Blue wall eye pique Felice Cucina Cafe lunch * close.


In last year's 12/22/2012 Chef "feel free to something good to enjoy" a Fujii Katsunori's thoughts. was OPEN in 連尺 town, ride "Felice Cucina cafe Feliz cocina"Mr.。Is marked with blue walls and Italy Bike Bianchi。The OPEN, while the opening night and lunch on weekends only seemed to。2013In April came at lunchtime will be day by day、I way I tried.

Shop、Informal casual cute space。4 counter seats and tables 9 seats in the small。The recent "UM womo"Just published"Lunch pass port"To have been involved、Most of the guests were used to。

Here you will、That has some time between lunch and dinner、From round one day open a shop and it is a surprise! As a result, recent、So was increased by closed.。Lunch menu、3 appetizer、Pasta & risotto、Drinks, 980 yen.。+200In the circle I zoned added desserts were very good!


"3 appetizers" salad、Tomato soup、Flatfish cream Gratin。

1,000At Nice where you will find assorted appetizers at lunch menu change coming?。The tomato soup、The sweetness is。The flatfish cream Gratin、There was fishing if and 2 slices and potatoes。Because it has been cooking in the oven in order from、In the State's hot offers。


Pasta tomato sauce crab

Perfect for our needs of 7 types of pasta。A creamy pasta flavored with crab soup。Happy pasta thickness is too thin so far is good boiled addition and subtraction.


Pasta rapini clams anchovy sauce

There is the small clams soup, delicious.。Here is comparatively solid feel of salt。But this time we had 2 kinds of pasta、I think risotto was delicious, so next we try!


Drinks "iced coffee and orange juice

Coffee properly in the Cup in the drip some thanks for was。Good lunch atmosphere、In alcohol and night menu、In the dishes and tapas of snacks to be provided at pretty reasonable prices、You would like to visit at night.

Felice Cucina cafe Feliz cocina
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-Cho 連尺 313-5 1F TEL:053-451-0589
Hours of operation:11:30-24:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday、The first, no. 3 Monday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-Cho 連尺 313-5

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