L'Hospitalet by Brooklyn buffet lunch at morimori Kato farm vegetables


Has been popular for many years in the aerobic fun city 'Brooklyn"、In the Middle as a casual Italian restaurant2010 April,The revival was open "ospiTare L'Hospitalet by Brooklyn"Mr.。The concept here is、"Body-friendly Italian"。At lunch、Enjoy the course all appetizers and salad as you likeOspitalebuffetComes with a。At dinner、In addition to à la carte, pizza, pasta、We loved the course。Interior decorated with stylish interiors、Ideal for dating and you go a little。Active in a wide range of various party scenes、Can be used as the wedding reception venue。In addition、Exclusive party planners、From meeting with us support until the day so it is safe.


Shop、Wine cellar on the boundary、1 can be used as a party venue and banquet、1 Hall used for lunch and、Wang CHAN, together with offers terrace seating。Lunch menu is as follows.。We also ordered quick cremacose!

Clema Crema 1,750 YenMain (3 types of pasta、Pizza 2、Risotto with one) will choose 1 + drink
Luce Luce 2,050 YenMain (3 types of pasta、Pizza 2、Risotto with one) will choose 1 + Dolce + drink
Terra Terra 3,100 yenMain (3 types of pasta、Pizza 2、Risotto 1) + today will choose 1 meat dish + Dolce + drink
* All lunch with ospitalebuffet (appetizer, salad)。


Some of the counter seatsOspitalebuffetHas become a、You have as much you like you like each。"Kato farm"And it's including the salad bar delicious vegetables with plenty、Original appetizer of the day is the sequence、Soup is also served.


"Appetizers、Salad "


"Appetizers、Corn Soup"



Plenty of cheese and tomato sauce potato Margherita。Unlike the last time felt fabric、The impression is changed。Instead of Basil in the season、Basil has been used.


Octopus tomato cream

Chopped Octopus.、Resorting to a meat-based sauce with plenty of、Gasp at how colorful the beans、Solid is the seasoning of pasta!


Earl Grey tea

Rare coffee, not tea order。Will be off 3 tablespoons or so lightly because in a teapot。Earl GreyThe tea is、Women's popular、Nice rich aroma of bergamot。Because the appetizers and salads are buffet style、On this day, I desire to scratching takes too future is (laughs)、Friend of the ManagerMatsuno, s. s.Unusual Mr. seems had been taken off properly, sorry!MatsunoMr、I will come again?!

ospiTare L'Hospitalet by Brooklyn
1-4-15 Chuo, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi, TEL:0120-00-7488
Hours of operation:11:00~ 14:30 17:00~ 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Open every day

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Chuo 1-4-15

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