"mofu mofu" Sundays only environmentally friendly body in sales of home-made yeast bread & butter

In the residential area of inception in Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City、2018In January launched a small workshop of 3 to 28 days、Open only on SundaysYeast breads and sweets "mofu mofu.To!

Here is、Is like bread and dive into the world of bread、In fujieda, Shizuoka、Karuizawa、After the experience in the bakery, including Hamamatsu、Kamo Yoshie's housewife is also currently is the mother of two children、Your husband's parenting cooperation、It is Baker's desire for the open!

And the name "mofu mofu (fluffy).、The image of the texture of bread、Is because the children bread fluffy and delicious eating moment for Yoshie's happiest moments!

With home-made yeast and yeast Hoshino、Domestic wheat and body-friendly materials、1One to 1 over time, made yeast bread、Always store shelves along about 20 species、Delicious eats in children with allergies today just so and "dairy products" and "eggs" or not、Vegetable or devise a focused idea reaches children hate to vegetable bread、In addition to the、Challenges such as low carbohydrate Hershey Pan filled with body-friendly menu!

This time the、That first visit there、While listening to the best buy six favorite bread!

My favorite in EPI leather 230 yen
Homemade sweet sake yeast using。Hardpan shaped like ears of wheat dough wrapped in bacon!

New "Tartine" 250 Yen
Homemade bechamel sauce with vegetables of the season、Grilled and served with Marshmallow up voluminous enough!


揚gezu to healthy "homemade loaf" 200 yen
Hoshino yeast use。Children can enjoy the sweetness of the vegetables in a mild homemade curries, are toasted! FRY in little feeling of guilt in the eyes!

Is no melon bread "astringent melon" 180 yen.
Hoshino yeast use。Add nutrient-rich "はったい powder" to cookie dough, plus the flavor! Crunch and the aroma of a thick cookie dough、Melon gentle sweet flavor that becomes a habit!

Dark Cherry snack bread 250 Yen
Also moist I hot pride of dust atop rich homemade custard cream with dark Cherry!

Happy half-size bread (half-) 170 yen
Hoshino yeast use。Dairy products and eggs of non-use and the bread! Let and fluffy!


Yeast bread made Yoshie, and mother of 2、Filled with love and kindness of the mother are getting dust texture、From small children and elderly、Also、Allergies or that anyone is willing to eat delicious、Is being spent every day face the bread!

With the growth of the children、That will gradually increase shop opening days、Bakery and support your family's husband and children's。We're looking forward to!

mofu mofu (fluffy)
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Kita-ku inception town 268-3
Hours of operation:12:-17:00 (lasts)
Business days:Sunday only

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