"RUTH’S CHRIS STEAK HOUSE" Enjoy the aged meat in the American steak house that was born in New Orleans!


The founderRuth FertelIn 1965,、
Small Steak House was opened in New Orleans in the United States
Since the first franchise store opening in 5/1976、
Then one after another to show momentum of branch stores、
Current、Has grown to 144 stores to franchised around the world's largest luxury Steak House。
Taipei、Hong Kong S.A.R. providing agent deployment of foreign food and beverage store brands in China and Taiwan based on
"Hasmore Ltd. Group"And then run、
Ruth’s Chris GroupFor as the No. 1 overseas branch1993 yearTo seeTaipei Songshan Airport"Open close、
Sales continued for more than 20 years.、Throughout the Taiwan expanding its name synonymous with the finest steaks。
2014 December 15The、As the Taipei No. 2 building in Taipei's dazhi area fine dining "-"The 3rd floor
"Ruth’s Chris Steak House"Open!
In the Asian region、Japan、Hong Kong、Singapore、Taiwan and more、And no. 9 stores。
Here's the Bill、Interviewed in a previous interview、Singapore Buddha restaurant "Restaurant André"of
André ChiangRestaurant chefs "RAW"On the first floor、
As well as on the 5th floor、Japan food "Ryugin"Taiwan first shop"Shoun Ryugin"Also has offices in、Great sensation!

* Click the URL below is the coverage of the last!
"RAW" The advance in Taipei! Young chef who are active under the Andre Chiang of the world's top chefs!

Japanese cuisine "Ryugin" Taipei advance! "Shoun Ryugin" of excellence philosophy food and tea pairing


"Ruth’s Chris Steak House"The、
In the Steakhouse、Bred in the Midwest of the United States、Fed corn to feed cattle
Use only the rare prime beef accounts for 2% of total beef production in the United States。
Wettageing, 21-28 days to、Flavor your own drawer.、
The flavor of the meat inside and to confine、
Approximately980°CThose in the high-temperature special broiler cooked、Placed on a heated plate、
To provide the sizzle while in Buzz's Steakhouse!
As the opening of Asia、This will be no. 9 store!


"Hasmore Ltd. Group"of
Vice President-Marketing DepartmentSandra LeeMe down to say hello、
Public Relations ManagerVivienne WangJapan language interpretation and in charge ofKaori Liang
And、General ManagerEric Liuplease to introduce ♪ (Xie Xie!)

On top、Counter bar with spacious sofa space provided、
As an American-style lounge、And as the meeting of parties and an aperitif bar。
Wall to ceiling glass Windows for、
Sight size can enjoy the night view of or、A romantic time.


Shop、France interior design team "NACO"Has been engaged in design、
"New Orleans Skyline-"For while capturing the image of the city overview、
This employs a modern design of the seventies and、Sense of freedom、Provides the atmosphere。
Remove ceiling space in a movable partition free space that will enable、
Flexible as each room is 2 persons from the private room seats up to 150 people for banquet hall is available.


"Hasmore Ltd. Group"In 14 years, and joined
In the veteran players ' General ManagerEric LiuTo visit our speciality shop、
The Japan language translatorKaori LiangTo be translated! (Xie Xie! )
Learned about four years to JapanKaoriMr. a、And knows the hard word、Detailed to explain, is a great help me!
The menu is、Can be ordered for course or a la carte、
This time from the top is select likes。
The menu that is displayed in red、It is with the traditional favorites of the New Orleans Office。
New Orleans is、Formerly a colony of France from、
And close to the France food off dishes taste、Will be using more butter and garlic dishes.
(* All prices 10% service charge is added)


"Newton Vineyards Chardonnay Red Label Napa 2012-"
California Chardonnay 100%

The unfiltered Chardonnay released in 1990, Newton vineyard、
Synthetic fertilizers、Agricultural chemicals、Minimize the use of herbicides、Emphasizing the ripeness of fruit、
By harvesting all the grapes picked by hand、Maintains the high quality as much natural wine making。
Aromas of tropical fruits and white flowers、
Is fresh fruitiness and acidity.、The flavor rich、
Long faint scent lingering flavor of vanilla from the oak barrels、
For that fresh aftertaste、It is a good variety of dishes with wine。
In the shop here、To enjoy pairing wine with the indictment of、
Would you ask the staff.


510TWD (Japan Yen:About 1840 yen)

Squeezed lemons with plenty of crab meat cake crab meat at high temperature to roast the dish you put。
Enjoy the original first bite、Squeezing the lemon by the third, make the changes to the taste。
Lemon wrapped in pretty paper lemon yellow、Designed no species、
Garson is the aperture with a fork、Us over the taste of lemon。
And stuffed full with crab meat、Enjoy a sweet、
Is the freshness of the acidity of the lemon.、In a rich butter flavor-rich taste.


Recommend the lobster Bisque and、Please sprinkle black pepper on the table。
Us with Garson per person must be on each table、Service for peace of mind!
This is our table、Kyle Lin♪ that someone gave me in charge


380TWD (Japan Yen:1,370Yen)

The lobster Bisque、Using a broth from bones of the head of the lobster and fish、
Saffron、It is a soup cooked with spices, such as cinnamon。
At the end by using brandy、Complemented by flavorful taste.


