"Kitchen Luce" Pasta lunch where you can enjoy Italian cuisine using local vegetables

Go to pasta lunch at Italian café "Kitchen Luce" in Isaji-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu City where a long field spreads!

This Italian restaurant opened on May 18, 2019, three years ago.、Currently in short business because of corona disaster、11:00-15:00( L.O.14:00It will be open only at lunchtime!

Based on white as well as appearance、The inside of the store where bright and soft sunlight shines comfortably、The warm wood texture creates a cozy atmosphere!

The number of seats is 2 counter seats、There are × 5 people = 10 seats.、Now we're reducing the number of seats.、It is open while keeping the interval!

Two private rooms with a small up front room are prepared in a private space where 4 to 5 people can sit.、If you remove the partition that divides the room, it will also accommodate private use for up to 10 people!

Owner and chef Yumiko Murakami:Yume-chan) trained in Prato, a city in northwestern Tuscany, in Italy about 10 years ago.、After returning to Japan, I worked at casual Italian restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka.、Back to hamamatsu、The place where the field of the parents' house was in was chosen as the next base、Set up Kitchen Luce。Sako Yasuike (commonly known as "100% of the staff":Seschan) was welcomed、Open a restaurant with a warm atmosphere with two women!

Based on the concept of "a place where everyone gathers", it is hoped that it will be a space where everyone from small children to adults can enjoy delicious and enjoyable meals!

For lunch on this day、Choose from A course (salad, mini soup, pasta and drink to choose from) from 1,320 yen and limited edition plate B course (focaccia, mini soup, drink) 1,520 yen、Both desserts can be added for +330 yen! This time we selected the pasta lunch of course A、Ordered with gnocchi and spaghetti、Adding dessert!

"Salad mini soup"

Butternut pumpkin sweet cold soup and sour dressing with early red and red wine vinegar are perfect for hot times this summer、It will promote your appetite! For salads、Raw butternut pumpkin and melon-family Brazilian vegetables that are also used for soups, and "Masisi", which is rare in Japan where the topge appearance is cute, are made from pickles.、A beautiful salad with red, yellow, green, purple and color!

Spaghetti Trapanese Paste and Kaziki Tuna

What is Trapanese?、Tomato、Almond、Basil、Sicilian trapani is a traditional dish of the city with a paste with garlic! There is also an element of richness by adding nuts such as almonds to pasta、It is very nice to be rich in high-quality omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidant vitamin E, which are essential for dieting! That's where the sourness of tomatoes and the flavor of basil are added.、For a well-balanced finish! The swordfish is also exquisite and very delicious pasta!

"Gnocchi Gorgonzola and 2000 Cream Sauce" +110 yen

Gorgonzola's rich cream sauce that makes you want to hit the wine is a dish that adds a soft and smooth texture of gnocchi and walnuts to the accent!

Baked Cheesecake +330 yen

As you can see from the cross section、Moist and rich finish! The sweetness is moderate.、It is baked cheesecake that goes well with iced coffee of the set drink!

Over the wall and the floor、Adorable paintings with good sense that match the store、It has an atmosphere like an atelier standing in a rural part of Italy、It has been a wonderful item!

I talked with two people who had a hand vacant after dinner!
Prato who was the training destination of owner chef Yume-chan、We also stayed there when we visited Florence about seven years ago.、Involuntarily the story is bouncy in the Italian story!
What about the hall staff?、Coincidentally, the same breed of long coat chihuahua (Ham-kun):♂I have been kept、Because it was a chocolate tan that was the same color as my chocolate、Each other's parent stupid out Chihuahua story is exciting、"Let's join Sana lake wampo next time!" And、I am glad to be able to be a Chihuahua friend in my neighborhood♪

Meet delicious Italian cuisine just like italy、Kitchen Luce is a cozy Italian café wrapped in a warm aura between the two of you! Because it is a few minutes by car from my house、It is a shop that seems to pass!

Yume-chan、Sachan、I will come again!

Kitchen Luce
Address:2528-1 Iharajicho, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours of operation:11:00-17:00
Closed on Mondays:Water & Thursdays
Parking lot:6 cars in front of the store

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