdom Victorian dynasty of the century atmosphere was built based on、Decorated dress with classic and modern arrangements
5One boasts a star "Grand Victoria Hotel"。
2007/1 JanuaryThe Grand opening。
MRTOfJiannan Road StationThan3-minute walk distanceThe location and、
Are currently the most developed willing and development in Taipei "Neihu area"Next I。
It is a symbol of the inner lake area "Miramar"The sight of the large Ferris wheel spins、
"National Palace Museum' , 'National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine"Such as the attractions as close、
Also、"Taiwan Taoyuan International AirportApproximately in the car until "35Minutes
"Taipei Songshan AirportApproximately in the car until "15MinutesAnd、Located in a very convenient location。
The last、In the last year2015/11The trip went great!


In ceiling height, spread and open space、Clean and white, wall。
2014 August,In the new、It has redesigned art works in the machine。
Taiwanese artist "Lai Chun ChunArt works "maker"Ectocarpus Megumi"Ceiling and the front rear。
Water and clouds、And represent the blessings of the Earth、Nature of the sky and the Earth are represented in the colorful glass and、
Walls shine brightly coloured works beautifully、Give the eye-catching。
A huge Christmas tree color brilliantly welcomed!
Ask to withdraw the Christmas tree exactly on this day and I believe、Good timing。
After this、Becoming a Chinese new year decorations.


It is the owner of princessValerie Lu (photo left)To
"ayaco、I see you have something passed from?"And for the nice message、
Because the coverage was at near、Grand Victoria HotelTo decided to stop。
Pulchritude、眉目 beautifulValerieThe、Japan English is very fluent, is a great House!
And also the villas in Japan、Enjoy the ski winter、Go gourmet、
Seems to often be enjoyed a vacation in Japan.

Of PR Marketing ManagerElvila Chen (Center of the photo)The、
Bright, bright,、173cm tall model I like is a charming woman.

Current、It is the only Japanese staff at this hotel
Sales Assistant ManagerKenji Takahashi (photo right)San。
Nearly three years ago has been engaged in this hotel。
From being moved to Taiwan for 11 yearsTakahashiMr. a、
Japanese、English、And fluent in spoken Chinese、As a salesman named great achievement!


Grand Victoria Hotel "Lunar pineapple cake.
10PCs + carefully selected tea box 880 TWD (Japan yen approximately 3200 yen)
(Dark chocolate and white chocolate taste of each five)
(1) Sesame & kumquat(2) Earl Grey & kumquat (3) berries & raspberry (4) Strawberry & Raspberry (5) green tea & kumquat

Valerie LuGave me the、
Grand Victoria HotelThe spring is limited so cute pineapple cake!
Taiwan style painted with upside-down letter "Fu" and "Spring" comes down to chocolate decorations、
And the cute monkey monkey、Good luck Red Snapper or fan is depicted。
Blend of chocolate and pineapple cake is a first-time experience!
Along with the Taiwan tea almost gone an Taiwan suites!
And have friend also Taiwan like the suites like sample、
"I was surprised by so much lovely decoupainapple cake!"
"Elegant impact and delight in your tea!"、"Chinese new year limited edition design is good!"
"Is full of happiness when otherwise the gift will love it!"
"Fresh pineapple cake with chocolate combination!"And、
Received many nice comments!
Traditional pineapple cake was good、Talk about these changes will be better and you know the story!
Valerie Lu、Very thanks!
All of the Grand Victoria Hotel、Also, let's Love Affair Contact ♪

Grand Victoria Hotel
Location:104 Taiwan Taipei Nakayama, Takashi industries 4 channel 168 No.

Taiwan Taipei Nakayama, Takashi industries 4 channel 168 No.

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