Homemade baguette

Topped with homemade butter salt sparingly、Is a free refill on baguette。
It is as crisp and savory baked baguette with rich Bisque we delicious!


360TWD (Japan Yen:About 1300 yen)

Caesar salad with Romaine lettuce, fresh。
Croutons、Crispy Parmesan and black pepper and served with accents、
And tossed with Romano cheese and a creamy Caesar dressing、Very nice acidity and rich、
Enjoy the texture Crisp Romaine lettuce salad.


Kitchen ManagerAndy ChangKindly go to say hello! (Xie Xie! )
AndyAnd the 36-year-old chef, is a young、"Hasmore Ltd. Group"To have worked, in the 11 years、
Everyone is a chef off is booming in Asia、Click hereAndyThat are loaded under the chef training!
He is 191 cm and more、And trained like athletes, toned physique.、
Actually,、7And is the children's good Daddy、I was very calm.


Next in line、Will be in glass red wine steak main dish to suit!


Château Lanessan 2006 "
France Bordeaux

Chateau lanessan are、1793Clan BTA e House with tradition and formality。
BTA e House earlier.、In the time-honored was also a shareholder of Château Pichon Baron and Château Palmer family、8th now。
The lanessan、Haut-Médoc typical soils、Born in gravel soil、
Is the solid body is characterized by long term aging bear type。
With approximately 30 years the vines of grape、Tobacco and the aroma of wild feels from red fruits。
Here in 2006, has firm tannins、Good balance of acidity and bitterness、Finished in easy-to-drink wine.


PETITE FILET" 8oz 230g
1,450TWD (Japan Yen:About 5220 yen)

Steak、Choose from three different types of the。
Soft in the lowest fat red meatFillet、And、Marbled meat is juicierRib-eye
In the last、Full-bodied meat was flavorful but is characterized by、American people of popularNew York StripIt is!
And two is even more bone、Cowboy live isOr T-bone stylePorterhouseFrom you can choose。

We have、Lean, fat is not good for、Petit filetI ordered!
Corn fed USDA Premier beef softest hard to find parts、Cut into smaller and、8Available in oz (230 g)。
Wettageing, 21-28 days by、And pull out the flavor of your own、
The flavor of the meat inside and to confine、Approximately980°CWhat are baking in the hot broiler。
In the provision、Will provide the instrument which is heated to approximately 260 degrees on hot。
The seasoned、Salt and pepper、Butter、And only parsley、Simply enjoy the flavor and sweetness of the meat.


So have also spoken in front of easy-to-share if you ask、Very easy to eat、
In addition、With always on while we were eating and、Will replace with hot again which is heated to about 260 degrees、
Until the last minute there are services that you can enjoy the warm steak。
"Because it is so hot、Do not touch your hand with care,"And us with them!


How to bake and order medium-rare、Moist and finish a juicier.。
Red's who care、Focuses on the cut surface with hot, wait a little bit、It is possible to taste burning!
Aged meat grew up eating corn beef wettageing about 28 days.、
No fishy smell in the meat、There's a faint sweetness、Very soft、Will each bite full of flavor!


300TWD (Japan Yen:About 1080 yen)

You can choose from six different types of potato side dish。
This is the most popular potato gratin、Juicy potatoes imported from the United States, is very sweet、
Heat is moist and more。
Gratin of potatoes piled up too many layers and using several different types of cheese、
The bechamel sauce、Blue cheese with the rest of the onions and garlic、Romano cheese、
On plenty of sweet cheese, cheddar cheese, finished in the oven dish.


300TWD (Japan Yen:About 1080 yen)

With the smooth flavor of garlic mashed potatoes.、
And finish by using the milk with whipped cream!


Operated by the group in building 5th floor "Shoun Ryugin"In the
Ryohei HiedaKindly go to greet chef ♪ (thanks!)


Is recommended for dessert.、Choose from four samples of。
I like Taiwan、Do you I it mean、Call it the American size?、Free dessert volume is big! (Surprise! )
1And then you just type that、I have chosen to share.


290TWD (Japan Yen:About 1050 yen)

Use plenty of Madagascar vanilla beans classic Creole egg custard in a、
Produce flavor-rich taste、Served with fresh strawberries and blueberries、
And caramelize the surface、Is simmering in a smooth creme Brulee!


(Apple clam tart)
Crispy with soft vanilla ice cream!


Philadelphia cream cheese!


(SIN cake)
The allure of chocolate and espresso!


160TWD (Japan Yen:About 580 yen)


Chef and staff photo at the end! (So thanks! )
"Hasmore Ltd. Group"This building operated、
Casual restaurants and ramen shops in Japan started.、
Covering high-quality and famous restaurants food and beverage Bill attracted intense interest as we are!
Travel in Taiwan、Basic Taiwan food thrown away is difficult to、
Changing tastes、We recommend also moved its worldwide restaurants feel the charm of a new Taiwan.
In it、Are there any restaurants?、Next introduce all the restaurants in the building.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House
Address:Taipei-Lok Group 3 rd # 301, 3rd floor
TEL:+886 2 8501 5900

[Map Taipei Park Group of three road No. 301[/map]

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