Champs Elysées Concorde in Italian buffet fair is a success!


Career advancement and overlooking the castle is Hamamatsu Castle、Hamamatsu Castle Park "Concorde"Mr.。You can enjoy the lush green Park Hotel、During the、It is possible to enjoy the mascot character of the popular high rise Lord Ieyasu-Kun anime packed room。And with a free parking lot for 200 cars、Hotel guests have 24-hour movements free and、Is a full-fledged faction city more than 30 years with a restaurant and Banquet Hall.


On this day、With morizono, Hideaki Mori hotel opened active for 31 years for Concierge sales business as it currently proceeding held in an Italian buffet fair、To be guided by the Concorde in ago eating.。After the Concorde's retirement, Mori、NowRound eight real estate groupThe has been active in the new Division.


Introduced Shimoda Takashi's Marketing Director, to Mr. Mori。


Top floor French's private restaurant "CIEL" and "Etoile".、Chinese Facebook "Wangfujing Wangfujing" and from after we let had the best view you can see、Ms. Bonjour tea lounge at while waiting。


The introduced Tsuruta Duke men's Concorde's Board of Directors President General Manager Mori。


This year was installed in June 2013, Tsuruta, President、The thorough research, such as terms of service other hotels、Has been aimed at overhauling customer satisfaction with hotels、Like that is try incorporate good stuff quickly and flexibly、Could be talking very constructive。Is key fact in a variety of locations to visit, to experience、She's Tsuruta President worked perfectly and that is our world of the Internet as part of the marketing and communication tools、Is very aggressive, nice!


Bakery and pastry shop "Champs-Élysées" is the prefecture's first vegetable sommelier certification restaurant。Bread baked oven adjacent to and、Live kitchen dishes vegetables create personal chefs right in front of the、More delicious meals you can enjoy Hotel Viking is。Available even during the week more than 100 people and is a big success every day.


2013/9/2( )-2013 / 10 / 31 (Thu)Until the Italian buffet fair will be held in the、In the traditional dishes of Italy、Commitment to seasonal and fresh vegetable sommelier who is rich with abundant vegetables carefully selected menu.


Hot fresh at all times so that you can provide、Chef is sifting through the arm can get lively live kitchen、Enjoyed the atmosphere, as well as food production is done.


Just、I enjoyed is the process of making the risotto with mushrooms and bacon.


Enjoying a meal and vegetable sommelier Kitajima Ms. Natsumi told me go to。She is、In addition to vegetable sommelier、Wife field Lieutenant large pitcher with Rakuten Mar jotte girth just so you have also obtained the same athrietvrdmai Star qualified.


Wagon service provided in each table、"Vegetable Enshu Mikawa"The pinch ideas with Lisa friends, Chef of the Champs-Elysées by the members、And how the qualities of the characteristics of the vegetable and material provides part of the local ingredients and local vegetables taste while、Limited menu provided.


The menu of the day、Suzuki Akihiro's have been established in Iwata-Shi 弥藤 太島Suzuki field tomatoesIs it in garden are close up "Eggplant Enshu melts in your mouth" has been。And larger than the ordinary Eggplant、Skin colour is very respectable eggplant in light purple。By passing through the fire、Texture melts in your mouth as the name suggests is characterized by、Fresh Eggplant can be felt more than enough sweetness in Eggplant。This time the、"Tasty Eggplant lasagna" to segregate us, by using this Eggplant。Poor children of the vegetables, etc、By this funny rendition、Or acquire knowledge of State actually cooked vegetables、Feel close to the appearance of the producers、In overcoming the difficulty in fun dining、You could want to eat!














Champs-Elysees's Italian buffet fair rates、Monday through Friday weekdays lunch is 1680 yen for junior high school students and older adults (1200 Yen、4Children over the age of 800 yen) next、Saturday、On Sundays、Holiday holiday lunch is 1800 yen for junior high school students and older adults (1300 Yen、4Children over the age of 900 yen) next I。Dinner buffet is available, so come visit homepage refer to it.

Champs Elysees
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku from Castle town 109-18 Concorde Hamamatsu 1F
TEL:Reservation number:050-5869-7994、Contact telephone:053-457-1112
Hours of operation:[B] 7:00To 9:30
[Lunch] weekdays:11:30-14:00、Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays:11:00-14:00
[Dinner] weekdays:17:30-21:30、Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays:17:00-21:30(Dishes offer 21:00Until )
Open every day


Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku from Castle town 109-18

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